Improve your WordPress SEO in three steps

Search Engine Optimization; a tool the most of the WordPress users know and talk off, but hardly they do utilize it. This is mainly because of the existing myth that SEO is a tough game to play with. People believe that it is a very complicated and needs sincere skills and knowledge of the working of the search engines.

But as I have said it is a myth and the reality is far different from it. You need not be an SEO expert if you wish to have a higher rank of your word press content. All you need is a few skill set of practicing some simple writing, structuring of content and researching skill. It is a very painless procedure contrary to what you have been thinking till now. This post will deal with the easiest steps SEO for your WordPress content.

First Step

The very first step that you need to do is installing an SEO plug, ‘Yoast’. The Yoast SEO is an SEO plugin that helps to optimize the contents that are posted on WordPress. His tool will guide you about the changes that you need to make with your content that will increase your ranking, making it search engine friendly. You can install Yoast by following these simple steps  

  • The admin sidebar of WordPress has a plugin option, click there and select add new
  • Type “Yoast SEO” on search box and finally press Enter
  • Press Install
  • The plugin can be activated immediately after installation.

Once you have installed and activated the ‘Yoast tool’ you will find a focus keyword and analysis function at the bottom of your WordPress content. Here you must enter the keyword you want to link to your content and save it, and you are done.

Second Step

Your rank in the search engine largely depends on the size of the URL’s and the URL is determined by the Permalink settings. So you need to configure the Permalink setting to ensure your rank. The admin sidebar has the options for configuring the Permalink settings of the URL.  A 2 to 4 letter post on permalink is an ideal for good SEO. You can select the Post name option for the configuration as it is suggested the best by most of the SEO experts. 

Third Step

Once you are done with all these steps you are left with the final step. You need to make the contents of the website keeping in mind your customers. Follow these steps and you can have a high SEO for your WordPress.

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