Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Wealthy Affiliate University Review: Scam Or Worth It ?

Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> Wealthy Affiliate University Review – Detailed Breakdown

-> Free plans, Premium Plans & Features

-> Complete Dashboard Walkthrough

-> Pros & Cons – From My Experience

-> Total Score[CHECK BELOW]

-> Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Worth It ?

-> Important FAQs About It

-> Conclusion: Genuine Answer From An Honest Member

Wealthy Affiliate university Review

Searching for Blogging/Affiliate Marketing materials in order to improve your online presence ?

Still facing failures ? Even with an Affiliate site you not able to bring enough money what you desired ?

Hmm… well this is the case of incompleteness and honestly, it's not your mistake. Half of newbie bloggers are facing the same.

Success depends upon many factors. Firstly you need a better helping hand while blogging for those who

So, my today's post is for those who want to succeed in online. For those who want to make a steady income.

But how ? YES,

Wealthy Affiliate University can help you or in other means, Wealthyaffiliate Community can help you to achieve your dreams. Like me nor like all of us who found this program bit earlier.

Note: Before diving into the review of wealthy affiliate university, just consider this-> If you are only capable of doing some hard works then only this online university may be helpful to you in every manner. Or just step out of this right now because there is no free money available in online, it comes out only when you know what to start and where to place. If you even don't know what and where to start and still wants to make money then my best ever recommendation is to try wealthy affiliate which is one and only solution to get started for fulfilling all your dreams about blogging & affiliate marketing. LET'S START!!!!

So, What Is Wealthy Affiliate University (WA) ? A Complete Pro Training Platform For Affiliate Marketing & Blogging !!!

Wealthy Affiliate is an online entrepreneur certification course which covers all the topics of affiliate marketing and Website/Blog building using WordPress. It gives a complete training for those who want to succeed online by guiding you through step by step processes.

Note: If we you don't know the meaning of affiliate marketing and entrepreneur see it here.

WA is not only a training platform but also holds a huge and best successful community around plus the make money online opportunities. In other words, it is a work from home business program that provides all the necessary items required for your online success growth.

The Unique Concept Of  WA University

wealthy affiliate university model

Wealthy Affiliate University comes out with an ideal concept of earn income while you are relaxing by the most enhanced and efficient method of teaching a beginner, an intermediate as well as an expert from anywhere.

The Main Topics Covered During WA Training Periods:

  • How to buy keyword related domains.
  • How to find unique contents/niches to write into your site.
  • How to build a new website using WordPress(full tutorial).
  • How to market your affiliate site/blog using Google Adwords & Bing Ads.
  • How to host a website without any problems.
  • How to be an expert in online affiliate marketer.
  • How to search for content/niche related keywords.
  • How to drive traffic to your site.
  • How to improve your search engine rankings.

Note: Not only this, there are many other things that are waiting for you inside this program.

The Main Benefits & Outcomes Of Studying This Course:

  • You will learn how easy to get immersed in the WA's awesome 24/7 community.
  • You will get access to over 1000 ideal keywords and over 5,00,000 niches/contents.
  • You will learn how to build your own content website and keyword research algorithm.
  • You will get to know on how to optimize your website using WordPress.
  • You will learn how to create a quality content website with low competitive keywords list.
  • You will understand the concept of getting search engine rankings and traffic building.
  • You will learn how to promote ads using Google AdWords & Bing Ads.
  • Moreover, you will learn how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.
  • At last, you will discover the process of generating online revenue.

Note: Premium members are only eligible to access on every course and for free members, it is limited access only.

Wealthy Affiliate University Membership Fee

There are two types of membership schemes are avail in WA(see image below)

Note: If you upgrade a starter membership package to premium package within 7 days then you will get a discount of 26$ that means you only have to pay 19$ instead of 49$ for your first month.

wealthy affiliate university membership grid

STARTER MEMBERSHIP->This is not a trial version actually nor it won't get expired but with limited access.

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP->This is the best part of this program as you will get unlimited access to everywhere.

Note: This Starter Membership is not available in some countries such as India, China, Nigeria

Features – How To Use Wealthy Affiliate[Dashboard Scenes]

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate 2 years back I really overjoyed when exploring through their dashboard. Everything was there what I dreamt of, i.e, from Professional training videos to well lightning fast hosting with an integrated website builder. WOW!!!. Just have a look at its dashboard here, so that you will get an idea:

wealthy affiliate dashboard

Now let us break down and discuss more about the features they are offering.

