Customizing the Mystile theme Homepage

How to Customize the Homepage of the Mystile Theme

The Mystile theme is probably the most popular of the free themes built specifically for WooCommerce.  It’s a good option for people that are looking to create an eCommerce site but are not ready to invest in a premium theme.  Mystile also makes it easy to test and get familiar with the WooCommerce platform before going all-in.

With so many WordPress sites using Mystile it can be difficult to make your eCommerce site look unique.  Recently, many questions have been raised related to customizing the Homepage of the Mystile theme.  More specifically, folks are looking for an easy way to replace the static homepage banner image with an image slider.  The need for more control over the front page of the Mystile theme is priority number one for many people.

In this tutorial we will show you how to make your Mystile theme eCommerce site stand out from the rest of the crowd.  Specifically, we’ll show you how to customize the homepage using a combination of SlideDeck 2 (content slider plugin) and WooCommerce shortcodes.  You’ll soon see that it’s possible to create a unique Homepage for the Mystile theme so lets get started….

Steps for Customizing the Mystile theme Home Page

Step 1:  Create “Home” and “Blog” page templates

When the Mystile theme is first activated it automatically creates a “Home” page link in the main navigation and it gives you a default homepage.  The issue is that when you log-into the WordPress admin and look for a “Home” page to edit you won’t find one.  Without a page to edit you have limited control over what displays when people go to the index page of your site.  So as the first step, we need to create our own Home and Blog page templates.

To create a new Homepage template in the WordPress admin go to…

Pages > Add New > title it “Home” > make the page template full width by selecting “Full Width” in the Template drop-down on the right-hand-side of your screen > publish the page

Create a Blog page template…

Go to Pages > Add New > title it “Blog” > set the page template to “Blog” > publish the page

**Step 2:  Adjust the Reading setting to make the new “Home” page template the Front Page of the Site

Now that we’ve created our Home and Blog page templates, the next step is to adjust the “Reading” settings so that the new Home page template becomes the Front page / index page.  This will also result in our future posts displaying on the Blog page template.

To adjust the Reading settings in the WordPress admin do the following…

Go to Settings > Reading > for “Front page displays” select the “A static page” radio button > in the Front page drop-down select Home > in the Post page drop-down select Blog > Save Changes

Step 3:  Customize the new Homepage

After adjusting the Reading settings, the front page of your Mystile theme site will display the new Home page full width template and your future posts will display on the Blog page template.  It’s now time to customize your new Mystile Homepage.  In terms of customization you can really do whatever best fits your specific eCommerce site.  You’re only limited by the level of your creativity.  Personally, I like using an image slider to give the Homepage some life.  The image slider in the tutorial video below was created with the SlideDeck 2 plugin.  SlideDeck 2 makes it easy to create and insert responsive content sliders for any page of post on your WordPress site.Mystile Theme Custom Homepage

In addition to replacing the Mystile static homepage banner image with a SlideDeck content slider I recommend experimenting with WooCommerce shortcodes.  The shortcodes are built into the WordPress rich text editor.  Simply click the purple “Woo” icon to access the WooCommerce shortcodes and click the blue “Woo” icon to insert any of the WooThemes shortcodes.  With an image slider and shortcodes you can make your Home page exclusive.  Play around with it to find the layout that best fits your eCommerce site.

Step 4:  Control the Primary Navigation with Custom Menus

Now that you’ve created a custom Homepage it’s time to update the primary navigation via the use of custom menus.  By now you’ve most likely noticed that there are two “Home” links displaying in the navigation.  To get rid of the second “Home” link we need to create a custom menu.

In the WordPress admin go to Appearance > Menus > give the menu a name and click Create Menu > select your menu from the Primary Menu drop-down > in the Custom Links widget create a Home link and add it to the menu > in the Pages and Categories widgets select the additional pages and/or categories that you want in the primary navigation > Save your custom menu

The important thing to stress when creating your primary navigation menu is that the “Home” link must be created in the Custom Links widget.  Do not select the Home check-box from the Pages widget, it must be created as a Custom link.  All other Pages and/or Categories can be selected via the check-boxes.

Step 5:  Prevent the “Home” title from Displaying

The final step in this process of creating a unique Mystile theme Homepage is to prevent the “Home” title from displaying.

In the WP admin go to Pages > Home > delete the page title > update the page

For your reference:

  • The demo site used in the tutorial video below is…
  • The image slider was created with the SlideDeck 2 plugin.  SlideDeck is a premium content slider plugin.  We are in the process of creating an in-depth tutorial series on SlideDeck 2.  It is important to note that most other image slider plugins (including The Fly Image Slider) would work as well.
  • Dimensions for the image slider used in this tutorial video:  1060px x 343px
  • Make sure that the image slider used is responsive.
  • Although we used the Mystile theme in this tutorial, this process should work with almost any WooCommerce theme.

Customizing Mystile theme Part 2 – How to Remove the Mystile theme main Navigation and Replace it with a custom top right Widget Section

Part two of this tutorial was inspired by a question from one of our loyal subscribers.  BruceDeutsch asked (via a comment below) if it was possible to remove the standard navigation and we felt is was worth elaborating on.  Thanks to BruceDeutsch, you’ll now learn how to remove the Mystile theme main navigation and replace it with a Top Right widget section.

Step 1:  Install a Mystile child theme and in the WordPress admin do the following…

Go to Appearance > Editor > in the style sheet paste the following custom CSS and update the file

#topright {
float: right;
width: 50%;
text-align: right;

Here’s a screen capture of where you should paste the CSS in style.css

mystile topright float right

Step 2:  Open the Theme Functions file (functions.php) and paste the following PHP…

remove_action( ‘woocommerce_before_shop_loop’, ‘woocommerce_catalog_ordering’, 30 );

Below is a screen capture that illustrates exactly where to paste it in the functions.php file

Where to paste PHP in functions.php

Step 3:  Create a header.php file and add it to the Mystile child theme.

Next, you need to add a header.php file to your child theme and we’ll do that by opening Notepad++ and pasting in the following code…


Save the file as, “header.php”

After the file has been saved in Notepad++ do the following…

Open Filezilla (any FTP client will work) and drop the header.php file into the Mystile child theme

Step 4:  The final step in the process of removing the main navigation and replacing it with a top right widget section is to create an “includes” directory in the child theme, make “sidebar-init.php” in Notepad++ and drop it into “includes”.

Copy the PHP below and paste it into Notepad++…


Save the file as, “sidebar-init.php”

After the file has been saved in Notepad++ open your FTP client, find the site you’re working on and go to:

wp-content > themes > Mystile Child > right click and select “create directory” > name the directory “includes” > drop the “sidebar-init.php” file into the newly created includes directory

create directory "includes" in Mystile chiild theme

Mission accomplished!  Go out to your site, refresh the page and the Mystile top navigation will no longer appear.  Next, go to Appearance > Widgets and you’ll see the custom “Top Right” widget section.  You can use the new widget section to more deeply customize your Mystile child theme.

For your reference:

  • Part 2 of customizing the Mystile theme was added on:  10/31/2013
  • The demo site used in part 2 is…
  • Notepad++ and Filezilla are free tools – just Google them
  • To get a free Mystile Child Theme, subscribe to the Upload WP Newsletter

Watch our tutorial video below to see exactly how to replace the Mystile theme main navigation with a custom top right widget section…

Please use the new Upload WP Community Forums to post questions and comments on Customizing the Mystile theme.  Thanks

360 thoughts on “Customizing the Mystile theme Homepage

  1. Hi Adam!
    Great video as usual, thanks a lot for posting more mystile theme tutorial for us! I do have problems as always but I will ask you only one question for now since I know you must be busy to keep up with everybody else. My question is the home that show on my site at the top of slider, when I follow as your instruction I did have 2 home at that spot so I go into page and remove title page, it help to remove one of them but I do still have the other one on it, do you have any idea why it did that? It leaves a big gap between menu bar and slider. Thanks again for your help!

    • Hi Luck,

      Thanks for the positive feedback and support! I took a look at your site and could not recreate the issue of 2 “Home” links in the navigation. I see one Home link which is I think what you want. If you do want to remove the remaining “home” link from the navigation then you can do that by creating a Custom Menu and not putting a Home link in the Primary Navigation custom menu.

      Mystile theme showcase site

      Please let me know if this helps answer your question.



  2. Hi again,
    I forgot to ask if I would like to switch to other paid theme, Do I need to redo all my work or I can transfer my design to new theme. Do you think it will be easier to work on paid theme with more features?
    Thanks again!

    • Hi Luck,

      If you decided to switch over to a premium WooCommerce theme you will need to re-do some of the design. Your pages / products / posts will all still be there so in terms of functionality that should not be effected much, if at all. But depending on the premium theme you choose to go with, there will be design updates you’ll have to make. They are usually pretty basic but you will have to spend time on it.

      I think you’ve done a really good job in terms of customizing the Mystile theme for your site, At this point, I would focus more on continuing to build the site up with content and focus on getting more and more traffic to it. Keep building it up and let it mature for a while. You can switch it over to a premium theme at any time but you’ve done such a great job with it that in my opinion you can shift out of design mode and focus on traffic. Once the site starts to get steady traffic see how it converts. If you find a premium theme that you think will help convert the traffic into sales then at that time you can upgrade. But for now, the site looks really good and I would focus more on consistently adding original content and building up the organic traffic. Let me know if this helps.

  3. Hi there,

    Is there a way to modify the position of both the logo navigation bar. I would like to centralize the logo to the page and move the nav bar from the right and keep it below the logo. Is that possible?


