Blogging Words And Phrases – A-Z Dictionary For Beginners

blogging words and phrases

Before you entering to the bloggers world you should know some basic blogging words and phrases in order to catch those words quickly and easily.

The Basic Blogging Words And Phrases:

blogging words and phrases



Above the fold: The region i.e instantly visible before scrolling the page down.

Affiliate program: An organization or website that guides clients to another business and gets a rate of  percentage what the client buys.

Algorithm: A list of guidelines which is used to complete a task or tackle an issue.

Align: Where the content will show up, you can pick between right, left, center and justify as well.

All-In-One SEO: A WordPress plugin which will appear in the dashboard area under every posts/pages to edit and enter SEO.

API(Application Programming Interface): Companies which is used to create much easier entries to another company's service or program.

Archives: A collection of  past blog posts, mostly category based, date based or even tag based.

Autoresponder: A program that naturally creates a set of reaction to all messages sent to a specific email address.

Blogging Words And Phrases



Backend: The administrative are of your blog or site, which is also called as a dashboard in WordPress.

Background: An Image which is visible underneath of another object, also called as wallpaper.

Backlink: A link which takes a blog or site visitor, back to the page that linked them to the present page.

Banner: An image combined with an HTML code or link which is used for advertising purposes.

Blackhat: Someone's intention to loot, destroy or customize data on your PC without granting permission.

Blacklist: A list where individuals are registered for sending lots of spam messages.

Bookmark: The method of saving any useful content in order to access quickly in future.

Button: A type of clickable image with an activation link.

blogging words and phrases



Cache: Fast memory data, to make it simple for various programs to work.

Captcha: A non-spamming technique, where we have to enter a mix of letters and numbers showed on the screen so as to post your comments, feedbacks, etc…

Category: Build for a quick access which lies on the left or right side of blogs containing a huge collection of posts.

Comment: A place where you can communicate with a blog post or page.

Content: A detailed information on any topic which is displayed on a blog post or page.

Cpanel: The administrative dashboard of  the web hosting sites.

CSS(Cascading Style Sheet):  It allows web developers to modify the main layout and theme of the post of a blog or a website.

Custom menu: To customize different types of menus for the footer and sidebar in a WordPress editor.

blogging words and phrases


(Consider: You are going through blogging words and phrases. It is not a complete dictionary i.e, no nouns and verbs)

Dashboard: The main administrative area with a graphical layout.

Default: The basic settings in a system, but you can also change into your own settings.

Disclosure: The demonstration of  making something known( such as information).

Domain name: The address of your website or blog.

Draft: A saved content but unpublished.

blogging words and phrases



Ebook: An electronic form of printed book which is readable either on a computer or using a Kindle by Amazon.

Edit: Once you published your blog post you can alter it with any corrections or links.

Error 404: Non-existing pages on a blog once you deleted, however, this won't hurt your positioning.

Evergreen content: Posts that are as valuable and important as they are timeless.

blogging words and phrases



Favicon: A tiny icon can be seen in the URL address bar and beside bookmarks.

Featured image: A unique picture added to a blog post or page, which will be utilized regularly by social media.

Feedback: A kind of giving your opinion in an advisable way which is used for improvement purposes.

Footer: The bottom part of a website or a blog where copyright details reside.

Frontend: The portion of a website or a blog which is visible to the public.

FTP( File Transfer Protocol): A method of uploading a file to a web host.

blogging words and phrases



Gravatar: An image connected to your email address which will show up alongside your comments.

Gadget: Blogger expression for a widget.

blogging words and phrases



Header: Top most portion of a blog or a website.

Homepage: The primary page of a blog or website where you can connect to various pages.

Host: An organization that stores the information for a website or a blog on their server.

HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language):  A unique code language used to write webpages, widgets, etc…

HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol): A set of standards which permit users of  “www” to exchange information on web pages securely.

HTTPS(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure): More secure than HTTP  which is also used for transmitting various data.

