shopify store review

Basic Guide To Create An Online Shopify Store In Simple Steps

Reviewing Topics At A Glance

-> Introduction To Shopify

->Shopify Store – What Is It All About ? For those who didn't heard about it

->How to Create Online Store Using It ?

  • SignUp Process
  • Basic Step up
  • How To Choose A Theme.
  • How To Edit
  • How To Add Products.
  • Buy A Domain.

->Conclusion – Final Thoughts

shopify store review

Online stores have become a great platform where people can sell their products and earn a good amount of money on a daily basis. In the past, it was not possible for people to start online stores to sell their products and they had to depend on virtual shops to sell their products. Virtual shops present limited clients and people have to make use of their limited clients’ base to earn an income by selling their products.

Today, everything has changed dramatically thanks to the far and wide development of technology and the coming of internet. The technology advancements and the introduction of internet have made it possible for people to sell their products online as well as earn a worldwide clients base.

What Is The Ultimate Aim Of A Shopify Store ?

Shopify is an e-commerce company that focuses on developing computer software for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. It is a great eCommerce platform made for you and you can make a store of your own through this channel. It is an all in all commercial system, where you give a monthly payment to make use of the company’s web design, eCommerce, and product managing tools. The company’s web design, eCommerce, and product managing tools are packaged into one item and therefore, you can simply pick a model, upload your products and begin selling online. With Shopify, people can establish their brand online with a custom domain name and online store.

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Whether you do business online, on social media, in store, or anywhere on the web, Shopify has a perfect solution for you. It is a stable device for novices and people who don't desire to spend extra time with development. It can aid you to go away from hiring a developer. It helps to put up for sale as many as products you want, and the largest part of companies doesn’t have any troubles developing. Using this eCommerce software, you get hold of an integrated platform to operate your business easily. You can completely modify your online store, including new sales channels in seconds, deal with unlimited products and inventory, and perform orders in a single step, check sales and growth trends, etc…

Shopify is able to deal with everything from marketing and payments, to protected checkout and shipping. You can concentrate on the things you love through it. With immediate access to many of the finest looking themes and full power over the look and feel, you can, in fact, have an attractive store of your own that has the capability to echo the qualities of your business. It has a lot of potent features and it is easy to set up. The greatest thing about Shopify is that people will not have to be anxious about anything that has to do with eCommerce.

Shopify is an excellent online shop builder and it has assisted a lot of businesses to increase its overall sales so far. You can find many success stories of people who started a business using it. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning a new online shop, or taking an offline store online to develop your business, think about Shopify because it can actually help you and make your business simple as it should be. It can assist you to save time so you can concentrate on other imperative features of your business. It empowers determined entrepreneurs all over the world.

How To Create A Basic Shopify Store In Simple Steps ?

Here are some of the points that help you to understand how to create an online store using Shopify:

Sign Up with Shopify

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In order to begin your Shopify store, you must sign up for an account. You should follow the following steps:

  • Visit
  • Utilize the signup form to begin creating an account.
  • Enter the necessary details and after that click the Create your store now
  • Fill in your preferred email address, password and store name.
  • Your store name requires being unique and choose the right name.
  • Include your name, address, country and a contact number.
  • You will be asked what to make a brick and mortar store or an online shop.
  • You will also be inquired if you have products and, if so, tell them about yourself by stating how much you plan to sell.
  • Once you complete filling the sign-up form, click ‘I’m done’.

Set Up Your Online Shop

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Once you complete signing up with Shopify, start setting up your online shop. You will be guided to your store admin screen after signing up with it. Start customizing your store’s appearance, upload products and set up payments and distribution.

Pick a Theme

You should choose a theme for your website. Shopify has an official theme store and there are over 180 theme variations to pick from, including an excellent variety of free ones. All themes accompany a complete list of adjustments you can make devoid of having to touch a line of code.

shopify theme store

If you would like to get a theme that satisfies your needs, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Browse the Theme Store.
  • Log into Shopify and visit their Theme Store.
  • Test out the functionality and reviews.
  • Preview the theme.
  • Get the theme.
  • Once you find a theme you are fond of, click the green button.
  • Install the theme.
  • Click Publish as my Shop’s Theme.

BINGO…as simple as that…

Edit Shopify Settings

The best part of Shopify themes let you make simple changes that can particularly change the whole appearance of your store.  The most common features consist of uploading logos, uploading slides to a homepage carousel, including connected item functionality to product pages, picking how many items become visible on each line of the collection pages, color schemes, and font choices.

Add Products to the Store

shopify products

It is important or you to add products to your store. You can fill in details including a title, description, price, and dealer. Take care to save the product towards the end. Ensure that you fill in as much information as possible.

Or else you can also use other apps like Oberlo dropshipping(read review) in order to import products into your eCommerce store so easily.

Buy a Domain Name

shopify domain store

You should buy a domain name for your Shopify website. You can choose to purchase a domain from Shopify and it will be integrated into your store automatically or you can also think about buying a domain from a third party such as GoDaddy or NameCheap.

Conclusion: My Final Thoughts !!!

All those who are into eCommerce am pretty sure that you may be heard about Shopify, so without a doubt, I can say it is a completely hosted e-commerce platform that allows you to download apps and generate websites that sell online products.  All you need is one account so as to get your site live.

YES, you made it !!! Thank a lot for reading my complete article about creating a basic Shopify eCommerce store.

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