  4. Thanks Adam!
    I think I can fix the problem that I ask you earlier already. It is the breadcrumb option that I have on, sorry about that!
    As you can see my website, the product name under feature photos and recent photos look so big to me and I try to decrease the font size in Mystile typography, what it does is, it make the type on the rest of the page way too small, is there anyway to fix this? I also wonder if I can reduce the size of the featured photos and recent photos? I feel so bad to ask you so many question but you are the only helpful resource for me. Do yo have any suggest on book or website that I should look for so I won’t keep bugging you like this? thank you so much!

    • Hi Dawn,

      Thanks for your question in regards to removing the dots on the featured banner image on the home page of the Mystile theme. I just looked at your site,, and the homepage featured banner image looked clear. I did not see dots in the image. Were you able to find a solution or is it just my screen? If you did find a solution, please let us know. It will benefit many people who are looking for an answer to the same question.



      • Hi Teddy,

        I’m having a total nightmare with my shopping cart. When you add a product, the cart doesn’t update until you click on the cart or checkout. Pretty confusing.

        Any ideas?


  5. Hi Teddy,

    Thanks for this great tutorial, I was just wondering how can I add that Shop menu with categories on my page, I have been trying to sort this out from last two days but couldn’t.


    • Hi Ali,

      Thanks for the positive feedback in regards to our Mystile theme tutorials. I’m not sure I’m following your question regarding ” how to add the Shop menu with categories”… Are you referring to the 4 Product category images on the home page of our Mystile theme demo site

      Mystile homepage product categories

      Please provide more information and I’ll do my best to help. Thanks,


    • Hi Sophie,

      Thanks for letting us know the tutorials have been helpful. I’m pretty sure that getting rid of the dots on the homepage banner image of the Mystile theme requires tweaking the css. I’ve not yet had a chance to look into what needs to be modified but if anyone else out there can chime in it would be greatly appreciated.

      I will take a closer look at it tomorrow and see if I can find what needs to be modified. Thanks again for your support.

      • Hey,

        Thanks for the reply. I got it eventually. I first tried the Woodojo custom css/html then tried adding this:

        .homepage-banner:after { display: none; }

        to the custom css…refreshed the page…bingo.

        Hope that works for others.

        Thanks again.

        • Thanks for sharing the solution with us Sophie! I’m sure this will help many people that have been trying to remove the dots on the homepage featured banner image of the Mystile theme. It’s much appreciated.


        • Thanks again Sophie for your help on the Mystile banner image. We decided to shoot a quick video tutorial on removing the Mystile theme Homepage featured banner image dot overlay…

          In your WordPress admin go to Mystile > Theme Options > Display Options and paste the following in the “Custom CSS” box…

          .homepage-banner:after { display: none; }

  6. Thanks for your video tutorials. I found them very helpful in learning WP and Woocommerce. Currently, I am trying to set up an online store for my in-law using Wootique and Woocommerce. Thanks again.

  7. Hello! I’m currently using Mystile for my upcoming online store:

    I’m having trouble with the Check out/Pay. I tested it and right after I click “Place Order” these commands show up:

    Action failed. Please refresh the page and retry.\n\t\t\t
    Sorry, your session has expired. Return to homepage →\n\t\t\t
    Country is a required field.\n\t\t\t
    First Name is a required field.\n\t\t\t
    Last Name is a required field.\n\t\t\t
    Address is a required field.\n\t\t\t
    Town \/ City is a required field.\n\t\t\t
    State \/ County is a required field.\n\t\t\t
    Postcode \/ Zip is a required field.\n\t\t\t
    Email Address is a required field.\n\t\t\t
    Phone is a required field.\n\t”,”refresh”:”false”}

    I typed in all the required information and they keep popping up. I’m pretty sure my Check out/Pay shortcodes are typed correctly. Please help. Thank you. 🙁

    • Hi Daphne,

      Thanks for your question. I took a quick look at your site and I’m getting “page not found” errors on most of the pages. I’m thinking it could be a permalinks issue or an issue with you hosting provider. I’d be happy to take a closer look if you use the contact form (link to contact page is in footer).

  8. So glad I ran into your tutorials…so very helpful…

    Is there a way to “turn off” the E-commerce/Cart part of the site? I want to just create a look book and for people to “contact us for more information” instead of the ability to actually order. Also removing the cart information on the top right hand side of the site.

    If so, then I’d like to remove the main navigation area completely which will move the banner up.

    I’m also having trouble changing the title of the products on both the products page and the individual product page itself.

    Thanks again…
    Also thanks for…never heard of that service. Trying out someone to create a banner for me…

    All the best,

    • Hi David – I’m happy to hear that you’ve found our WooCommerce tutorials to be helpful. I believe you could hide the main navigation completely via the use of the PageMash plugin. PageMash is a free plugin that allows you to control the pages / categories that show in your navigation.

      Or, simply install the Mystile theme but not the WooCommerce plugin. Use Mystile as a stand-alone theme, no eCommerce functionality. Feature you products as simple blog posts. That will disable the eCommerce functionality all together.

      Please let me know if this helps.

  9. Hi Adam

    Thank you so much for all the great resources available here. I found a ton of answers already.

    I hoped you could help me work out how to adjust some of the layout in my Mystile theme.
    1)I would like to reduce the space between the Customized Header I have uploaded and the Primary Naviagation menu
    and also to reduce the space between that same Naviagation menu and my banner?

    2)Is there a way to lose the background to my site? The main body of my site is surrounded by a grey background that I don’t want or need.

    I realize this probably means adding some code, but I’m not sure where to start.

    Any help much appreciated



    • Hi Cleo – Thanks for your support and positive feedback – it’s very much appreciated! I’m not sure of the exact custom css required to make the tweaks that you’re looking for but I’ll go ahead and publish this comment with the hope that our WooCommerce community will chime in with suggestions. Thanks again for the encouragement.


  10. Hi there – Thank you for your tutorial. I’ve been having trouble with the Banner/Header image and Background image displaying on Mystile. I upload the same images that I used with my previous themes (Twenty Ten and Fruit Shake on, I save it (it gives me the Options Updated + green check), then when I refresh my website, nothing. I’m not going to use a logo image, but I followed instructions from your tutorial to upload that and was able to get it to display. I also tried the custom CSS you recommend above to get rid of dots, but no luck with that either.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Hi Vimala,

      Thanks for your questions regarding the Mystile theme. Have you had a chance to check out our video on, “Uploading a Custom Logo and Featured Banner Image to the Mystile theme”? If not, please take a couple minutes to check it out because it should help point you in the right direction…

      Please let me know if this helps solve the issue. Thanks,


      • Adam,
        thanks for a great tutorial, it solved my problem with the logo not showing (I had the text box ticked).

        Another problem is that the banner is not showing – I can see the featured image on the Homepage in Options, click on save changes – nothing. What am I doing wrong?

        And the shortcuts don't show in the kitchen. 🙂


        • Hi Grazina,

          I'm glad to hear that our tutorials have been helpful. To get the featured banner image to show on the homepage of the Mystile theme do the following…

          In the WordPress admin go to Mystile > Theme Options > Homepage > make sure the "Display a banner on the homepage?" check box is selected > upload your image > make sure to delete any text in the "Banner headline" and "Banner stand first" text boxes > Save all changes and your banner will show on the homepage of your site.

          Just make sure to do a Ctrl F5 to refresh the page. You might also have to clear your browsers cache to see the changes.

          • Adam, thanks for your lightning fast reply, I guess you have other things to do, too so I really appreciate your help:)

            I did everything once more as you described – nope, the banner still doesn't show. I checked in another browser – Maxthon – and it doesn't show either. And I cleared the cache.

            There's one thing that may cause the problem: when I came back to the Mystile > Theme Options > Homepage after I uploaded the banner and deleted text from both windows, and went to see the page – the banner shows but the "Welcome to our store" and the other text are back. And I definitely deleted them and clicked on the "Save all changes".

            By the way, there are two "Save all changes" boxes, one above, and one below the Featured Image area – that's a bit confusing.

            And my question about the shortcodes? The purple and blue icons? There nothing in my kitchen sink apart from the editor's icons.

          • Hi Granzina,

            In the WordPress admin, when you go to the "Edit Product" page you're not seeing the purple and blue "Woo" shortcode icons? Make sure the "Visual" tab is selected and you're displaying the full kitchen sink. That's strange that they are not showing. Also, the issue with you're homepage banner image not showing is weird given that it sounds like you're doing everything the right way. If you'd like to create a user account for me to access the WP admin I'd be happy to take a closer look and hopefully solve both issues. You can use the "Contact" page form (link in footer of to securely send me the login credentials. That form goes to my email.

          • I did the following several times: Mystile > Theme Options > Homepage > make sure the "Display a banner on the homepage?" check box is selected > upload your image > make sure to delete any text in the "Banner headline" and "Banner stand first" text boxes > Save all changes and your banner will show on the homepage of your site.

            There is still no banner showing up on my page. I also tried adding .homepage-banner:after { display: none; } to the CSS and still nothing. Any help?

          • Hi Megan,

            It's sounds like you've done everything the right way the the homepage banner image is still not showing. I know how frustrating seemingly simple things like that are, especially when you're doing everything the right way. If you'd like to create a user acct and have me take a look I'm happy to do that. Or, you could use my friend Jason's gig on Fiverr and I'm sure he'd get it resolved for you quickly. Here's the link to his gig…

          • I've the same problem.

            when I upload my banner image, it won't show up on my page. I have done it several time (using video tutorial, double checking everithing) and I still don't have my banner. I tried to upload different files, jpg, png etc…

  11. I’m wondering how to remove the drop-down sort order button on the shop page, I don’t have many products and want to comment it out. Anyone know where to do it?

