Ninja Forms 3.0 Released

New Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

Ninja Forms 3.0 was released today after almost a year in development.

We decided to go with a fully-headless JS UI for Ninja Forms about three years ago, when we first threw around the idea of a re-write,” said WP Ninjas co-founder James Laws. “We wanted to create something more modular, easier to extend, and simpler to troubleshoot.

WP Ninjas have completely rewritten the plugin using Backbone, Underscore, and Marionette. This architectural overhaul brings major improvements to the user experience.

The most visible improvements are in the form building screen:


Ninjas decided to use Backbone because it comes with WordPress core. They use Marionette to simplify the process of making nested views and applications on top of Backbone.

In addition to the new drag-and-drop form builder UI, Ninja Forms 3.0 introduces pricing fields (product, quantity, shipping, and total) to help users sell products and services. The release also streamlines form settings and adds the ability to sandbox forms for editing on the fly without impacting visitors.

The best conclusion about the newest Ninja Forms release are the words from WP Ninja guys:

We’re convinced that 3.0 is the absolute best plugin experience, at the very least from a form building perspective. We think if we get ourselves out there, users will take notice.

we hope that this phenomenal WP Extension, will meet the expectations that we had waiting for the 3.0 release. We'll complement this post by our review about Ninja Forms 3.0, as soon as we try it a little bit more in action.


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