Oberlo Dropshipping Review 2017: How Oberlo Works With Shopify ?

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-> How It Works With A Shopify Store ?

-> Features That Made OberloApp famous & Pricing

-> Pros & Cons

-> Conclusion: Is It A Good Deal ?

oberlo review 2017

Wondering about drop shipping ? Dropshipping is an inexorably prevalent method for offering items on the web and it’s an extraordinary approach, to begin with, an online business. However, it sounds easy but it’s always a hasten to look up for suppliers, find the reasonable cost, and updating products or items on your website page.

In this review of Oberlo, you’ll find how Oberlo makes it so convenient to easily add more and more products to your Shopify store and also about packaging or shipping. This application is very easy to use and offers a wide range of tools to make your shop self-sustaining. You would then be able to make your own item depictions and setup the coveted pricings for those items to be shown on your site.

Let me tell you what OberloApp exactly is for those who still not aware of it…

So, What Is Oberlo Dropshipping All About ?The Best Tool That Perfectly Built For Shopify Stores !!!

Oberlo Supply or Dropshipping App is a place where you can easily import products to your Shopify store directly from Ali Express and also ships for you. or in simple words, a famous app built for Shopify store.

Oberlo does not only refer to an eCommerce website. It can also add as an extension on the sites built on Shopify store and other places as well. The foremost purpose of this drop shipping site is to readily import products on the dropship and having Oberlo package and sell the products to your respective customers.

How Oberlo Works With A Shopify Store ?

Oberlo dashboard

The above picture is just a screenshot from the dashboard of Oberlo and you can clarify now itself how they are well integrated with Shopify. Following are the findings from my side:

  • As I said earlier, you can easily import all your dropshipped products into your Shopify store.
  • Directly ship your orders made by customers straight to them in just a few clicks.
  • Keep updated about all your inventories and prices.
  • Only the bad side is that OberloApp currently works only with Shopify store.

oberlo review: signup

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Oberlo Features That Made It Popular

Since the organization established in September 2015, their dealers have sold more than 85 million items around the globe. Here are some highlighting features which made this happen.

Excellent importing from Ali Express:

There are many shippers who use Ali Express, thus the first advantage of Oberlo is that it makes importing from Ali express so easy. It does not only provide access too many suppliers rather allow the users to know more about product images, prices, and quantity deals.

Aliexpress users already know that now it’s so easier to surf for a keyword and find the suitable product in your Shopify store. It led you to surf Aliexpress for potential products and even you can add to your products right from Ali Express. Moreover, it allows doing product markups way easier and also creating sales for your chosen products.

Beautiful interface for managing products:

Oberlo lets you manage your products along with your customers all in one place making the job as a business owner a lot easier. After you discover the item you need to import, simply tap the Oberlo symbol and the item is prepared to be distributed to your store.

Oberlo review manage product

It also provides a dashboard as similar configuration to WordPress login for carrying out a variety of operations. For instance, you can look items, set your included items, import records or view your items. Each of the things in your store is composed in a sensible manner, with data about your deals and profit for everyone.

You need to treat your clients well in light of the fact that, for another eCommerce store, the terrible input is unreasonably expensive. In this way, Oberlo doesn’t mistake you for a convoluted UI on the dashboard. You can serve your clients in the correct way you need.

Practically every oftentimes went by alternative is given on the principle content board on the dashboard landing page itself. Subsequently, you never meander around, hunting down the correct alternative to execute what you need.

Spontaneous order fulfillment:

Oberlo review autocomplete

This is the best thing which Oberlo gives as it is the biggest worry of drop shippers for the fulfillment of their orders. It’s very easy to navigate. To transport the products to your customers, just click ‘order product’ and confirm the order. Rest is automatically done by the OberloApp. They bundle and ship the things with the goal that your clients don’t know you’re drop shipping, and you don’t need to stress over putting away, bundling or dispatching your items. It is to be sure surprising that you can deal with a total dropshipping venture from a solitary dashboard, and with the Pro Version, you can include numerous clients with various get to levels.

It is to be sure surprising that you can deal with a total dropshipping venture from a solitary dashboard, and with the Pro Version, you can include numerous clients with various get to levels.

You can include a couple of items into your own particular store, regardless of the possibility that the things are originating from various providers.

Inventory and price auto-updates:

oberlo review autoupdate

Inventory management is an important task to be done by drop shippers as to avoid selling of items that are out of stock. Oberlo continually refreshes your item cost and stock levels, so you never offer an item that is out of stock or over your retail cost. There is a gigantic advantage to this element. It can spare you a lot of time since you won’t need to run and import stock reports.

Another huge advantage is that in the event that one of your providers comes up short on stock, it’s naturally pulled from your site. The same goes for valuing refreshes. Thus, if the evaluating goes up, the framework factors in your markup and changes it on your site.

Shipment tracking:

Know where your requests are constantly with incorporated request tracking. Oberlo gives a dashboard to enable you to monitor what you’ve sold, and when you sold it, so you can “was and rehash”, or absolutely alter your system. Once the request gets completed, Oberlo gives every client a following number. They can track the shipment at whatever point they need, without stressing you. Oberlo computerizes your item and request administration, which enables you to invest more energy in developing your business.

Product customization:

oberlo product customization
Alter your items as you wish: change titles, portrayals, pictures, anything! Just in light of the fact that you’re utilizing Oberlo doesn’t imply that your items need to look simply like everybody else. It enables you to redo your items, including changing the titles and pictures, so they emerge from the group. You can likewise make alters to the item portrayals, which is incredible for including essential SEO watchwords.

