ReferralCandy Review 2017: How Does ReferralCandy Works ?

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-> How Referral Candy Works ?

-> Features That Made Them famous

-> Pricing Plans

-> Pros & Cons: From Users Experiences

-> Conclusion: Is It A Good Deal ?

referralcandy review

Building a business using word of mouth marketing is not an easy task. You will need strong affiliate partners in the world of marketing who promote and influence your business over blogs, social media as well as other platforms. They do this in return for commissions and incentives. You have to make sure they remain happy in order to bring in more happy customers to your business.

Likewise building a referral program for your businesses can stand out as well. But no idea where to start and what to choose ?

Then, give a break for it now since am gonna introduce a tool for you…

We will talk about ReferralCandy in this review and help you understand if it is a worthy tool for word-of-mouth marketing strategy.

So, What Is ReferralCandy All About ? – A Best In Class Referral Marketing Tool That Runs Well With Any Businesses !!!

ReferralCandy is an application that was created by Zach C. It helps in enabling easy set up as well as measuring of referral marketing. If you are a DropBox’s referral program user, then it will be very easy for you to understand the term “Referral Candy“.

It is owned and distributed by Anafore Pvt. Ltd. The company was founded in 2009 and is Singapore based. The CEO of the company is Dinesh Raju and Zach Cheng is the executive director. They have a wonderful team on board along with an impressive line-up of investors and advisors.

ReferralCandy program is running since 2009 and has been used by over 3,000 online stores. These online stores include Tidal, Greats, Reebok, Blue Smart, etc.

How ReferralCandy Works With Any Business ?

Ok, let me explain with an example so that things get more clear.

If you are running an online store you may badly need this as ReferralCandy is a program that integrates online shopping cart stores. They give your customers a personal referral link that can be shared with their friends. The program keeps a track of everything and gives out the rewards for you. In this way, it continues to promote your business to the next new customer. Confused ?

Hmmm…check out the simple 4 step process that you should remember

1.) They give your customers a unique referral link(see image below)

how referralcandy works review

2.) They share with their relatives or friends.

referralcandy review program

3.) They track everything and notifies you.

referralcandy statistics

4.) Process out the rewards

referral candy review


Many stores can be integrated using ReferralCandy. These include:

 Big Commerce (Read BigCommerce Review)

 Celery

 3D Cart

 Custom Shops

 Woo Commerce

 Shopify

 Magento


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If you do not see the platform you use, do not worry. You can easily install ReferralCandy over most of the ‘Shopping Cart’ platforms around the world.

Features Of ReferralCandy Referral Marketing Tool

ReferralCandy involves a system that automatically creates a unique referral link for all customers. These customers are those who purchase a product from your store. Using these referral links proves beneficial to the customers as each link has a specific incentive attached to it. These include single-use coupons, multiple-use coupons, cash discounts, cashback offers, custom points earning, etc.

These incentives motivate the customers to promote your business to their friends social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc with the help of manual customization. When a new customer visits the store, the referral customers earn the incentive bonus and the new customers get their own referral link to earn more rewards.

referralcandy review: brand customization

ReferralCandy allows store owners to customize the emails that are sent to the customers using their referral link. Thus, you can connect your purchases with donations and charity events and use ReferralCandy to promote both donations and products.

You can even use Referral Candy to promote your offers to any website visitor. Thus, it turns the word-of- mouth marketing into an affiliate marketing service.

Lets once again highlight the features we discussed just before:

 Performance reports

 Automated coupon/ discount redemption

 Social network integration

 Brand customization

 Fraud monitoring

Types Of Referral rewards

referralcandy review: types of referrals

How Fast Is Their Support Team ?

It has a very good support system and customer care network. There is a well-categorized FAQ section and there are support forums provided for customers. In the forums, customers can interact and seek guidance from the existing members. One can even get in touch with the company using the help center or interact on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. They even have a regularly updated blog that offers tips to customers related to referral marketing strategies.

ReferralCandy Review: Pricing Plans

There are 4 packages available currently with a free trial period of 30days. These include:

Small – It costs just $25 a month or 7.5% of referral sales.

Medium – You can purchase it for $65 a month or 3.95% of referral sales.

Large – Cost a monthly fee of $195 a month or 1.95% of referral fees.

Enterprise – You pay $885 per month or 1.25% of a referral fee.

To clear the air about the payment for each package, let me explain. Suppose you choose the small package. You are obligated to pay $25 if the percentage of your sales does not cross more than $25. Or else you have to pay 7.5% of referral sales. In order words, you need to pay the amount that is higher of the two.

Note: You can use either Credit Card or PayPal to subscribe any of their plans.

The catch here is that you need to actively monitor the growth of your store and change your plan accordingly. This is because of you choose the small plan and you store earns more than $5000 monthly referral sales, then you end up paying $375 as referral fee instead of the $197.50 by upgrading to the Medium plan. The sad part is, most store owners often realize this only after paying ReferralCandy at the end of the month.

Pros & Cons: User Reviews That Matter Alot

ReferralCandy outcomes

ReferralCandy has earned many positive reviews from its existing customers. You can check the customer reviews on Shopify and will find that many recommend using their platform. They have spoken positively about customer support team and their timely responses. Customers have even spoken about sharing information related to bugs in the program that have been instantly fixed by the technical team.

On the other hand, there have been many complaints regarding the price. Some customers have even complained they either have to choose between full automation and fraud automation due to a limitation in the discount code system. However, keeping all this in mind, ReferralCandy has managed to earn a maximum of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

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ReferralCandy can be used easily by any home entrepreneur to a large-scale e-store retailer. The only drawback being the price as it is not very feasible for a store with monthly sales of a few thousand dollars.

Conclusion: Will It Be A Great Deal ?

In conclusion, ReferralCandy is a great concept that comes with an expensive price tag. It is worth your investment as it definitely helps boost your sales in the positive direction. So, only a suggestion from my part is that it is better you start using it when you incomes are stable.

join here for 30days of the free trial…..referralcandy free registration

Thank you for showing your interest in reading my detailed ReferralCandy review report.

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