  12. When I upload a background image it only appears if I select the “Wrap your site content inside a frame.” checkbox in the layout options. When I do this however I get about 1/2″ of background image around the content. How can I shrink the width of that boxed content to show more of the background image? There is a lot of wasted width that is not being used by my “full-width” template.


    • hey, I too am interested in re sizing this area, there is a lot of wasted space in the content area and not much of the background image is seen. Has anyone figured out where to make the edit for this in the code?

  13. Hi Teddy (Adam?)
    I’ve been engrossed in your WooCommerce videos and now with the MyStile theme ones. Great job and such a generous use of your time and extensive knowledge.
    My problem is trying to get my pictures to display in the correct siz e(book cover type pics) for both Featured and Product images. I’ve looked at: setting img width to inherit in the CSS (2 places); changed MyStile > Theme Options > Dynamic Images > Thumbnail Settings; and when I change the Settings > Media images sizes. Nothing happens with either change.
    Your time and brain power to what is probably a simple problem would be gratefully received.
    Cheers. Michael

  14. Hi Adam, thanks so much for this tutorial! I´ve been struggling with this double ´home´ button for days until i stumled upon this page. So again thank you! Greetings from The Netherlands! Lisa

  15. Hi Adam,
    Thanks for the very helpful tutorials. They have helped me with little problems I didn’t even know I had which is great. However I have been trying to deal with 2 issues that I haven’t been able to figure out. The first one is on how to add multiple images to a product. I’ve done the following which is gone to edit product>add media>upload images> X the window> Update page and gone back to the product page and had no success. Second issue is that the product image comes up quite blurry and wanted to know if the product image had a specific size that it needed to be for it to come up clear? It comes up clear in the edit page but not on the website itself. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks in advance 🙂

  16. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for this tutorial. It was very useful for me as I am new to WordPress and woocommerce. Just started with your tutorial for changing mystile theme. Can you design a woocommerce theme from scratch?

    I want to change the navigation bar, categories and footer background image.


  17. Hi there,

    Loving how easy it is to understand and follow your tutorial!

    I’m having a brain fart I hope you can help with. I’ve created the Product Categories shortcode but no images are showing. Where do I change this?

    Many thanks in advance!

    • Hi Rachel,

      I’m glad to hear our WooCommerce tutorials are easy to follow. Thanks for the positive encouragement! You can add/edit product category images by dong the following…

      In the WordPress admin go to Products > Categories > click “Edit” on the categories > on the “Edit Product Category” page you’ll be able to upload your product category thumbnail image at the bottom of the screen as illustrated in the screen shots below…

      Edit WooCommerce Product Categories

      add an image to WooCommerce Product Category

      Let me know if this helps answer your question and thanks again for your support.


  18. Hi Adam,

    Great tutorials. You’ve helped building a website a whole lot easier for me so thanks!

    I am using the mystile theme for my online shop and am having an issue with my product thumbnail size. The images that appear underneath my featured image are coming up too small. The size comes up about the size of this box [ ] and I want it to be at least double the size. Is there anywhere I can change this?


    • Hi Dydy,

      Thanks for the complements! I’m glad to hear that our WooCommerce tutorials have been helpful.

      In regards to the issue with product thumbnail images… Are you referring to the Featured Products and Recent Products located on the Mystile theme homepage under the Featured Banner image as highlighted in the screen shot below?

      Mystile Homepage Product Images

      If so, you’re saying that your product images are much smaller than the ones in the screen shot above? Please provide more info / be more specific and I’ll do my best to help. Thanks,


  19. Whatever size of image I upload as a featured image Mystile will create a 300×300 version and blow it up to 511×510 on the product page. Consequently all my featured images look terrible. Does anyone know what the solution is?



    • Same here, it seems the featured image uses a 300×300 & stretches it to fit the 511×510 space. When using the full width page, the image looks horrible – even though the image I uploaded was 525×525. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! Thank you!

    • Found the solution @mat & @Michael for the pixelated 300×300 image on product page. Go into WooCommerce plugin settings, choose the "Catalog" tab, scroll to bottom and find section "Image Options", Change the one labeled "Single Product Image". I changed mine to 500×500 and my images now display at their natural resolution! Yay!

      WooCommerce > Settings > Catalog > Image Options > Single Product Image

  20. Hello,
    I was wondering if i can remove the display banner image on the mystile theme and install a slider plugin instead. If so where do i go about doing this. I can only really edit my homepage on the mystile options because i do not have a page under pages. I followed your tutorial on youtube and was just curious on if there is a way to access this page so i can customize beyond just the mystile options.

  21. Hi Teddy
    I’ve been having so many issues trying to do something which seems simple, I want to replace the SALE! logo with my own text, instead of it Saying SALE! i want it to say something else, so managed to find this piece of code in the page’s html code

    and changing the Sale! text in firefox inspector mode works, I found span.onsale in the style.css file but that only conrols the position, colour and shape of the Sale badge not the text in it. So where do I find the file that contrlols the actual word “SALE!” ? Also If I wanted to replace the sale badge completely with a cutom image instead of a piece of code that writes up the word Sale on top of a circle, how would I do that?
    Kind Regards
    Gerhard de Jager

    • You can change the span class in the custom color css files.

      See: wp-content > themes > mystile > styles > colorname.css (this is the css file you can select (and find) under the mystile tab in the dashboard.

      Unfortunate I can not find how to change this content of the span.onsale class.
      Since I want to implement the product price this sale box. Any updates on this?

  22. Hey,

    Thanks for the tutorial this helped a lot. My only problem is that although I got my own custom homepage and menu, when I click on the name of my site on the left, it still goes to the original homepage instead of the one I made. How can I change it so that it goes to the one that I made instead?



    • Hi Jason,

      I'm glad to hear the tutorial was helpful. To Fix the issue, change the "Reading" settings in the WordPress admin.

      In the WordPress admin go to Settings > Reading > set "Front page displays" to "A static page" > select your custom homepage > save changes and it should solve the issue.

      Let me know if this helps. Thanks,


  23. Hello,
    thanks for very useful tutorials.

    Could you please help me to find the source of "Checkout" text filed. I mean that which placed in top, between items amount and Search Products fileds.

    I'd like to translate it to another language, but can't find the the source file of this text.

    Thank you.

  24. Hello! I'm currently using the Mystile theme & have really no idea which part of CSS to go to in order to edit the site width. Please help me, thanks a billion! 🙂

    • Hi Steven,

      Complements on your site – you've done a great job customizing the Mystile theme. You can make the logo larger by simply creating a larger image (currently your logo size is 238x61px) and then choosing the "Full Size" option when uploading it in the Mystile theme settings. After uploading the full size logo go to…

      Mystile > Theme Options > General Settings > Display Options > in the Custom CSS box paste the following…

      img {
      vertical-align: bottom;
      max-width: 80%;
      height: auto;

      Just change 80% to 100% (or any number you want) and you'll have a full size logo on your custom Mystile theme. Thanks for the complements on our tutorials and let me know if this helps.


  25. Hi,
    Enjoyed your web tutorials and it gave me the confidence to venture on my own to build an eCommerce site. I am on test site and exploring the Mystile theme before purchasing a domain of my own.

    On the Mystile theme at the homepage, I am having problems with the homepage banner. The banner is always wider on the width of page (navigation bars, featured products width, etc) when I reduce the size of the screen. The banner does not resize with the screen, it always stays larger in size and the rest of the information on screen.

    Any homepage banner CSS which I can edit?


  26. First off this is a great resource, and following your comprehensive instructions have made set up a doddle!

    One question that I cant find the ans too, on the Mystile demo "sample page" in the sidebar there is a list of posts with images and the title. Also tabs with latest, popular,comments. Where is this on the theme? I just want an image and 2 lines of text/post but what they have in the demo would be a start!

    Thanks again for a fantastic site!

    • Hi Paul,

      I believe what you're referring to is controlled via the use of a WooThemes custom Widget called, "WooDojo Tabs". To get it, simply install and activate the free WooDojo plugin. Once installed, go to Appearance > Widgets and you'll see the WooDojo Tabs widget.

      Let me know if this helps.


      • Thanks Adam
        Gave that a go but there is no control over what is displayed e.g which categories of posts (I have a category of stuff just to go in the sidebar).

        Don't really want the tabs – just a few snippets of posts and a thumbnail for each.
        I found a clunky work around by using a "display posts" shortcode plug-in then using [display-posts] in the text widget. – I am sure there is a more elegant solution!

  27. I first have to thank you for all the great tutorials on your youtube channel.One of my problem with the Mystile theme is how to replace the word "reviews" with "testimonials"
    Secondly is how to remove the product description tab beside the 'Review' tab.Am hoping you can show me the perfect line of code to edit to change the "reviews" on the single product page to "testimonials" and also that of product description tab.Thanks.

  28. Hi

    Love all the videos. Thanks. I have a small issue on my Mystile theme. I cannot seem to find out how to remove the leave a message box at the bottom of my homepage. Any ideas ? Also I have a */> in the top right of all my pages and can`t seem to find how to remove them ? Any ideas ?

    Is it possible to change the colour on the page ?

    Thanks in advance.

  29. Looking to reduce the white space above and below the Mystile theme homepage featured banner image? If so, here's our tutorial video that shows you how to do it…

    Here's the custom CSS used in the video to reduce the white space on the homepage of the Mystile theme…

    .homepage-banner {margin-bottom:0px!important;}

    • Hello everyone and I salute your great effort and enthousiasm for people who want to build a site (or store) on the web. Congrats once more.