Hyperlink: A direct link to a blog or a website or any of its related pages.

blogging words and phrases



(Consider: You are going through blogging words and phrases not a complete dictionary i.e, no nouns and verbs)

Incognito: A private mode that disables internet browsing history and web cache.

Images: A picture or visual information which can be found on a blog or website.

Invoice: An approach to pay the bills online.

IP-Address(Internet Protocol): A number which is used to identify the location or an address of a computer.

blogging words and phrases



Javascript: A type of programming language which is used to build more interactive effects.

JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) or JPG: A famous image compression format.

blogging words and phrases



Keyword: A word or group of words which will help search engines to find the best match for their inquiry.

blogging words and phrases



Labels: The name in which a blogger uses rather than  categories or tags.

Landing page: A website page that shows up when a visitor taps on PPC ads or a link shown in search results.

Low hanging fruit: keywords having lesser competition.

blogging words and phrases



Media library: A place where you can see all the photos and videos on your PC.

Menu: A vertical or horizontal bar which helps in navigate to other pages.

Mobile friendly: Mainly pointing to blog or website themes which are easily supportable for mobile devices.

blogging words and phrases



Network: A collection of  online devices, servers, computers, affiliate advertisers in which they are connected to each other to share data.

New tab: When you click a new link usually it opens in a new window which is called new tab or new window.

Notifications: The action of showing someone of something through popups, emails, etc…

blogging words and phrases



Open education resource: A place where you can learn for free of cost or for an affordable fee.

blogging words and phrases



Page: A basic web page.

Permalink: A link which is permanent to a post.

PHP(Hypertext PreProcessor): A type of language code which powers WordPress.

Pingback: A notification which is automatically sent by WordPress when a post is published every time to any other posts.

Pixel: A tiny part of a picture which is build up of thousand little square.

Plugin: A small computer program that adds new components to an application program by a third party.

PPC(Pay Per Click): A model of  online advertising in which an advertiser pay a fee each time when a visitor clicks an ad.

Privacy policy: A legal document that explains to your clients what you stored and managed about your clients data which will keep confidentially.

blogging words and phrases



Quote: Famous words of famous people which can be used in any blogs as an advice or something.

Qwerty: The typing style in which every electronic device follows.

blogging words and phrases


(Consider: You are going through blogging words and phrases. It is not a complete dictionary i.e, no nouns and verbs)

Redirect: Popularly known as 301,i.e, sending information or data to an alternative place.

RSS feed(Rich Site Summary): A type of format for delivering daily changing contents of a website.

blogging words and phrases



Scam: Internet related cheating sites which usually active to loot others money through online.

Self-hosted: A blog or a website that everything controlled by you,i.e, from installing software to hosting.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization): A efficient strategy to get ranked higher in every search engines.

Shortcode: A WordPress-related code which can be edited or inserted with a little effort. 

Sidebar: Side floating bars in which we can add additional or secondary things to it.

Sitemap: A list of posts or pages which can be easily accessible to crawlers.

Slug: A word which is used to describe a given meaning of phrases.

Spam: An email sends to large users either for any advertisement needs or may for phishing purposes.

blogging words and phrases



Tag: A label which allows that helps visitors to find different interesting topics much easily.

Tag cloud: Takes out important words from a post or page.

Tagline: Used for advertisement purposes or as a punchline of a comment or a joke.

Template: A pattern which serves as a beginning point of a new file.

blogging words and phrases



URL(Uniform Resource Locator): A standard naming convention which is used to address the documents which are accessible through the internet.

blogging words and phrases



Vlog: A blog which contains only videos.

blogging words and phrases



Webmaster tools: It gives your blog's complete statistics.

Whois: It protects every blog or website owners complete personal details.

Widgets: A software program which is used to input banners, ads, clock, daily quotes. etc…

blogging words and phrases



XHTML(eXtensible HyperText Markup Language): Created for system devices as a technique for showing website pages and portable gadgets.

blogging words and phrases



Yoast: One of the best plugin which helps to improve SEO.

blogging words and phrases



Zoom: A beautiful feature to enlarge images and texts online.

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