  • Live Chat: Stuck with doubt ? Throw all those here. There will be more online happy faces to help you out 24/7.

wealthy affiliate university live chat tool

  • Private Messaging: You can contact every member directly by dropping an inbox message. You can also contact WA founders directly from your dashboard as well.
  • Training: This is one of the best parts to go with. They provide you beginner blogging training videos, personal training from established members, live video classes, video walkthrough, Bootcamp affiliate training, Pieces of training from founders, etc…
wealthy affiliate university training
wealthy affiliate beginner training
wealthy affiliate intermediate training
  •  Classrooms: Apart from training, you can also go to the classroom section where you can read more articles, can ask doubts, opinions, etc…

Wealthy Affiliate University Review Classrooms

  • Earn While You Earn Program: You are welcome to train other members on what you are expert in. You will be rewarded in credits which you can later redeem for real cash or you can use it for other purposes.

wealthy affiliate credit system

  • Domains: You can buy domains from Wealthy Affiliate dashboard. You can later host it with them as well if it necessary for you. They also provide domain transfer facilities along with it too.

wealthy affiliate domains

  • SiteRubix Website Builder: If you don't want to spend a dime for premium membership but still wants a site then you can utilize their website builder platform for sure. You will like it…
  • Websites & Hosting: If you need an own site then grab a well optimized fully manageable WordPress based hosting which comes with lots of features like free SSL, Spam Blocker, and gets a complete site health status(refer image below).

wealthy affiliate siterubix

wealthy affiliate health status
  • 24/7/365 Website Support: YES You heard it right. Got any doubts ? Send them a message and get a reply within minutes.

wealthy affiliate university support

  • Website Comment Platform: A unique place where you can exchange your credits to get real user engaging website comments for your blog.

wealthy affiliate comment platform

  • Website Feedback Platform: Would you mind if you get some helpful feedbacks for your newly built website ?. Yes, you can get it by exchanging with your earned credits.
  • Keyword Research Tool: A well refined keyword finder with many features(see image below).

wealthy affiliate keyword tool

Apart from all of this, Wealthy Affiliate also provides PPC Conversion Tracking Tool, Link Tracking, Writer Tools, etc…HMM…What else do you want ? Everything in one go….

The Important Things You Should Know After Becoming A Member

  • There will be no refund for your any payment but anytime you can cancel your membership.
  • The WA only accepts PayPal and valid credit cards for the instant payment.
  • You are not allowed to do any kind of Spamming to WA if you do so you will get a penalty.
  • You are not supposed to promote your products or any other stuff inside the WA community.
  • Keep in mind that WA is not a pyramid or MLM scheme you can make an income without referring others. 
  • This platform is pure mobile friendly so that you can access from any electronic devices or even you can download its app from Google store.
  • There are no mobile apps yet and keep in mind that there are plenty of fake apps available in online stores to loot your pocket. BE ALERT !!!

Wealthy Affiliate University Review: Pros & Cons

This is my second year at WA. Therefore, I believe this is the right place and time to discuss my concerns and findings regarding them. Let's start with the merit side first.


  • Both beginners and experts are highly benefited from this program.
  • This mass program includes step-by-step guidance, video training, weekly live webinar classes, contents training based on tasks, organized training classrooms, etc..
  • All training and courses will be up to date which never goes out of style.
  • Best fast and secure website hosting up to 25 domains your own and 25 free Siterubix websites with over 2400 website templates exclusive for only premium members and  2 free Siterubix for starter members.

Note: Domains you should buy separately from them or from other registrars. Rest everything is included in the package.

  • The main advantage of this course is that the owners Kyle and Carson are very active and always available in the community. Not only that you will get unlimited support from other members with 24/7 live chat facility.
  • Best in class give and take site comments and site feedbacks which help to feed your blogs and to improve your blog generally.
  • You can do unlimited keyword research by using WA keyword tool which is limited to only premium members.
  • You can buy domain names which come up with free privacy protection that is quite reasonable comparing other online registrars.


  • This platform is loaded with huge amount of information which can feel a bit confuse on where to start.
  • Their membership plans are priced highly which makes everyone can't afford.

Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam ?Not At All, It Is 99.9% Legit !!!