Access to multiple suppliers:

You can gain millions of Ali Express products with the help of Oberlo. As organizations advance, so do the parts and obligations of the general population in the background, and having the choice to have different client accounts is helpful. There are suitable suppliers and you can check out ratings to know what types and kinds of products they are supplying. Projecting with one supplier is not quite enough. In the event that you see that an alternate provider has a superior value, a basic snap of the catch can change you over to the better one. Oberlo led to easily switching between suppliers offering the best and convenient price for your products.

Filter products with e-wallet:

Oberlo consists of a very useful tool called e-wallet filter which helps in the spontaneous delivery of products to the customers. Since transportation times are frequently the distinction between a deal and no deal, it’s decent realizing that you can just import the items with quick sending. You likewise get a couple of other cool components with ePacket. For instance, it empowers way to entryway following, alongside postal traditions freedom on whatever expenses or obligations are paid by the beneficiary.

Buy and sell online:

With the help of their platform, you can easily buy and sell products with dropshipping. You just purchase items as you offer them. There’s no compelling reason to burn through thousands opening up a retail store, purchase costly mass stock, or invest hours bundling and delivering clients their items. Appreciate the way of life business that enables you to make a business all alone terms.

Oberlo support:

oberlo community support

The company offers supportive services seriously. For instance, a full blog gives data on updates, systems, and motivation. You can subscribe to the email bulletin for news, or look at data on the online networking stages. Oberlo offers live chat facility and email bolster. Their help group is accessible for a live talk around 07:00 AM – 16:00 PM (UTC/GMT +2). Be that as it may, you can email them whenever, and they will answer you when they are on the web.

Concerning the genuine meat of the help group, Oberlo has an expansive discussion forum to talk with other individuals who are utilizing the stage. Alongside a blog and online networking nearness, It makes an entirely decent showing with regards to of helping clients. The gathering is pleasantly made do with reactions from Oberlo, and it incorporates themes like the amount to expect regarding salary and how to construct your own dropshipping image.

Oberlo Pricing:

Other best feature of using their platform is that it comes as a free tool for beginners and also gives 30 days free trial to test its potential for its basic and pro plan so that you can choose to pay accordingly. You can also close your account anytime and change your plan limits without hampering the order process.

When talking about the pricing, Oberlo provides three reasonable plans limit depending on the size of your store. The primary contrast between the plans is the quantity of items that can be transported in and the quantity of requests every month that can be satisfied.

1. Free starter plan is suitable for people using Oberlo for the very first time. It is the most convenient and safe deal which perfectly suits you until you gain 50 orders per month or 500 products listed.

2. Basic plan ($29.90/mo) is for those people who have completed 500 orders or 10000 products per month. It has shipment following and requests checking highlights.

3. Pro plan ($79.90/mo) for up to 30000 products has all the benefits you can use to expand your business. You can get endless orders number different users and preferred channels of distribution.

Please do have a look at its image below on how it priced for each and everything.

oberlo dropshipping pricingContingent upon what installment processor you will be utilizing you may have a few cutoff points on the cash gotten for the request on your site until the point when the client gets the item. So when all is said in done you should utilize your own particular cash to pay for the request on Aliexpress.

Oberlo review: Pros & Cons From Users Experiences

Confused about choosing this app or not ?

Hmm…Many beginners when stepping into eCommerce business may face the same problem of choosing the best Softwares/Apps for their stores. So, this is the reason why am bringing a highlight about what we are discussing currently. Therefore let me lighten up their good things first.


  • Enable huge database of products from Aliexpress and add products in a single click.
  • Time-saving app
  • Highly active community for any kind of support.
  • A dedicated Chrome extension plugin.
  • Easy to use.
  • Automatically update inventory.
  • Beautiful and intuitive application interferences.
  • Customize your products
  • Access multiple suppliers.
  • Pricing limits.
  • Enable buys and sell products
  • Provides great support.
  • Split product feature.
  • User-friendly.


  •  No flexibility link to other sites.
  • Expensive order supply.
  • Only Aliexpress is supported

So there we have it, a concise outline of the advantages characteristic to the Oberlo application for Shopify. Dropshipping is an energizing new business sort, it makes it simple for anybody to get up and go, turn into their own supervisor, thus long as they have the insightful to focus on the critical things, you can succeed. In any case, it is no cake walk. Tossing arbitrary things on a web page is not going to fly, you have to know your market, know how to cost and know how to run a site, SEO is as essential as your item postings. What Oberlo has done is streamline the procedure, on the off chance that you have each attempted to drop ship without an application you will know how hard it is.

Conclusion: Note What We Discovered For You

We screen tweets about OberloApp and apply conclusion investigation to arrange tweets as positive or negative. This enables us to yield an endorsement rating score, which depends on genuine individuals, positive and negative, suppositions about OberloApp on Twitter. It’s endorsement rating score is 78%. This depends on a sum of 9 tweets that specify Oberlo App on Twitter. There are 7 specifies that offer a positive opinion and 2 says that express a negative assessment.

By the end of the day what we have here is a firmly centered item that makes offering simpler for the entrepreneur. Include some phenomenal scaling alternatives, and a plenty of valuable elements as far as possible up the stepping stool, and it is an unquestionable requirement have.

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“Oberlo makes life less demanding by having made a consistent interface with Shopify, making maintaining the business more productive. They are continually enhancing also, as we have seen an enduring stream of enhancements on an effective seller item”

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