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MailJet Review: Is MailJet Any Good For Email Marketing ?

Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> MailJet Review – What Is It All About ?

-> What Are Its Key Features & Other Additional Features ?

-> Pricing Chart & Additional Charges.

-> Pros & Cons: From Users Experiences.

-> Is MailJet Worth Enough For Email Marketing ?.

-> Trust Score & Other Rankings.

-> Conclusion: Should We Try It ?

mailjet review

Looking forward to solving all the email challenges faced by your company ? Apart from that, do you want to send transactional emails as well ?. No doubt then, you should try MailJet.

So, if you are looking forward to a service that helps you send newsletter campaigns and send other important emails to your clients, then this will be a good choice for you.

So, What Is All About ?Best In Class Real Time Emailing Service For Large companies !!!

Mailjet is an all-in-one service provider for creating, sending and analyzing marketing and transactional emails. They make building campaigns a fun-filled process. They have all the tools to help you build a beautiful, responsive and out-of-the-box email campaign. It helps in creating emails that help pull your customers towards you. They have a large collection of tools that helps in creating tailor-made solutions as per your requirement. You can build the campaign based on customer behavior, demographics as well as their interests. Using Personalization, brainstorm email subjects, Campaign Comparisons, etc. you can be sure that all your customers are getting the information at the right time. Not just companies, even start-ups, and solo entrepreneurs can make use of them and get solutions for their businesses.

Mailjet is a member of Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG). They meet many times during a year to make sure they are aware of the latest deliverability trends and updates. They not just becomes a tool for your company, but it becomes a requirement for your company. The company is based in Paris but has its teams based on a global scale. They make sure communication never fails between their clients and themselves. Thus, they have a customer service team that is available 24/7 at your service, who make sure your emails are sent at the right time to the right customers.

MailJet Products

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Transactional Email
  3. Email Automation

Premium Features

mailjet review: premium features

Mailjet boasts of having the most innovative features installed that is the A/X test. It allows one to try at least up to 10 variations of the newsletter. This helps in trying out different styles before you hit send to your contacts. Along with this they also have an easy to use tool that helps the sender analyze the results of their email marketing and improve your strategies if required.

Other feature includes a dedicated iOS and Android app that helps to manage transactional and bulk emails. It also offers real-time monitoring of all the sending flows and good analytics that help track campaigns.

Mailjet also offers the following features:

  • You can send transactional and marketing emails from one email account
  • It provides you with SMTP access and REST API for sending messages
  • You can personalize your emails and newsletter templates with Mailjet
  • A/X testing helps you find the best variants and designs for all the messages and newsletters
  • Mailjet gives you a real-time statistical data on opens, clicks as well as more on your emails sent
  • They also provide consulting service to help audit your emails and improve your marketing

Pricing Structure

Before one chooses any service, it is important to note the pricing structure as well. Mailjet has a competitive pricing structure to offer. In addition, their all plans include an unlimited number of contacts, real-time email tracking, delivery optimization, one-to-one personalization, delivery and analytics dashboard, RESTful API.

Note: For Non-Profits, they are throwing away an extra discount of 20%.

Their pricing structure is divided into three as follows:

1)Standard Plan

mailjet review: pricing plans

  • They offers a free trial for 30 days to companies which can send up to 6 thousand emails for a month.
  • They have a Bronze Premium plan that allows you to send up to 30 thousand emails using basic features for $7.49 per month with an add-on option of premium features.
  • The Crystal Premium plan allows sending up to 60 thousand emails with basic features and is priced at $21.95 per month. Accordingly, you can also subscribe for premium features as well as Expert Deliverability Support starting from $10 per month.

Note: the Free plan is made available without providing segmentation, and A/X testing.  You have to upgrade your free membership to any paid plans in order to access these premium features.

2)Expert Plan

mailjet review: pricing

  • If you choose their Silver Premium plan, you will be able to send up to 150 thousand emails and use all the features for $97.49 per month.
  • Those who choose the Gold Premium package, they can send up to 350 thousand emails for $259.95 per month.
  • They even have a Platinum Premium plan that sends up to 750 thousand emails for $519.95/ month.
  • Lastly, comes with the diamond plan which suits for large companies to send 25 million emails per month which cost about $799.95 per month.