      I have recently started my woocommerce using artificer theme (as child of course).

      I was about to ask the question below but I have found the solution (!) so below is the question and the answer as well.
      Q.: How do I control the space between the primary menu bar and the slide that follows? It is quite big and if I use breadcrumbs it gets bigger.

      A.: Go to the style.css of the child (or the main theme – not recommended) and search for: #navigation.

      Now edit the file by changing only the value of the attribute margin-bottom from whatever it is to 0px !important. Below is my portion of style.css. Hope this helps someone.

      #navigation {
      clear: both;
      margin-bottom: 0px !important;

  30. using WooCommerce 2.0.13, with your help via youtube tutorials. Using Mystile 2.0.13, WP3.6
    Simple question, I have tried so hard to resolve.
    While editing pages on your tutorials there are many tools, eg heading sizes, on my set up there is none, how do I get more editing tools. I have spent hours on this.

    • just read a reply to a comment below, "Make sure the "Visual" tab is selected and you're displaying the full kitchen sink", fantastic problem solved, knew it would be so easy when told how to do it. Many thanks.

  31. Can anyone tell me how to change the size of the featured image of the Mystile theme? I like the featured image, but it's way too big and takes up all of the prime space. I would just like to make it shorter and keep the width. If I upload a smaller image, it just enlarges it and it looks pixelated.

  32. Hi, I'm building my first WordPress ecommerce website and after much search found your most informative site. After watching many youtube videos, reading many posts and learning A LOT from them I have some questions I'm hoping you can help me with.

    I am using the Wootique theme and would like to know the following:
    1. How to get rid of the search box at the top of the all pages.
    2. How to make the container wider (as I see on the "" site (from one of your post replies)
    3. How to reduce white space above, below and in between some of the titles on the homepage. I see the custom CSS on how to do this on the Mystile theme, but have no clue where to insert it.

    Please keep in mind I'm willing to give anything a try but have no idea where I would need to insert code, etc. without VERY specific instructions….did I mention I am a newbie?

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    • Hi Pat – congrats on taking the first steps in learning WordPress and building your first eCommerce site with WP and the WooCommerce plugin. I'm glad to hear that our tutorials have helped guide you through the process.

      Let's start with your first question… Log int your WordPress admin and go to…

      Wootique > Theme Options > General Settings > and in the Custom CSS box paste the following….

      .searchform {display:none;}

      Save All Changes and that will prevent the Search box from displaying on the Wootique theme.

      Off the top of my head, I'm not sure on questions 2 and 3… I'll spend some time later today playing around with the CSS.

  33. Hi,
    Thank you again for sharing great tutorials on wordpress especially mystile and woocommerce theme. Your site helped me a lot in creating my online site

    I originally had the slider on homepage. However, it took too long to load. So i decided to switch to mystile homepage banner. I have trouble adding mystile homepage banner on my site. I uploaded the file but it is not showing on the homepage. Can you please help?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Laura,

      I'm happy to hear that our WooCommerce tutorials have helped you in building your Mystile theme site. It's looking really good and I really like the simplicity of the hats you're selling. I'd be happy to help with getting the homepage featured banner image back up on the site. If you can create a WP admin user account for me to access the Mystile > Theme Options section in the admin I should be able to get the featured image banner back up quickly. Thanks

  34. Hi Teddy,

    First I'd like to say AWESOME JOB!!! on your very helpful instructional videos. This particular post helped me a lot. Thank you.

    I am having an issue with the product category titles for Woocommerce and I'd like to know if there is a way to change the font size at least and/or the font color if possible. Also if its possible to prevent it from showing up on the pages just like you did for the "home" page title. I tried deleting it the same way but woocommerce adds it back so guessing categories must have a title which makes sense.

    I'm a novice at code so If there is a solution that does not involve code it would be a life saver. I'm ok with finding out where to add code to change things though.

    I am using woocommerce and mystile theme.

    Thanks so much for your great help.

    • Hi Jay – Thanks for your support and I'm glad to hear that our WooCommerce tutorials have helped in building your site. In regards to changing the size and color of product category titles… Are you referring to the default "Featured Products" and "Product Category" labels that show on the homepage of the Mystile theme? Please provide a screen capture of exactly what you're referring to and I'll try and get you the custom css to make those updates.

      • Is this for the homepage body area that displays categories? i am having the same issue where it shows all subcategories as well and can’t find a setting to limit it to only parents

  35. Hello! Great info on this site. Still one question I haven't seen asked on here that I really need instructions for. How do I change the content background to a different color besides white. I'm sure it's some type of CSS code.

  36. My client wants to remove the banner entirely from the home page. I noticed that in Google Chrome the space became larger. In Firefox the term "stars of nour banner" appears.

    How do I solve these two issues.
    Note that I made other modifications to the top of the theme since my client wanted no background image showing at the top of the page

  37. Hey Teddy,
    Thanks for all the great info above. Have watched several videos. You have fixed several problems before I encountered them. However, the two issues I'm having are:

    Banner not showing: I've clicked, unchecked, reloaded, resized, double checked, reread, re-reloaded, re-reread…

    Trying to center my Logo have tried different sizes but not happening.
    I've seen code on another site that does it, but wrecked my last site by 'inserting code' where it didn't belong.

    About to look at setting up a child theme.
    Can you point me in the right direction.
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Mike – Thanks for letting us know that our Mystile theme tutorials have helped. Also, I have to complement you on your business model. I think the idea is very unique and given the new laws makes a ton of sense to capitalize on. I've already emailed your URL to several friends so I'm hoping for some kind of kickback – lol! Anyway, it looks like you solved the logo centering issue but I see that your featured banner image is still not showing. If you can create a wp admin user account I'll take a closer look. You can email it to me via the contact form here…

      You should definitely use a Mystile child theme to ensure that your customizations are not lost. You can get our free mystile child them by opting into our newsletter.

  38. Great video! I have some questions about the mystile theme. I'm a beginner and this is my first site I'm creating by myself but I seem to be a little stuck on finishing it and launching it. So my question is I want to change the frame's color, is there anyway I can do that?

    • Hi Sterling,

      Thanks for the complements on our Mystile theme tutorial video. You have the ability to "Enable boxed layout" which wraps your site content inside a frame. You can do that from in the Mystile > Theme Options > Layout Options settings. If you choose a boxed layout, then you also have the ability to change the background color and/or add an image to the background. Let me know if that helps answer your question.

    • Hi Dyer,

      Have you tested it in other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox so that you know it is just an issue when using Safari? If so, please send me a screen capture of the issue so I have a better idea of what's going on and and trouble shoot it using my mac. Thanks

  39. Hello Adam or anyone else that can help me out,
    I was looking to change the color of the page-wrap on the mystile theme. Is this possible?
    I would like to change it front white to some other color. I try to do it on firebug but I couldn't find which one it was. so if anyone knows it please help me out

  40. Hello Teddy, thank you very much for your article.
    I am a beginner on the development of WordPress and I would like to ask you a few questions, please.
    What is the function of the custom.css file of the theme Mystile?
    For an irreversible change after the upgrade, you can use custom.css or create a child-theme of Mystile?
    The theme changes made ​​by the Theme menu Options remain after the upgrade?
    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Marco,

      That's a great question in regards to what the purpose of a child theme is if you use the Custom.CSS box in the Mystile theme options. The custom.css box is a great way to make simple changes to your site's look and feel. However, if you were to make deep customizations you'd have to go beyond the Custom.css box and edit individual files. That's where it's critical that you use a child theme because updates made to individual files will be overridden if you're not using a child theme. So it's always best practice to use a child them every time so that your site can scale as you're business booms and you need to make crazy changes to your theme. Please let me know if that makes sense.

      • Thank for your response. The child-theme is the right solution. In case of failure to theme, reinstalling everything at once.
        I have not found in options theme Mystile, saving customizations. Thank you very much, I will continue to read your articles.

  41. Great tutorial! I am using the Mystile theme for woocommerce and have added a lot of rules to my custom.css file. As a result, the website looks really crap on mobile. Any idea how I can DISABLE the responsive layout settings? Thank you.

    • Hi Vikram,

      That's a great question in terms of how to disable responsive themes. In other words, how to remove responsive functionality from a Responsive theme. I've not had a chance to research that but most likely one of our readers has. I just did a quick Google search for "disable responsive wordpress theme" and I found this thread from the WordPress Support Forum that might help…

      If anyone in the Upload WP community knows the answer to this one please share it with us.

      • Ok, figured this out.

        If you are using Mytile, go to wp-content/themes/mystile/styles folder and open the .css file which your theme is using.

        If you search for '@media', you will get css lines like "@media only screen and (min-width: 768px)". This means that for tablet or mobile resolutions, which are below 768px width, the styles wont work. You can search for all occurences of this lower bound and change it to say..1px or you can comment this out.

        Then go to custom.css and add this style:

        html.boxed body {min-width:1250px;}

        This will ensure that your home page layout does not change in mobile/tablet resolutions.

        Finally, if your menu is getting converted to a 'select' dropdown menu on your mobile, go to wp-content/themes/mystile/includes/js/general.js and comment out the code below "Responsive Navigation (switch top drop down for select)".

  42. Hello I susbscribed, first of all, than you so much for taking your time to do these tutorials, they have helped me alot!
    I would like to know how I can add the banner, I have followed all instructions but after saving the changes, it does not show, can u please help me!?

