5 Best Free Comments WordPress Plugins

A commenting system has been an integral part of the WordPress core since its earliest days — and with good reason: comments are the ideal way for site owners to engage with their readership.

Of course, generally there's nothing wrong with the default WordPress Commenting System. As the matter a fact, I believe that most of WordPress users uses it. But on the other hand, many WordPress users are not aware that there are a few very good WordPress Plugins that can be very interesting to check out. Some of these Commenting Plugins just upgrade the native commenting system and others are complete Commenting System solution …

If you want your WP Blog to receive lots of comments, you need the right infrastructure in place on your website. In this article, we’ll compare the five best free WordPress commenting systems, to see which is the best choice for your website.

Disqus Comment System


By default, WordPress Commenting System attracts a lot of spams. One can implement Akismet, but the spam comments can still manage to pass its filters.

Disqus Comment System can be a one stop solution If controlling spam is what your primary aim is.

  • It comes with social media integration, making it easy for new visitors to have a Disqus profile for commenting quickly.
  • The Admin part is easy to use, and the moderators can easily keep things clean on the website.
  • It comes with powerful spam filtering and blacklists mechanisms which are all built-in.
  • The comments are automatically synced and backed up inside the Disqus and WordPress database.

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This plugin is an upgrade to WordPress Native Commenting System. CommentLuv has been primarily used in the internet marketing realm, as it can help webmaster create better networking and that too without many efforts. It connects two blogs with a simple functionality, i.e., fetching the latest post from another blog, and mentioning it with the discussion.

The best part is that it gets integrated with the default WordPress commenting system and doesn’t require too many options to configure.

  • The product is available in multiple globally known languages, thanks to the translation.
  • It can help webmaster control the spams by putting a strong filter, named G.A.S.P. (requires separate installation).
  • It is integrated with social media platforms, helping the blog posts to get more social shares.

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Jetpack by WordPress.com


Jetpack offers arguably the widest-ranging functionality of all WordPress plugins. Included in this complex suite of features and functionalities is Jetpack’s very own commenting module — Jetpack Comments.

Unlike the other plugins on today’s list, Jetpack Comments isn’t a commenting system in its own right — it’s an upgrade of the native commenting system. However, as a result, Jetpack addresses several of the native system’s most obvious shortcomings, while retaining all of its strong points. This has resulted in a large user base for Jetpack Comments, making it a worthy part of conversations surrounding the best WordPress commenting systems.

For example, visitors are still only required to leave their name and email address (and optional website) to comment, streamlining the commenting process. However, Jetpack also offers a social login feature — with WordPress.com, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts supported — for one-click access.

Visitors can also choose whether or not they want to receive email notifications of any follow-up comments, giving the conversation the opportunity to evolve into something more meaningful.

Jetpack Comments is easy to install, too. Just like any other WordPress plugin, just sync it up to a WordPress.com account, and then activate the Jetpack Comments module. Job done!

The main criticism leveled at Jetpack is, with so many features, it’s a hefty lump of a plugin. Much of the code is simply baggage, meaning your website is carrying unnecessary weight.

  • It puts social media integration, making it easy for users to have a quick profile via social platforms and join the discussion.
  • It can quickly fetch the profile data from WordPress.com account, and Gravatar ID is instantly loaded.
  • It can be used to increase the email subscriber numbers, with the simplest implementation.
  • The product loads up at an instant speed, thanks to its extremely lightweight size.

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FaceBook Comments

FaceBook Comments

Facebook Comments uses the same commenting system found on your Facebook wall. The first benefit of Facebook Comments is visitors will recognize this format immediately, and instinctively know how to leave comments.

Other advantages include one-click social logins (with Facebook, of course) and reply notifications. Also, because of the Facebook association, visitors are more likely to share your content, and, because a Facebook account is a prerequisite for commenting, expect a significant reduction in spam.

The biggest downside to Facebook Comments is that it’s somewhat tricky to integrate, involving creating an app over on the Facebook for Developers website, which can be quite a technical process. For the record, the Facebook Comments plugin does not install Facebook Comments by itself — it just makes it easier to integrate your app with your WordPress website once you’ve created it.

Because of the name and profile picture, people will try harder to make well-received comments — we all love validation, after all. Therefore, expect the comments section to be filled with higher-quality, thoughtful conversations.
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Comments Evolved for WordPress

Comments Evolved for WordPress

If you believe in offering multiple options to the visitors, then here is a plugin that can implement Google+, Facebook, WordPress’s default, and Disqus commenting system, all at once. Comments Evolved ( formerly Google+ Comments for WordPress .

If a user is required to create an account with your site before they can comment, you might as well ask them to fetch you a soda from mars. It’s probably not going to happen. However, if you can give them the option to comment with an account they’ve already set up, then you will be much more likely to get some interaction.

Using this plugin or JavaScript to load comments does NOT have a negative effect on your SEO, Google now indexes content ( and specifically comments ) loaded via JavaScript.
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