Note: You have to additionally buy its premium features and Expert Deliverability Support that comes separately along with each package.

3)Custom Plan

This is fully customized solutions which include World-Class Deliverability, Premium Features, Email Expertise, Premium Support and much more. Contact them and make plans according to your policies.

They also have enterprise plans which you can read it here

MailJet Review: Pros & Cons From Users Experiences

Mailjet has quite a lot of advantages as well as a few drawback as compared to other mail services. Let us have a look at pros first.


  • Mailjet delivers beautiful visuals in the emails making them look attractive and catchy to the reader.
  • The templates are easy to use and give a profession look to the end result.
  • You get all the statistics on how many emails that were sent were received, opened, clicked, etc.
  • It is also very easy for the customers to easily unsubscribe from the mailing list without ever having to contact the sending company or business.
  • Mailjet can be used on almost all websites, even those who cannot or won’t provide their own SMTP solution.
  • It is easy to setup and simple to confirm new domains and addresses.
  • It offers technically sound features as well as a good API.
  • It is very easy to use and has a simple Admin interface.
  • The technical support is very helpful and always ready to help.
  • The dashboards are very useful and simple.


  • Templates may not save properly when one is working on them. This may cause one to start working on the template all over again.
  • No forever free plans like MailerLite with an awesome free lifetime plan.
  • It supports only by email.
  • It is not easy to handle the sender domains. One has to save a text file on the homepage.
  • Only monthly subscription plans, no yearly plans.
  • No mail merge function available.

Is MailJet Worth Your Investment ?

Mailjet can combine transactional email sending and template-based email marketing, all in one single app. It is a powerful tool that helps send emails, the SMTP server and RESTful API to integrate with all the related apps.

There are libraries that can be used to add Mailjet support to your app. You can choose from different languages that include Python, PHP, Ruby as well as integration with other apps such as WordPress, Magento, etc.

You can use the email template designer that helps you upload your own templates. It has tools that allow separating your business list as well as personalizing emails using the contact data.


mailjet review: Friendly Dashboard

Using the Mailjet interface, you can manage all the email lists, templates as well as stats. You can send your emails using the app’s API integration or use a code to launch the formatted email campaign to the complete business list. You can even send a campaign right from their user interface.

Their pricing may seem a bit pricey as compared to other email services. however, you can save about 25% per month, if you do not select their A/X testing, campaign comparisons, as well as list segmentations. But keep in mind, these are worthy features worth the investment.

The deliverability results of Mailjet is very commendable. It has a high deliverability rate and more or less similar to MailChimp at 85.7%. The FAQ section contains all the information that helps clear any doubts you have. However, for technical problems, you may have to open a ticket. On their website, you can go to the Blog section and find videos, articles, as well as webinars that help solve your problem and improve the marketing strategy.

Mailjet provides you with readymade layouts that help you create your own designs. You can upload and save the templates you create and can reuse them as and when required.

There are many features Mailjet boasts of including SMTP support, Sending API, Click/Open tracking, Templates, and Dedicated IPs free (only for the Silver plan and above)!

Conclusion: Should We Try It ?

Mailjet is a comprehensive and user-friendly API. It allows you to perform well as it provides deliverability and is reliable enough. If you are looking for a feature-rich and cost-effective service, then it is good to try. It can help manage bulk as well as transactional emailing. Businesses, companies, single entrepreneurs, as well as startups or freelancers, can try as well. It will help you control your email strategy and arm you with all the essential tools to make your email campaign or newsletters a success. Give it a try and you will definitely not regret your decision.


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  1. Mailjet seems fairly inexpensive. We use Constant Contact and pay about $50/month.

    With Mailjet, does it not matter how large your list is just how many emails go out? For example, if you have a list of 5,000 and send one email per month, could you use their free version that allows 6,000 emails per month?

    • Hi Jeremy

      The point what you raised is realistic but unfortunately Mailjet doesn’t have any free plans other than trial versions. Therefore, there is no such limits only you have to subscribe any of their plans.



  2. What a great product review! I enjoy reading reviews where I can find all of the information I am looking for about a product or service in one place and your detailed description of Mailjet definitely delivered! I love that a free trial is available too. It’s a great way to discover whether the product is what the buyer is looking for. Thank you for an excellent descriptive review.

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