  43. Hello, started a Woocommerce site using the Mystile theme by following your video tutorials. It's at Quite an experience but still stumped on a few things. Could not get the primary widget to appear on the home page. It does appear on the shop page, which I've now set as the landing page. Still, on the shop page the primary widget only covers the bottom half of the page. Also, can't get the Mailchimp form to appear on the primary widget so it's on the footer. I'm selling PLR downloads only, not a single sale yet though. Is there a free slider that would work on Mystile? Can you recommend anyone who can analyze this site?

    • Hi Francisco,

      I've spent a few minutes looking at your site, and here are some of my observations…

      1. You might want to consider changing the dimensions of your Logo so that it has more length rather than height. It's currently too tall and is pushing the entire site down / below the fold. So reshape your logo so that it brings your products up.

      2. To get the sidebar to show on the homepage of the Mystle theme do the following… In the WordPress admin go to Mystile > Theme Options > Homepage > Sidebar > check the box that says "Display a Sidebar" > the sidebar will then show up on the home page.

      3. WOW Slider is a a free image slide that you might want to try

      Let me know if this helps and feel free to ask when more questions come up.

  44. Hi there
    I am struggling badly and there isnt anything out there to help me. This is my site. i am trying to reduce the width and also center everything from logos, tabs, slider and text to all be in line with each other. I would like it to be of similar width too
    Please help!!

  45. Hi,
    All your tutorials have helped so much especially for someone like me who has never done this before and knows nothing.

    I somehow lost the cart page and have tried going to the woocommerce – settings – pages and select and update, it still doesn't work. I can shop and put things in the cart, but won't checkout. I would really appreciate you telling me how to get this back and working without messing up all the work I've done.

    Can't thank you enough.

    • Hi Suzanne,

      I'm happy to hear that our tutorials have been helpful. I took a look at your site and it looks like a second Cart page was created and it has the following permalink…

      what you need to have is…

      So in the WordPress admin go to Pages > edit the Cart page > on the Edit Page below the title you'll see Permalink click Edit > change it from cart-2 to just cart > click OK > Update the page

      Also make sure that the following shortcode is in the body of the page…


      Let me know if that works.

  46. Hey
    Thanks again for another excellent tutorial, they've really helped me with my new shop for my website.
    Just wondered if anyone could help me customise the header of my mystile theme site? I'd like to add text in the header – a small description of my business, social media icons and phone number. How can I add these details to my header?
    Hope someone can help me with this 🙂

    • Hi Von,

      To reduce the size of the Mystile theme homepage featured banner image do the following…

      In the WordPress admin go to: Mystile > Theme Options > General Settings > Display Options and in the Custom CSS box paste the follow…

      .homepage-banner { width:90.5%!important}

      You can change "90.5%" to any percentage to reduce the size of the featured banner image. I made a tutorial video on how to do this which you can view here…

      You might also be looking to reduce the white space above and below the featured banner image. To do that, copy and paste the following custom CSS into the same box…

      .homepage-banner {margin-bottom:0px!important;}

    • Hey Travis,

      That's a great question. I've spent some time testing it out on my Mystile theme demo site,, and I have not been able to get the author's name to appear for blog posts either. If you look at WooThemes Mystile demo, the author name doesn't appear on blog post either.

      One thing that you can do is install the "WP User Avatar" plugin which will allow you to upload an image of the author and it will display for each blog post along side the title. For each post, you can say something like, written by, author name. Also, do a quick search and see if there is another plugin that will display authors name for each blog post. Most likely there is. Let me know if this helps.

  47. Hi!
    Thanks for the video. You do a great job of explaining.

    I would like to remove the standard header navigation from the Mystile theme. I want to use a menu widget in my sideabar instead of the navigation that comes with the theme. Everything I have found so far on the web deals with the Canvas theme, but none of the approaches for removing the header navigation with Canvas work with Mystile.


    • Hi – Thanks for your complements and your question. I liked it so much that I decided to do a full tutorial on it, video and all… If you scroll up you'll see the newly added, "Customizing Mystile theme Part 2". Thanks again.

  48. Hi all, few question on this good template.
    I'm working on it and i've found two errors in translations in my language (italian):

    First one the checkout button on top right of nav bar

    Second one when i'm going to checkout, i need to fill all informations and agree to term and conditions to proceed, i need to modify that string underlined

    Where i can found them and translate propely?

    Thanks in advance!

  49. Hello! Thank you for the great tutorial!

    I have a question related to uploading the photos. It is not an issue of the theme, but more a problem of the plugin I am using (wp all import), but when i try to upload the product images I get a message WARNING: File cannot be saved locally …
    and the image wont be uploaded

    Any ideas how to solve it? thank you in advance.

    • Hi Mif,

      The CSS to change the color at the top of the Mystile theme is…

      #top {
      background: #f7f7f7;
      margin: 0 -1.618em;
      padding: 1.618em;

      Copy the CSS above and do the following… In your WordPress admin go to Mystile > Theme Options > General Settings > Display Options > paste it in the Custom CSS box

      Just change #f7f7f7 to any color that you'd like. There are a bunch of free color picker tools if you google it.

      I'm still working on the CSS for the footer background color.

    • Hi Andy,

      My suggestion is to use the Easy Contact plugin. I use easy contact for all of my sites and it's worked great. To setup the easy contact plugin do the following…

      In the WordPress admin go to Plugins > Add New > search for "Easy Contact" > install / activate it > then create a page called "Contact" and in the page paste the following shortcode…


      The last step is to go to Settings > Contact > enter your email address in the "Recipient Email" text box > save changes and you're all set.

  50. Hello,

    Thanks very much for your tutorials, they are very helpful and easy to follow. Realy great!
    I'm struggling to change the color of the menu toggle in my mystile theme for mobile.

    Any suggestions how to do that?


  51. Hi Teddy
    first of all I very much appreciate these tutorial and huge amount of work that you have put in for all of us. Its tremendous help to novices like myself. I have a question regarding changing the body color of Mystile theme, see i am trying to setup a online candy shop and want to make overall website bit more colorful can you please advise what CSS to edit or any custom CSS that i can use to change over all white color?
    would really appreciate any help you could provide

    • Hi Ali – Thank you so much for the support in regards to our WordPress and WooCommerce tutorials! It's very much appreciated. The quickest and easiest way to change the background color of the Mystile theme is to do the following…

      In the WordPress admin go to Mystile > Theme Options > Styling Options > Background > there you can use the "Body Background Color" picker to set a different color.

      Let me know if you're also looking to change the background color of everything inside the boxed layout and I'll work on getting you an answer for that as well.

  52. Hi Andy,

    Thanks a lot for the great tutorials on using the mystile theme. They are very helpful.

    I'm making my first wp-webshop using the mystile theme. I was wondering if it's possible to have a second navigation only in my shop page. I've been searching the web for answers but can't seem to find any.

    Thanks very much for your help,

    ps: ZigZagWear Site is not online yet but am in the process of doing that.

  53. Hej!

    Im wondering here how can I remove :hover effects from #top (grey background) and from our main navigation (there's this border around when hovering menu elements).

    Please let me know,


  54. Hi Teddy,
    Thanks for all your doing, your really helping us out allot…
    This is my first venture into making my own site and it's fun and frustrating at the same time. I'd like to know if the white space above and below my logo can be reduced, and also the grey area above that.. (where the cart/checkout is), can that be reduced or removed? Can the cart/checkout be moved just above the navigation bar. Just seems like to much space is being used up.

  55. Hey thanks for the help so far. I'm having a little trouble setting up the new home page. Is there a way to get the original "home" settings back? I deleted the original from my menu and can't seem to get the layout to match what it was. I tried reinstalling the theme folder through my ftp, but didn't have any luck. Now my home page is all out of wack and my menu bar isn't showing up. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. mikegogno(dot)com/goldenruleshop



    • Hi MikeG – Most likely you need to adjust your Reading settings. In the WordPress admin go to Settings > Reading > you'll see "Front Page Displays" make sure that the "Your latest posts" radio button is selected an NOT the "a static page". Start by checking that and let me know if it helps.

  56. Hi there,

    I've tried doing the replace of the mystile navigation section, but I'm coming up with this error:

    current() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /public_html/wordpressdev/wp-content/themes/mystile-child/header.php on line 51

    Any ideas how to fix it?


  57. Teddy, thanks for all the help. I'm looking to add a widget (without that line that divides the title and the body) just underneath the menu. So I am not looking to remove the menu, I just want a widget where special offers/messages can be displayed underneath the menu in that white space.

    I followed your instructions missing out part 2, but the menu still disappeared.

    Is what I am looking for achievable? Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Chris

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your question. Just to clarify… You're looking to add a widget section directly under the main navigation? So you would like it to appear under; Home, Shop, Basket, My Account, Checkout, Contact Sally? Please let me know if I'm following you and we'll go from there. Thanks.

      • Spot on Teddy.
        I'm looking to have that as a 'Message Board' type thing where we can put the latest. So for example, at the moment the latest posting dates for Christmas, then in January details on some sale prices maybe, and then 'we have just taken stock of ….'

        No doubt I'll find a widget that can do that, if not I'll just play with the text widget.

        As this is my first woocommerce site, any feedback you wish to make would be most welcome.

        Thanks for your time, and all the invaluable help you have provided via your videos.

