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Hi everyone, welcome to my Profile page. Before am introducing you to view my posts/pages  let me clear you one thing. Some site that I mentioned on my blog won't make you a millionaire overnight or we can't predict how long those sites will be active either except my top recommendation page, the place where I begin.

Presently What I Am

my profile

My name is Arjun Ullas and thanks for knowing a bit more about me. I have been working online since 2012 and am the mind behind my blog rootofincome.com. I hope this site helps you, at least, a bit to know what is booming up in the market. I introduced this site from my own personal experience. Now, I have learned many things and also implemented various techniques which helped me to earn some bucks online and on how to find a scam site and how to avoid it. Whatever I learned and earned now is a result of my hard work and moreover my dedication I chose myself. That's why I thought of begun my own Blog rootofincome.com and one more site is on the way. My life is changing day by day and experiencing all the pleasures of blogging. I began to analyze and applied better principles over time and result was better.

The Early Years

When I was a kid my favorite hobby was surfing the net. But I had no idea that one can make money from the internet. When I matured it became an addiction and it went worse as I started surfing  in recess time, extra time and all other free time, which had happened during my graduation period. Later on, I realized that many people are making money online and so badly I wanted to know how they are doing as well. As a result, I lost my money in some fraud sites and got cheated since I had no experience and no one was there to help me out. But I believed in faith and push forward keeping a slogan inside ” I WON'T GIVE UP”.

Turning Point

After a long struggle, I slowly came to understand what should I take and what should I leave. As days passed I learned more about the different ways to make money online. And at last, I discovered that Bloggers are making some serious money out there but “HOW?” because I was not good at making websites I don't know what to publish and where to publish, I don't know SEO or affiliate marketing, as well as no one, could help me out either. But that all changed when I joined wealthyaffiliate.com . I got what I desired and this site became my backbone throughout my life. Last but not least, now I can proudly say that AM A BLOGGER !!!

So, friends do you remember these quotes “There ain't no such free lunch” means it is impossible to get something for nothing. That's all I want to make you understand that forget about free money from online.


Your Truely,

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