This is the another top most question asked to me by several members after they enquired about what is wealthy affiliate university. Yes as I mentioned, not at all, it only includes everything you may need to create a successful online business.

Well, believe it or not, I started my online career from WA platform. I developed this blog from their informative platform. I utilized their robust strategy to become a successful affiliate.

So, what do you think ? Am I lying ?? Hmm….

Not yet ready to believe me ahhh ? Ok….Check the TESTIMONIALS/FEEDBACKS  from other successful members there.

Wealthy Affiliate best feedbacks

is wealthy affiliate university scam

Not enough ? Check out how much WA members are making….

Wealthy Affiliate university review Success Story









Wealthy Affiliate university Success Story

More than that I chose WA not only to make money online but also to leverage my blogging skills. YES, I succeed here in many ways. Politely I can say they are not scammers nor money looters.

Some Important FAQs About Wealthy Affiliate University

Recently am getting so many emails from the different part of the world regarding this program. Here are my genuine answers for the selected few questions.

1.) Why is it so expensive ?

Ans. My honest answer is that, YES, it is but once you get into the community you ought to know what it is exactly and how active and robust their platform is. One more thing what I want to mention why it is not cheaper because WA is only entertaining those who are serious about making money online and they don't want people who are searching for getting quick rich schemes.

2.) To whom does it beneficial ?

Ans. This program is not targeting any particular person. Anyone can get benefit from this course. A newbie can learn from other members who are successful after doing this and experts can increase their skills from fresh topics. So anyone can join like people who want to find an additional way of income, who unemployed, who wants hosting services for their multiple websites, or even students or college drop outs can join there.

3.) What is Wealthy Affiliate University's record of history ?

Ans. Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by two successful entrepreneurs, Kyle and Carson. Initially, it was created to help other people to succeed online in the same way they succeeded. After some years, it became a hub for online business training, affiliate marketing, and social networking.

4.) Any up-sales in it ?

Ans. Absolutely not, you don't have to pay any additional amount even if you are a premium member as well but at the same time, they provided a premium keyword research tool called Jaaxy. It's up to you whether you need it or not because you will be getting an extra keyword research tool by WA which is included in premium membership.

wealthy affiliate jaaxy keyword research tool

And lastly, domains, being WA a domain registrant you can purchase new domains and get free WHOIS Protection as well.

5.) What is Wealthy Affiliate University's current member strength ?

Ans. Already having 30000+ active members and still growing rapidly.

6.) Are there any chances to get failed after taking this online course ?

Ans. Of course, it is there. If you join this program thinking to make 1000 dollars within a week, then it is better to stay away from this kinda programs.

7.)Is there any additional support for website creation ?

Ans. Yes, there is, you will get an additional hosting support for your websites. They will assist you anytime.

8.) How do they pay you ?

Ans. All payments are done through PayPal. Their minimum threshold is just $10.

Wealthy Affiliate University Total Score What Am Giving

Trust Score: 100/100

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Specialty: Affiliate Marketing  from A-Z

Levels: Beginner to Expert

[wp-review id=”3447″]

Conclusion: Should We Try It ?

Yes of course only if you are serious about becoming a professional blogger and an expert in affiliate marketing. I don't think so anywhere else you will be getting a rich source of information related to blogging, affiliate marketing, PPC, Adwords, Bing Ads, etc…

As a student, my words to you never drop this chance off if you are serious about blogging and to make a living from it. WA changed my life from Newbie to Intermediate from past two years and very much satisfied by their valuable services and making a decent income from WA itself. Now, it's your turn.

I strongly believe that Wealthy Affiliate holds the best one on one training that may not be found anywhere else. It is loaded with a bunch of premium members which is much enough to conclude that it is one among the best place to get started as bloggers, especially who want to start from scratch.


Want to try? Do it here:

wealthy affiliate university signup

Take decisions wisely. ALL THE BEST…

Note: My username in WA is “ArjunUllaz“. So don't forget to search me and I will be there to receive “Hi” from you.

Wow, you made it !!! Thank you for showing your patience to read my complete wealthy affiliate university review

Thank you for showing your patience to read my complete wealthy affiliate university review and I hope you enjoyed as well as understood the pure concept of ultimate training platform providing by them.

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Any doubts regarding this ?

You are always welcome to leave a comment below !!! Do it…Let me hear from you atleast.

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