        Regards, Chris

  58. Hi there, Thanks for the tutorial . I have my mystile up and running and have resolved many issues along the way to get it how it is now What I want to do now is move all of the 'most popular products' section on the homepage up slightly. As you can see, under the logo, there is a large white gap and if I were able to move the images up slightly, people would be able to see more of the images on the average sized laptop. I suppose if I knew how to delete 'home' then the most popular products would automatically go up, would they? If so, how can I do this? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Nice work on your site,! To move the "Most Popular Products" section up on the homepage of the Mystile theme try the following… In the WordPress admin go to: Mystile > Theme Options > General Settings > Display Options and in the Custom CSS box paste the following…

      .homepage-banner {margin-bottom:0px!important;}

      Save all changes and the Most Popular Products section should move up the homepage. Let me know if this works for you.

      • So sorry for the late response but I've only just seen your reply. I did what you recommended and it has moved the products up slightly so it looks loads better. Thanks so much for your help and thanks for the positive feedback about the site- a lot of hard work has gone into it considering earlier this year I had no idea of what wordpress was!

        I know it's kind of off topic, but if you'd be able to suggest any reasons why my 'Have a coupon' link button at checkout doesn't work and just takes me back to the top of the page (even though I have set up a coupon), it would be most appreciated.

        Thanks again!

        • Hi Rebecca,

          I see what you mean in regards to the Apply Coupon on the checkout page not working. It tested it in the Cart and it seemed to work there so maybe you want to eliminate it from the checkout page and just have it in the cart. In terms of what's causing the issue… Most likely its another plugin that's not playing nice with it. You could test that by turning off your plugins and see if that fixes it and if it does, turn them back on one by one.

          • Thanks for looking. I deactivated my plugins but that makes no difference. For now I think I'll just get rid of coupons from the checkout (like you say it's working on the cart) and perhaps try it again after a wordpress/woocommerce update as I know when I've had little bits like this not work before, an update seems to do the trick. Thanks for your help.

      • humm… not sure I remember all I think I had posted 3 items. One was in your mystile video you mention that the home page has to be custom url link, not a 'page' why is that?
        the other was a possible solution to a question another user posted…

        how to get the footer background color changed. I tried this and some other variation with success.
        #top { background: #CC3300 ; }
        body { background: #CC3300 repeat top left ; }
        footer { background: #CC3300 ; }

        Third, if I make the main menu a blank menu and only use the top menu, can the space used by the empty menu reclaimed (rest of page moved up?

        Lastly, I am using mystile with wooCommerce. I have a top menu showing up on the top left. on the top right I have the wooCOmmerce cart/$0.0 and search. Can I add items to the top right section of the menu. I want to have there some link and/or contact info.
        Lastly part II, if I want my email contact info to show but don't want bots to catch that, is there a way of doing this without using an image?

        Thanks a bunch.

        • Hi Sam,

          Thanks for sharing your CSS for changing the footer background color of the Mystile theme. I'm sure it will help a bunch of people that are looking to do that. In terms of your first question I'd have to know what video you're referring to because I honestly don't recall that without seeing it. In terms of your third and 4th questions, the answer is most likely Yes, you can move it up to reduce white space if you only want to use the top menu. For both of those things I would recommend outsourcing that to Fiverr. Instead of wasting a bunch of time trying to figure out how to do it, just use my fried Jason's gig and he'll get if done for you. Here's the link…

          Just tell him Adam from sent you.

          • Hi Sam,

            The reason we used a custom link for the homepage in that video is because… We were using a static homepage (adjusted in Reading settings) and by default the Mystile already displays a Home link in the main Navigation. So we wanted the new Home link to go to our custom static homepage and that's why we created a custom link in that specific example. Let me know if that helps answer your question.

          • I remember my last question… I followed your instruction on setting a banner for Mystile – in particular setting the full size after uploading to avoid a grainy look.
            I took the banner image from theme twenty thirteen. However, mine still comes out grainy in Chrome. In IE it is not grainy?! Any ideas?

          • Hi Sam,

            So the Mystile homepage featured banner image you uploaded looks good in IE but not in Chrome? Have you tested it in Firefox? Make sure the image you upload is at least 1165px wide. I tested some of my Mystile demo sites in Chrome and have not been able to recreate the issue.

  59. Dear uploadwp,

    will start with a big thank you for all your tutorials. They have been such a help for me. Im a bit stuck now though.
    I want to change the font and font size of the sidebar, how ?
    I have searched both web and css for alternatives and scratched my head. Maybe its just one of those that are so easy you dont see it. But please, help me !

    Thank you and again, your tutorials have been a gods send 🙂

    • Hi Malin,

      I'm happy that our WooCommerce tutorials have been helpful in building your site. You can change fonts and font sizes for the Mystile theme by doing the following…

      In the WordPress admin go to Mystile > Theme Options > Typography > Enable Custom Typography (check that box) and on that page you can make font adjustments. Let me know if this helps.

  60. Hello again,

    You asked me to "In the WordPress admin go to Mystile > Theme Options > Typography > Enable Custom Typography (check that box) and on that page you can make font adjustments. Let me know if this helps."

    I have tried this option and it doesnt work for the sidebar meny. Why I dont know, but would like to know if there is another way

    Thank you again !

  61. Hey, been checking our your tutorials all day, extremely helpful! I just have quick question. Is there a way to change the thumbnail sizes of the product images? I have 3 products and am looking to expand the image sizes and have them cover the whole row under the main banner.

    • Hey Pat – Thanks for letting me know our tutorials have helped. Just to make sure I'm understanding your question. You're looking to increase the size of the product thumbnail images on the homepage of the Mystile theme? Please confirm and I'll try to get you the custom CSS to do that. Thanks

  62. Hi there,

    I love the Variable option on Woocommerce!

    But, I was wondering if it is possible to move the location of where a Variable pops up — right now the drop down menu for the sizing of products is underneath the "Product Short Description".

    The trouble with this is at the end of the Product Short Description, I have a "Read More" link. This interferes with the size variable; when a customer clicks to change the size, the Read More link pushes them down to the bottom of the page.

    Ideally, I'd like to move the size Variable to right under the From: pricing at the top of the page, or move where the "Read More" link is placed.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks so much in advance for your help; it is greatly appreciated.

  63. Dear Mr. Teddy Triton
    Thank you for sharing great tutorials on wordpress especially mystile and woocommerce theme. Your site helped me a lot in trying to create my site,
    Can you please help me how i could remove the image place holders for product.
    at the moment when adding a product it automaticaly creates an image place holder even if you dont upload an image. so in my case i would like to create a restuarant menu, however i dont want to have images created as i don't need that. the following may give you an idea what i want, to appear when i add a product.

    Tikka Masala
    Cooked with almond powder, fresh cream & special red sauce $10.00 Add "Button"

    I would very much appreciate your help.

    thank you

  64. Dear mr. Teddy Triton

    I have found this plugin "WooCommerce Product Details Customiser" which is great and it does part of the job by removing the image in Product Details page, however i wan to remove the image from the main product page (shop) page.

    Than kyou


    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks for your question. To remove the thumbnail images from the Mystile theme shop page copy/paste the following in the Custom CSS box…

      ul.products li.product img {display:none;}
      width: 100%;
      height: auto;
      padding: .53em;
      display: block;

      • Hi Teddy;

        Thank you so much for your help and all of your tutorials have been very helpfull.
        I have one question to ask please. Is it possible to have a short description displayed for each product in Mystile theme "shop page"?
        I'm trying to design a vertical menu for a restuarant online ordering which is part of my university project. I have spent so much time on this but i'm not able to do it. I would very much appreciate your help.
        I would like to achieve something similar to the following.

        Tikka Masala
        Cooked with almond powder and fresh cream sauce $10.00 Add "Button"

        Chicken Curry
        Cooked with mushrooms and fresh cream sauce $10.00 Add "Button"

        All i have left to do is to display a short description for each product and also the layout to be vertical menu rather than in blocks.

        Thank you

        • Hi Alan,

          Thanks for the positive feedback on our tutorials. Adding a short description to the woocommerce Shop page is something I've not yet tried to do. It's most likely possible but I'll have to test it out on a demo site. Please feel free to post your question in our brand new Upload WP Community Forums. There's a good chance that someone in our community will be able to point you in the right direction. Here's the link…

          • Hi Teddy,

            i have created an account at WP Community Forums, however i don't know how to post questions as i can't see any options to do so.
            Sorry for bothering you.

            Thank You

          • Hi Alan,

            You should have received an email to confirm your account. In that email is a confirmation link. Once you click that you'll be able to post questions. I see your account as pending so I'll go ahead and manually approve you now and you'll be good to go.

          • The only way that I could think to achieve this would be hard code.

            The category page with the products inside it is:
            woocommerce > templates > content-product.php

            You then want to find:
            <h3><?php the_title(); ?></h3>

            Right below that you would want to enter:
            <br /><?php echo apply_filters( 'woocommerce_short_description', $post->post_excerpt ) ?>

            Teddy, BTW… Thanks for the killer resource!

  65. Hi Teddy, first off I'll not speak to a guru without commending him for his works. Your videos has really helped me. I learnt a lot from the tutorials, as you can see is almost done. It just needs to be uploaded with the actual product and paypal link.
    But three bugging issues I have are: (1) How do I reduce the space above & below the primary menu (2) How do I make the Image on my home page have no square boarder, I just want it flat & plain without grey color boarder edges. I designed the artwork myself on A.I and PS and trust me every thing I have done to save it as a transparent background without boarders has not worked. (3) You have helped me achieve the building of a classic apparel website which I personally want to have control of Teddy. Thanks once again!
    Seasons greetings and awaiting your response.

    • Hi Jerry,

      Thanks very much for the positive feedback and complements. Your support is greatly appreciated! In regards to your three questions, I'll take some time tomorrow to look into them. At the moment, I'm getting ready for a long drive from FL to WI to visit family for Christmas. However, I wanted to acknowledge that I did get this and will work on answers for you when I'm done traveling.

