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  1. Hi Arjun

    Thanks for a wonder review. I really enjoyed it and learned something about it. Its good to know still such genuine training sites avail and I will be get back to you soon.


  2. Hai Arjun,
    Thanks for the review. I’ve been saving up to buy WA for so long. And , this year I thought of joining WA but my credit card(SBI) does not support international transaction. I’m a first student from India , so getting another credit card for myself will be a long wait! Since paypal can’t be used to purchase anything in India, I’m clueless as to how to purchase the program. Kyle suggested International money order, but it would cost an additional $100.

    Do you know which credit cards in India support International transaction? or banks that have international money order systems in india.

    Also which WA plan would you recommend -monthly ($47) or yearly ($359)?

    Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for the detailed review again!

    • Hi

      You are welcome. I usually do not use any credit cards yet. My PayPal account is still running smoothly and I don’t find any problems as well. I personally use HDFC debit card linked to PayPal. I don’t know what type of account you have but all new debit and credit cards support international trannsactions and you don’t have to go for a money order. Why should you spend more ?. Either you can start a new account in any of HDFC, AXIS or ICICI banks and apply for a new debit card with international transaction capability. Just ask the authority about this as they will guide you on how to activate all types of transactions. Or else you can try the same bank with a new credit card. But try for the debit card itself.
      Did you become a member here before ? Have you tried WA ? If you liked their demo class then, of course, go for yearly membership since it saves almost 60$ in total. There are two benefits if you go yearly one this course takes 3 months to complete and if you are paying monthly wise then every time PayPal charges you. And if you can pay yearly then there will be only one time PayPal fee. If you can’t afford yearly ok fine just pay monthly. It’s up to you.

      Best Regards


      • Hey Arjun,
        I do own a ICICI debit card, but I was not aware that the international transaction option was not activated in my card. Now I realize why my transaction using paypal was not successful.
        No, I’vent tried WA yet. I’m planing to try the first month(which I think is $19) and then purchase the yearly membership, if I like it!
        Thank you so much for the help! Hope to have your continued support!


        • Hi

          Good to hear from you again. I just want to let you know that it is 48$ for us since countries like India, Nigeria, Indonesia, China doesn’t have the first-month discount which is $19 as these countries generate lots of fraud activities, therefore, they closed those offers in these countries even free account is not avail as well. Only premium members are eligible to participate here. Please use my link to join so that I send other bonuses inside.
          Hope you will do the same.
          Thank you

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