Embed an Amazon aStore in a WordPress Site

How to Embed an Amazon aStore in a WordPress Site

This video shows you how to create an Amazon aStore and insert it into a WordPress website.  The WordPress theme used in this video is the Lifestyle theme by StudioPress.  Please note that although we use the LifeStyle theme in the tutorial video, this process for inserting an Amazon aStore will work for just about any WordPress theme.  Here are the exact steps for creating an Amazon aStore and embedding it in your WordPress website…Embed Amazon aStore in WordPress Site

Creating an Amazon aStore

Step 1 – Upload the aStore_page.php File to your WordPress Theme:  The first step in this process is to Upload (via an FTP client) the “aStore_page.php” file to the LifeStyle theme (or to whatever WP theme you are using).  Astore_page.php is the file that you will edit in the WordPress admin in the final step of this process.

You can Download the “Astore_page.php” file by clicking this link —>>> aStore_page.php (unzip and save this file to your Desktop > then upload it via FTP into the root of your theme)

Step 2 – Create the Amazon aStore:  After you've uploaded the “aStore_page.php” file to the root of your theme, the next step is to create the aStore in your Amazon Associates account.  To create your aStore login into your Amazon Associates account and click on the “aStore” tab > click “Add an aStore” > create a unique tracking ID for your aStore (in case you have multiple niche amazon affiliate sites) >  click on Add Category Page and enter a Category Title > from the drop-down select “Add products by Amazon.com category” > click “Select an Amazon Category” > select the category that fits your niche site > enter Keywords that describe the products you want to offer for sale in your aStore and click “Save” > Your first product category has been created and you now have the option of creating more product categories if you so choose.  There is no limit to the number of product categories for your aStore.

Once your product categories have been created click on the “Continue” button to go to the aStore customization / styling page.  On the aStore customization page we recommend matching the aStore color scheme with your WordPress site color scheme.  Matching the color schemes will help the Amazon aStore blend into your WP site.

The next step in the process of creating your Amazon aStore is to decide on the sidebar placement.  You have the choice of having the sidebar display on the left or the right-hand-side of the aStore.  Our recommendation is to keep the aStore consistent with the navigation of your site.  Therefore, if your site has left-side navigation then choose the “Sidebar left” radio button.  If your site has a right sidebar then go with the “Sidebar right” radio button.

The last step in creating the aStore in your Amazon Associates account is to click the “Finish and Get Link” button at the bottom of the page.  On the “Get Store Link” page you need to specify how you would like to embed the Amazon aStore into your WordPress site.  The 3 options to choose from are as follows; 1. Simple link to my store as a standalone site 2. Embed my store using an inline frame. 3. Embed my store using a frameset.  Choose the middle option, “Embed my store using an inline frame“.  Highlight and Copy the code that was automatically generated when you choose to embed the astore using an inline frame.

Embedding the Amazon aStore into your WordPress Site

Step 3 – Paste the aStore Code into the a Store Page Page Template File:  Log into your Website's WordPress admin and go to Appearance > Editor > click on “a Store Page Page Template” > paste your aStore code over the existing code as shown in the video above > save the update and your aStore will be live on the website.

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  3. Did everything shown above and in the video but there was no mention on how the store is to show up on your website. How am to get my store on my nav menu? Please send me instructions.

    • Hi Guy – Thanks for your question. Adding a “Store” link to your navigation really depends on the Theme that you’re using. For most WP themes, you’d simply need to create a “Store”…

      More specifically, in your WordPress admin go to Pages > Add New > give the page a title of “Store” > on the right-hand side of the page under “Page Attributes” you’ll see a Template drop-down box – select “a Store Page” > Publish the page

      If you go out to your site and refresh the page your “Store” page should now show up in the navigation > Click on the Store page and you should see your Amazon aStore embedded in your site. Please see the screen capture below and let me know if this helps answer your question. Thanks – Adam

      Embed Amazon aStore in WordPress Site

  4. I am using the Responsive Theme. When I use your aStore template with my aStore code. My aStore gets clipped off at the sides. It cuts off a 1/3 of the amazon logo with shopping cart and on the right side it only says Shopping. Its cutting off the word Cart as in “Shopping Cart”. is there any way of fixing this

    • Hi Darren,

      I believe you’ll need to adjust the size of the aStore which you would do in your Amazon Associates account. Or, you might be able to modify the iframe code to reduce the width of the aStore. For example, let’s say you’re “Embed my store using an inline frame” code looks like the following…

      Try changing the width=”90%” to something like width=”60″

      So it would look like the following…

      Let me know if this helps solve the issue. Thanks,


    • Thank You for the positive feedback! I’m glad to hear that our tutorial on embedding an Amazon aStore in a WordPress site has been helpful. Best of luck with your site going forward.


  5. Can I use this template to create pages for each product?
    To be able to use drop menus for books with subcategories?
    I’m trying to find the right words here….
    Can I use your template to create separate pages for separate items, instead of all showing in the one store page?

  6. I tried duplication the Astore_page.php and renamed it Astore_page_books.php but it doesn’t show up as a Template when creating a new page(?)
    Is it possible to do this?
    Again, trying to create dropdown menus for each amazon webstore category.

  7. Hi I’m sorry to be a nuisance but I have a wordpress /premiumpress site under construction wit the “flowershop” child theme, I have built the shop and have the html , I can’t find where to add it as the astore template isn’t there.
    It’ has a message saying that, the child theme inherits templates from a parent theme.

    I’m new to this , can you help please.

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