      Thanks again for your support!

      p.s. we're in the process of creating top-notch WordPress and WooCommerce Community Support Forums. Although we have not yet officially launched, please feel free to take a sneak peak and register if you'd like. In the near future we'll be using that as our primary support method. Here's the link…

  66. Hey Adam! Can you tell me how to make the first header of a drop down box containing secondary menu pages located on my navigation menu to where you cannot click it and you can only click on the secondary menu pages listed below? Thanks for your help!

  67. Hi Teddy,

    I've seen a lot of your videos on youtube, so first of all; Thanks for all the help so far!!

    Now, after setting op my Mystile theme and WooCommerce and putting in just a few products, I decided to change the font of the sitename. When I find the new font and click the "Save all changes" nothing happens on my homepage when I update it…why is that?
    And is it possible to make a dropdown on the "Shop" for people to go straight into a product category?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards
    Rikke Hansen, Denmark

    • Hi Rikke,

      I'm happy to hear our tutorials have been helpful. You can create a drop-down on the Shop page by setting up Custom Menus. In the WordPress admin go to Appearance > Menus and there you can create custom menus so you have a drop-down for Shop with your product categories. Please use the Upload WP Community Forums to post your question on font change. By posting in the Forums you'll get help from many people. Here's the link…

  68. Hello,
    Thanks for your videos, they are very useful for me.
    I have installed the childtheme however I have got a problem: The menu doubles the home page with a page called "54" and I can not find the way to remove it. Could you help me please?

  69. Hi Teddy,

    I have a small problem with my menu. When I hover over the menu, I get a block that is to big.. Where can I change the size of this block?

    Thanks in advance,


  70. Hi Teddy,
    I'm a novice in wordpress and thanks for this awesome site for all the tips. It have saved me a lots of time!

    i'm trying to centre my logo and nav menu on my website but it keeps aligned to the left of the page. would you be able to advise?

    looking forward for your help

  71. Dear support…

    …I have managed to delete my checkoutpage. No backup, the page is new and I dont seem to be able to get it? What can I do to get it back?
    Im frantic here !

    Thank you for your help

  72. Hi,

    First off awesome videos and lessons! I appreciate your hard work. On my site, I tried the "Remove Mystile theme Main Navigation and Replace with top right Widget Section" tutorial but following all the instructions this appears on my site:

    "Warning: current() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/fayebo5/public_html/wp-content/themes/Mystile Child Theme/header.php on line 51"

    It appears on the very top. I'm not sure what to do, I copied and pasted the html stuff, but one issue that it might be is that I am using a Mac. Macs don't have notepad++ but they have Text Wrangler (which is the same from what I've read). Not sure if that is it or something else, can you help me out?

    Thanks in advance,


  73. Hi
    Thank you for your tutorial, I have been through it and have found it helpful. There is one issue I am unable to solve, perhaps you could help me, please.

    I am unable to display the mystile theme to work correctly.

    I have added an image to the mystile standard homepage to show any content at all.

    Only the header and the footer

    No image, no slider nothing…

    Ive tried using the default homepage and Ive added an ticked the box, added an image, removed the text in the lower bars – still nothing showing on the default home page.

    I also created my own page, assigned a custom url in the navigation

    while I can see my content on the page, them moment I set the static page to this page , nothing again.


    is there an email I can send the login details to safely please

    N Kelly

    • Hi Nathan,

      I took a look at your site and I see content on the homepage. However, it looks like the issue you're having is with the content Slider / Image slider. Is that correct?

      If so, please provide more specific details of exactly what the issue is (include screen captures) so that we can help you work through it. However please don't respond here. Instead, use our Community Forums. Using the forums we'll better allow us to help you and it will help other people that are experiencing a similar issue.

      Please post your response in the following forum…

      Thanks and I'll I see ya in the Upload WP forums.

  74. Hello Teddy.
    How do I translate "Items" at the top of the Mystille page?
    I have already translated "Checkout" and "Search". But I can not find how I rename "Items". Thanks for your great post.
    Many greetings

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your question. I'm looking at my Mystile demo site but I'm not seeing "Items". I do see, "1 item in your shopping car" when I hover over the cart icon but I'm not seeing "Items". Please provide more specific details in terms of where you're seeing "Items" and I'll do my best to help.

      However, please don't post here. Instead, use the Upload WP Community Forums to post your reply. Specifically, please post in the following forum and provide as much detail as possible…

      • Hi Teddy!

        Sorry, I will try again. Unfortunately I could not write in the forum. When I try seems "(You having insufficient privileges to post here.)"

        Here is a screenshot:

        As you see, I have already translated "checkout" to "Kasse" and "Search" to "Søg". Now I to have translate "items" to "Varer". I use WooCommerce in Mystile.

        I hope you will forgive me for not inserting it in the forum. Thanks again for the many advices. You have my full respect.


  75. Just thought I would throw this out at you. I just so happen to be reading your 'White Space Change and Social Media Plug-in' Thread over at and happened to notice a nice little code piece.

    I know from reading here on a regular basis, people ask to decrease the white space across the top and bottom of the header section in Mystile, Myself being one of the folks looking for the answer. This little piece of code has been driving me close to crazy!

    Well like I said, I saw your tutorial, and just placed the CSS code in, and low and behold… the bottom gap closed in. THAT has been the piece I have been missing! So if you try:

    #header {
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 0px!important;
    #header #navigation,
    #header hgroup {
    margin: 0px;

    You will see that it slams everything nice and tight to the top and closes in the bottom… It's a beautiful thing!

    You are the BEST!

  76. Hello Teddy.

    Thanks for your tips and tricks. I hope you can help me. My problem is that my images and sliders on my static homepage cannot be bigger than the following – here is a screenshot:

    I use Mystile and the settings for the page is "Full Width". I have tried with different images in different sizes, but it helps nothing.

    Best regardes
    Joe 🙂

  77. As I am working on my Mystile's site, I am …stumbling… on all kinds of little tricks for Mystile. I have seen this one is in great demand… Changing the Footer Widget Box Color.

    #footer-widgets {
    background: #000000;

    Since it looks a bit odd to have a floating box, here is how to change the Footer Color as well.

    #footer {
    background: #000000;

    Hope that Helps!

  78. Thanks for sharing this info. I am working on reducing the size of the banner for Mystile. I am not sure whether you have noticed that the banner display differently for the following code .homepage-banner { width:90.5%!important} 

    Safari/firefox can display ok
    chrome still too big until you put .homepage-banner { width:60.5%!important} 

    Is there a solution for cross browser banner? Thanks.

  79. I cannot change the location of logo on my homepage of mystile theme. its too far on the top of header on the left. I want to move it to center on the left of header or on bottom on the left of header. can u please help ? \
    thank you.

  80. Hi I'm just starting to play around with the mystile theme. I was wondering in your tutorials, did u cover scrolling images as the main banner image instead of a static one?

  81. Hello there, and thank you for all your help… its very appreciated.
    I have a problem I can't find a solution for. Am trying to get rid of the page name, but if I remove it, the actual navigation name disappear… ? How can I keep the navigation and just get the page name to go away, which is showing up on every page underneath the menubar?
    Greatful for help !

  82. Hi..can u plz tell how to make my site more attractive. I am using mystile themes which has many white space in top and in footer. I don't no how to add background image for my site so u plz help me.. my site is i am looking for your reply.. thanks.

  83. Hi I added the header.php file and now I get this warning.

    Warning: current() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/gamler1868/public_html/wp-content/themes/mystile-child/header.php on line 51

    Can you help me please?

  84. I want to make a one change in the mystile theme. Quit the title and put an image between the two menus, as is seen in your site. Can you help me? Thanks

  85. Hallo
    Thanks for your great help. I use MYSILE. I am trying to customize the Home page.
    I want to mention the Featured Products. But I can not find any icons in the kitchen to add the shortcuts in my Home page. Can you please tell me how to do that.

  86. Hi darlng! id like to add 3 responsive columns below the slider on the home page, do you have any info about my stile grid, or how can i do it? thanks, patricia

  87. Hi!

    I created the custom home page link in the menu bar but the other "home" button was still there. So I went back and deleted the home page from the pages, but that deleted the one I had just created! The main reason i'm trying to get rid of that initial home page is I can't get it to change colors like the rest of the menu – it's orange while the rest of them are black.

    Any help would be great!

  88. I've tried to register on the community webpage but it tells me I don't have permission to post.

    I'm trying to edit a few things on my mystile child theme and I was hoping you guys could help!

    #1) I want to reduce the white space around the header / nav bar / home page banner

    I've tried a few of the posted css fixes but it distorts my page.

    #2) I want to add our companies phone number into the top nav menu

    #3) I want to duplicate the horizontal bar above the banner to below the banner

    here are some screen shots 🙂

    To go from this:

    To this:

  89. Is there a way to add a custom menu bar to where it says products? Lets say it says – HATS – PANTS – SHIRTS – SHOES – And when you click on them it will display only those products in that box? here is a site that has what I am talking about – They have it set up to where if you click on drives it only shows driver and so on. Or is there another theme that will do this? thank you for your help…..

  90. Can you please tell me how I can change the width of the sidebar. I dont want the normal full width sidebar I want to make the width smaller. Please help

  91. Hey!!
    Just first want to thank you for all your videos and support!

    I was wondering if there is anything I can do to adjust the mobile site. I am using mystile and customized my homepage using your tutorial but my slide deck does not look attractive on mobile!

    Hope you can help!


