TopTal Review: Is TopTal Worth For Freelance Developers & Designers ?

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-> Why To Choose It ?

-> How It Works ? – Complete Guide

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-> Pros and cons – From my experience

-> Conclusion: Is TopTal Worth Enough To join ?

Are you an experienced software tester, designer or developer ? Looking for freelancing with more benefits ? Then the service what am going to introduce for you will be the best. Sorry newbies this is not your place to hang out. Strictly for professionals. HAHA…even I got rejected(LOL…)

So, What Is ?Best In Class Freelancing Site For Software Engineers, Developers & Designers !!!

TopTal is an exclusive one-stop talent pool for freelance software designers and developers around the world. Millions of businesses around the world use these services for freelancers to get their projects completed.

You can join here as a company that hires talent or a talent looking for projects. They help companies to connect  with expert designers, engineers as well as teams. You can choose to hire freelancers on hourly, part-time, as well as on the full-time basis. These teams or individuals can work from any web, mobile or desktop technology.

You can post your projects on TopTal and the best developers and designers will approach you for work. They have seasoned senior developers, software engineers, coders, architects as well as expert UI, UX, Visual, and Interaction designers. Choose from a wide range of experts who will do all your work on time guaranteed.

TopTal Review: Services Offered By It

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It offers a complete network of talented designers, engineers as well as developers from around the world. I found them connect start-ups as well as well-established businesses irrespective of their company size with the best talent pool in the software world. The freelancers can work on hourly basis, part-time, or full-time as per their as well as the contractors’ convenience.

Why Should You Choose TopTal & It’s Talent Pool ? 

Well, we choose freelancers after conducting a vigorous screening test. We make sure the developers, engineers as well as designers are not just people with a great personality but have a drive to solve problems and complete tasks within the given time frame. Thus, bringing us back to our 3% ratio. Just 3% applications from the hundreds of applications received by us that make it to our elite list of freelancers.

How TopTal Works – Complete Guide Included

Toptal is a great place for quality freelancers to make money. The website seems great for businesses looking forward to getting the services they need within the budget they choose. I found quality freelancers as well as contractors that provide good business to each other. Some of the biggest players in the freelancer market are found here as well.

what is Toptal review

If you are wondering how it works, let me explain it to you. I have gone through the entire interview process of Toptal and found it to be worth your while. You do not waste time trying to find the best designer or developer for your project. It already has the best players on their list and they will connect you to the one suitable for your project. Let us see how this wonderful connection is possible.

Getting Your Team Ready According to Your Requirements

First, you need to be sure of the kind of talent you are looking for. Do you need a developer or is it a designer that you are looking for? Next, you need to submit your project to help them understand your requirements. Secondly, make sure you fill in all the details clearly. Let Toptal know if you require an individual freelancer or a team of cross-functional individuals.

Toptal will cover all your requirements and their internal team gets down to work. They will review the best designers, engineers, and developers that suit your project and need. Their internal team will then connect with you to know more about any questions and give any related answers regarding the team or individual selected. Thus, you get a team or individual working on your project that suits your exact requirement.

Crack Their Interview Process

Here comes the toughest part for few. Every new member who wishes to work here should undergo a four-step interview process which will come to you within two days once applied.

  • STEP 1: Telephonic conversion just to check your ENGLISH communication skills.
  • STEP 2: A bit complicated test through in which you have answer at least 2 questions out of 3 in order to enter into their next step.
  • STEP 3: Interview through Skype in which an interviewer will give you some tasks which you should complete successfully in front of him/her.
  • STEP 4: Finally, a small project at the end to double sure that you are professional.

TopTal Connects Contractors to their Perfect Match ?

Once the internal team works out your requirement and find suitable candidates, they will notify you immediately. The process of finding the best match may take a few days, so have patience. The internal team will notify you under three circumstances. First, they contact you when they find the right person who is ready to work for you immediately. Second, when the right freelancer is under their scanner and the team will notify you when the person is ready to work with you. And lastly, they may send you a message they have no suitable candidate currently to work on your project.

In this scenario, be rest assured that the Toptal team is in hyper-drive trying to find you the best freelancer to work with you ASAP.

You Get to Know Your New Team

Once the freelancer individual or team is finalized from both sides, their internal team will introduce the contractor to the freelancers. The minute the contractors give a go ahead, the team or individual will start working on the project. After the project is completed, Toptal requires contractors to sign-off a recommendation for the freelancer(s) working on their project. If all goes well, the freelancer will be added to the contractor team just like an in-house employee. If required, the freelancers can be arranged to work with the contractor company on-site as well.

What If You Don’t Like End Result

It can happen the results are not as you planned. No worries. I found Toptal is committed towards customer satisfaction. If the trial phase does not go as planned, they will begin the process from scratch and find the contractor another team or individual at no extra cost.

Toptal calls it their risk-free trial period where they give a chance to the contractors to be 100% sure before going ahead with the team chosen for them. In case the pair does not work out, it will not hold the contractor liable for any further payment. You have the choice to either start all over again or part ways mutually with this freelancing site.

Read more: Full list of their terms and conditions

TopTal Review- PROS & CONS From My Findings

The advantage of using Toptal is you get the best minds working on your project from around the world. With their risk-free trial process, you can try out the talent offered for your project. You can go ahead with the team assigned only when you are 100% sure after the trial period. As Toptal only chooses a select few to register on their network, you can be sure only the best and experienced freelancers work with you.

On the other hand, some companies quote a low price that leads to many qualified freelancers from backing out. After all, they have earned the right to a better pay with their talent and experience. Thus, the company has to except an individual who is ‘just good enough’ for their particular project. This because the company does not want to go through the entire bidding process finding the right choice for them.

Conclusion- Is TopTal Worth For Joining ?

what is Toptal review

Are you a beginner in the software development and designing ? Then please don’t join here since they won’t accept you. But if you are a veteran then Definitely you should. I found Toptal as one the best places to find the best freelance designers, developers, and engineers. They skim through the best applications to feature on their elite list of freelancers.

If you need the best creative minds in the digital world, then this is the place to go. Find the right people and the right jobs under one roof with ease. This is completely suitable for job seekers and for those who wants to work with some huge talented clients.

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I hope you enjoyed the TopTal review and I expect you understood what it does.

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