How to Directly Add Files from the Server in WordPress

WordPress file upload screen allows you to insert media images, videos, or audio into your posts either one at a time or as a bulk upload. For the most part, this works great. But what if your library files are already residing elsewhere on your server? What if you have multiple sites and you wish to import the entire library of media from one site into the other? …

Merely placing a file inside wp-content/uploads directory, means nothing. For it to appear among the list of media files that you can choose to insert into a post or pages, it needs to be added via the library interface within WordPress.

Are you gonna upload it one by one? 10, 50, 100 times …? I doubt you're gonna do that. Many of you host your WordPress installations on cheap, shared Hosting environment, most of such Hosting providers have server limitations that won't allow you to upload large files (mp3, videos …) …

Fortunately, there is a solution!

You can directly add files from the server into WordPress using a simple plug-in:

Add From Server WordPress Plugin.

It is a FREE plugin and it works perfectly!

– After you install and activate Add From Server WP Plugin, the first thing you want to do is to craft the permissions to decide who gets to upload in bulk. You don’t want to give the ability to just about anyone on your site. This exposes your directory structure since the plug-in has to navigate your hosting account to locate the files on your server.

–  Add From Server options page can be found under Settings:


As a bonus, you can also restrict directory browsing to a specific folder.

Uploading Files in Bulk.

Access the functionality itself under the Media menu item from the WordPress dashboard:


Here you can navigate to whichever directory contains the files that you want to upload. A few quick links are provided so you can immediately jump to the uploads folder, the wp-content folder, or the root itself.

Finally Import desired files!

Once you click the “Import” button, the process begins. As you can see below, it gives you a confirmation for each file added as well as those that are rejected. If some file with the same name and extension already exists, it will be skipped.


Because all of these files are coming directly from the server, there is no need for any uploading or downloading and the entire process takes place very quickly.

This plugin is extremely useful if you use WP Multisite. You can have all the files in just one directory and import them as needed to different WP websites on your Multisite network.


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