  92. Hi, thank you for this. Right now I am working to develop an online store with the mystile theme I downloaded the demo content, and I am finding it difficult to edit the product categories. when I click on edit and make the changes then click update, it does not update a particular category name please help me? Thanks.

  93. Hi Teddy,

    Just a quick query if you have the time. I’m using Mystile with Woocommerce and on the checkout page, I would like the ‘……Terms and conditions’ checkbox to appear just before the ‘Place Order’ button. Some customers have trouble finding it when it’s way over to the right hand side of the page.

    Thanks for your help and time.


  94. Hi Craig,

    First I want to thank you and your uploadwp staff for all of the great tutorials and information. I’ve been building my new site using the mystile woocommerce theme and your tutorials have been very helpful!

    Im having an issue that I hope you can help me with. Im trying to add “featured products” under my image slider on my homepage. When I go to edit my home page there is NO “woocommerce” shortcode generator icon in my rich text editor, only the “woothemes” icon is available. I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out and cant find the answer. Can you please help? Thank you in advance for your time!

  95. Hello

    Thank you so much for the tutorials. They ended many struggles 🙂 .

    Still I would like to have both logo and text but as I understand its either one or the other. can I get logo and text next to it?

    Best regards

  96. Hi Teddy,
    I have a problem with the responsiveness of my website. I’m using Mystile theme, and they tell is a responsive one, but the banner in my homepage is missing when I open the web in a mobile. I don’t know what the problem is. Could you please help me? Thanks so much!!

  97. Hi Teddy,

    First off thank you for helping me with the Mystile theme. I would like a banner that is a slider on the homepage so I was following your video to create a custom homepage. Unfortunately, when I tried to add in “Featured Products” shortcode, it simply did not appear under the WooThemes Shortcodes button after I clicked it. Instead it has things like “Dividers, button, icon link, typography, contact form etc.” but no “Featured Products” or many of the other things that appeared when you clicked the button in the video. Would you be able to help me with this?


  98. Hello Teddy!

    How are you? Hope ok!

    Well, I followed the instructions to remove the primary menu and replace it with a widgets section, but, i’m getting an error on “header.php” at line 51… here is the error

    Warning: current() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/storage/8/1a/c9/hidraufer/public_html/wp-content/themes/Mystile Child Theme/header.php on line 51

    Mind to help me here?

    thanks! =)

  99. Hi Teddy,
    Thanks for this tutorial. I was not fond of the stagnant home page and wanted to add a little pizzazz to it (text and slideshow). I haven’t used the SlideDeck 2 yet, but that will be my next project. I have created the new home page and love the fact that I can change it to suit my needs. I’m still working on it.

    Since I have created my new home page and updated it, I have run into issues. It seems like some of the features have been locked down after changing my home page using your tutorial. I can add any page, but when published they doesn’t appear in the menu or submenu. I don’t know if I have to use – Settings – Reading – Posts Page – and select the new posted page (as you did with the Blog page) to make it appear. It will not allow me to add categories or add existing ones them to the menu. When the ‘add to menu’ button is pressed, it hangs there and does nothing. I have left it for hours after being pressed and does not add it to the menu structure. It will allow me to remove items from the menu.

    Under Product Categories, it no longer allows me to add a product category. I only made the home page change this past week and these issues only started post the home page change.

    Another issue I discovered this morning is that under Appearance – Widgets, I pulled Custom Menu over to the Sidebar and again it just hangs there and won’t load or attach (it sits there working). I don’t know if there are any other issues as this is what I was currently working and testing the site.

    And now for the rest of the story…
    – I had a lot of work already done on my website when I came across your tutorial.
    – I had a menu that I liked before the tutorial.
    – I need to fix/change one of the pages and that is when I discovered I could not make changes.
    – I followed your video instructions up to – Settings – Reading – Static – Front Page: Home – Save Changes. After saving the changes, I refreshed the front end and it automatically changed my homepage to the newly created home page and removed the old home page (fantastic).
    – I did not do the next step of creating a new menu (Appearance – Menu – Create a New Menu). I continued using the Main Nav (Primary Menu). I am wondering if this is where I became derailed. Should I have created a new menu? Will this resolve my issue or is something else causing my issues?


  100. I don’t know what I did but I can not for love or money get the featured images in my blog template to show up on the published page or the home page. I’m trying to figure what I clicked to mess this up. I have changed the settings in Mystile theme options home page but still no dice. I changed some screen options on some pages and I did create a new category. I have not installed any new widgets, plug-ins or themes.

  101. Dear,

    I am trying to setup a menu in my footer, using the “Footer Widget Areas” of “Mystile”. But I can access to only one block and I cannot have 3 or 4 proper blocks even if I selected 4 widget areas in the “Footer Widget Areas” section.

    So i would like to get two columns, first starting with “Sie sagten, Hühner?” and then the menu and a second column starting with “Shop” and the the menu.

    Does anyone could help me?
    Thank you

  102. A few more questions.

    How do I hide tags on posts on all pages? I want to keep the categories visible, but I have a tag cloud and it clutters things up having the tags on the front page and the post pages.

    The subscribe button in the footer (jetpack?) is orange. How do I cange that to fit the rest fo the these?

    When you click the qty buttons (like if someone wants to buy three pieces) the highlight color is orange. I changed the setting and all of the other links highlight the right color; but that one.

    On the cart page, the “Apply Coupon” and “Update Cartt” buttons are orange

    What do I have to do to un-ugly the “View Cart’ button? I’ve tried changing buttin colors several times and none oif them look good.

    On the home page of my site, the 2 most recent blog post titles are broken up. The 3rd and 4th (I have it set to display 4 on the home page) look fine but the first 2 look like this.

    I also can’t seem for the life of me how to change this to the color I want. I have tried several tutorials. A css code specific to the theme, woodojo and everything else i could thiunk of and its still orange on the home page and on each post’s page.

    Love the style.
    Happy 2015 🙂


  103. Don’t have to reply or approve this. Just wanted you to know I fixed the date color. it’s in layout.css and the hex is dd2600. Guess it’s not orange after all. You seem really awesome about keeping your users happy (I saw were you made a video explaining another person’s question about the white space). So I hope I saved you a little time.


  104. The images on product detail look over sized, I have tried regenerate images plugin but the problem is persistent. I also want to add a call to action button just after the drop down menu. Please help.

  105. Is there a way that I can add a second sidebar widget area to the mystile theme?
    I know you can choose to place the default one on either side but I want it to have two individual side bars on either side at the same time.

    How would I go about doing this I’m still very armature when it comes to css, html, and especially php. So I would atleast ask for a little guidance if possible

  106. I decided to go with this theme over the premium themes for the simple look and functionality of it. I'm glad I found this post too. I will now be playing with this theme to personalize it as much as I can for our products. I love when bloggers go the extra little bit with info. Google does too. Congrats keep up the good informative blogging.

  107. I was following along with the portion of your tutorial about customizing the home page, while attempting to use shortcode "Features," I realized that the choice wasn't there…"Features" is missing. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Todd

  108. hi.. i really like this theme. I want to use it as my Affiliate Store, so I do not need the Shopping Cart. So my question is, how to hide the Shopping Cart in the top right of this theme?
    Thanks a lot for your wonderful writing

    Best Regard from Indonesia 😀 😀 ;D

  109. I’m am really confused now.. I am using Mystile, and Woocomerce to set up my site. Should I install a Mystile child AND a Woocommerce Child theme? Also the the image boxes won’t adjust, the image will but the box size won’t also want to put social buttons like the ones on your page.. so much to do so little time.. lol By the way, great videos if not just a little too quick and need a little more detail for us idiots.

  110. Hi Teddy!

    Thanks for all the great tutorials. It makes it a lot easier, to build a website with your great tips!

    I followed some of your instructions above and with succes customized my website. I am however, left with a great white gap between the menu and my slider. I would like to get rid of it. Do you know how I can accomplish this?

    Kind regards,


  111. hi Teddy,

    I’m using WP mystile theme, i added the top right widget with the currency option, but the widget placment is not nice on my website, if possible to move down the double lines and move the top right widget to show at the left? Can you pls help and advise how to fix this? Thank you very much!

    Sandy Fung

  112. Hello, thanks for all your tips and lectures. I’m stock in removing MYSTILE from my home page. I don’t want to use my logo instead because it looks saturated with the banner, and if I write “none” instead, it appears a Picture Icon on the website, which doesn’t look good. I’m just starting and I’m so confused about this, but thanks for every advise, it helped a lot.

  113. I already have my mystile woo commerce wp site set up and am receiving orders, and now realize the error in my set up. I have customized the default homepage with all of my categories and products and did not create it as a separate page template. Now I want to set up a home page and blog page template and adjust the reading to make the home page the front page of the site. If I go ahead and do this, and set the reading for homepage as static, will all of my inventory be lost and I will have to re-input? Will it wipe away everything else (pages: shop, about us, contact info, terms and conditions?) And can I undo it and it will go back to the default homepage set up? Thanks in advance.

  114. Thank you for this fantastic tutorial. I have question in regards to the log out button for the registered customers.
    Customers have to go back to My Account page to log out from the account. I would like to place the Log Out link on the top bar of the theme. Which means customers can log out any time, doesn’t matter on which area of the website they are. As a part of my testing, I got 12 people to place order on my test website. 10 of them asked the question, how to log out from the account.

  115. Hi, I have been following some portion of the tutorial. It is awesome to learn with your techniques on modification of several or I would say whole a lot changes on mystile theme. I wold like to learn more; how to change featured product title h1 tag to h2? and similarly other to h3 from h2. I just would like have only one h1 tag which is site title of my page.

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