Is Payoneer Safe To Use For Every Money Transactions Online ?

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-> Is Payoneer Safe To Use for making all online transactions ?

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-> Payoneer MasterCard Availability.

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-> Conclusion: Is It Better than PayPal ?

With respect to every Digital payment gateway we all know, PayPal is a popular option for transactions internationally, but it is now a norm that people rant on different forums concluding that their account has been made limited by PayPal. This is the darker side of PayPal as they do such things when any account holder sends or receives a significant amount of payments. But to overcome all these am going to introduce a special service to all my readers today. Keep reading…

So, What Is All About ?All In One Online Money Transfer Platform & A Best Alternative To PayPal !!!

Payoneer is a leading global financial payment company that provides cost effective money transfer anywhere to anywhere and holds e-commerce payment services as well. It is flexible, fast, and a low-cost solution to both emerging and developed markets to make and receive the payments globally as easy as they do them locally.

It is necessary to send and receive the payments across the country or internationally if you are running a business. Most of the times people use their local bank accounts to make the transactions, but the people who buy and sell products or services online need a reliable service which can be friendly in the transactions of their business.

Earlier I mentioned about PayPal tragedy and I feel it is quite unfair because we are not here to follow their procedure of verification after every few months, but to do our business. In these conditions, Payoneer is totally worth trusting because it enables millions of professionals globally from 20+ countries to have a seamless growth globally and have a cross-border payment.

About Their Referral Program & Affiliate Marketing

is payoneer safe enough

Enjoy one of best in class referral program if you have a personalized account. However, please don’t mistake $25 as a signing bonus or anything related. It is awarded to you once you receive a successful transaction of minimum $100.

If you don’t have an account still not a problem as you can sign in for their affiliate program instead to get more benefits for referring others.

To Whom Going To Get Benefitted From Payoneer

According to me, they offer the perfect, fastest and most convenient payment solutions from the diverse markets. This may include e-commerce, freelancing, affiliate marketing and a few more. One of the main thing what I liked the most was when I request for my global cash transaction(since I was hired as a freelancer), I don’t have to wait for long working days to get cash into my local bank account.

Is Payoneer Safe To Use ? 99% Trustable !!!

When it comes to making transactions, especially internationally, you will definitely be worried about your payments and money. But you can trust it fully and is 99% safe for making any kind of transactions. The company was founded in 2005, and hence, it is not new. Since almost 10 years Payoneer has been providing a free MasterCard to people.

Another important thing is that the big freelancer companies use the Payoneer account to make payments to their freelancers and a lot of freelancers get paid through it from these mainstream websites. This shows that it is not a scam. You can use their services to not only make transactions but also for online shopping.

Talking about the security of the gateway, it uses the best and a top notch technology to keep the money and the personal information of its users safe and confidential. So you do not need to worry about the safety and security. You will definitely be in safe hands.

You also do not need to worry if you lose your card because Payoneer will replace your MasterCard with a new one and all your funds will be transferred to your new card. Unlike the other debit cards, Payoneer is made to be prepaid. This means that you need to put in some amount of money in order to start your online shopping. This way it makes it easier to manage your funds and how much amount you want to spend.

Link Any Bank Accounts With Payoneer Easily

payoneer review: is payoneer safe

You can now possess your own international bank account with Payoneer easily. The account holder of Payoneer gets a personal identification of his or her account and the user will then need to provide the routing numbers obtained to the companies that want to make a payment to their account. This bank account will be like your personal US based account. It’s actually a blessing for all the internet earners and the online money makers as they can receive direct payments in their Payoneer accounts and can withdraw it easily. However, you should note that it deducts 1% of the payments that you receive, but that is the lowest when compared to the other service

However, you should note that it deducts 1% of the payments that you receive, but that is the lowest when compared to the other service providers. If both the sender and the receiver have Payoneer accounts, then there is no charge for the transactions. This is one of the best features of it because even the local bank to bank money transactions are charged. Also, you can easily transfer the money from your Payoneer account to your local bank account so as to make the withdrawal easy.

Other Valuable Services

  • Cross-border wire transfers.
  • Their service is available for more than 150 currencies in almost 200 countries.
  • Fully automated and secured online payments.
  • Refillable debit card facility for all kinds of services and businesses (more details has given below).
  • All their account holders will have the option to receive their funds into any local bank accounts or to e-wallet as well.

Payoneer Master Card Facilities In Detail

is payoneer safe


Is Payoneer Safe enough to use its Master Cards ? Their give away MasterCard is a debit card and allows you to withdraw money from the ATMs. It is not a credit card and therefore you can withdraw only the available amount of money in your account. It’s MasterCard is one of the most preferred options for transactions amongst entrepreneurs, freelancers and people that are looking for a reliable and secure account to make transactions online.

For obtaining this MasterCard, you should be at least 18 years of age and should possess a valid copy of government id proof. Also, you do not need to hold a bank account to apply for the card. Your id proof will be enough for its activation.

Their valuable MasterCard is available in more than 200 countries. You can verify if your country is there in the list or not. Do not worry even if you do not find your country in the list. You can still sign up for Payoneer to collect your earnings and then transfer it directly to your local bank account.

Annual Service Charges & Other Fees

Approximately $29.95 is charged annually for the account maintenance. However, if you sign up, you can get a bonus of $25 when you add $100 to your account, so you will need to pay only $4.95. For the ATM services, Payoneer charges $3.15 for every transaction.

Overall Rankings & Trust Scores ?

Website Url:

Trust Score: 99/100

Alexa rank:  1508 (Globally)

Domain Authority: 64 (Very Good)

Conclusion: Is It A Better Alternative To PayPal ?

In every respect, yes it is. It does not matter whether you run a small business or are a freelancer or an entrepreneur. Receiving the payments is always critical and complicated. And in this fast running technical world, people try to look forward to faster and better options for each and everything in life. With Payoneer, you can easily make and receive the payments and it is a great solution for online transactions globally. It is very safe and convenient to use with a low transaction fee. Money is transferred quickly from the companies globally to your Payoneer account and you can withdraw those funds after just 2 hours of the payment made.

And YES, Of course, Payoneer is chargeable when compared to PayPal’s free accounts other than transaction charges. But think in this way, are you a freelancer or a daily or weekly payment receiver ? Then definitely you going to enjoy more benefits from them. Money is transferred quickly from the companies globally to your Payoneer account and you can withdraw those funds after just 2 hours of the payment made.

Yay, you made it !!!

Thanks for showing your interest here and hope you understood now whether is Payoneer safe or not. 

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