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Improve your WordPress SEO in three steps

Search Engine Optimization; a tool the most of the WordPress users know and talk off, but hardly they do utilize it. This is mainly because of the existing myth that SEO is a tough game to play with. People believe that it is a very complicated and needs sincere skills and knowledge of the working of the search engines.

The Best WordPress Booking Plugins To Increase Ticket Sales

Today we will look into the best WordPress plugins for booking and selling tickets.

More and more ticket event planners are using online platforms to manage events. Online management tools make it easy for businesses to manage an event themselves directly from their website. A tool that is increasingly become more necessary is a reliable plugin for ticket sales. These booking plugins aide in the management of events on WordPress so customers can easily buy tickets to the next concert, party, festival, wine tasting etc…

How to use AdSense Effectively for WordPress Without a Plugin

Many people think that advertisements are old news in the money-making world, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ads are particularly useful for monetizing online Blogs and Websites where you’re not directly selling a physical product.

How to Directly Add Files from the Server in WordPress

WordPress file upload screen allows you to insert media images, videos, or audio into your posts either one at a time or as a bulk upload. For the most part, this works great. But what if your library files are already residing elsewhere on your server? What if you have multiple sites and you wish to import the entire library of media from one site into the other? …

5 Best Free Comments WordPress Plugins

A commenting system has been an integral part of the WordPress core since its earliest days — and with good reason: comments are the ideal way for site owners to engage with their readership.