What is Usertesting.com & Is It Legit Or Scam ? – Full Review

Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> What Is UserTesting.com ? – Vast Introduction

-> Is it a scam or legit ? – See My Report

-> How To Make Money from It ?

-> How it helping out its clients ?

-> What Are It’s Pros & Cons ?

-> Points To Remember.

-> Conclusion: Should We Use It ?

-> Trust Score & Other Rankings.

Usertesting review: what is usertesting

So, What Is UserTesting.com All About ?Best In Class Online Solutions To Make A Secondary Income !!!

Firstly, let us start discussing what is UserTesting all about ? It is yet another successful California-based company runs on a dedicated website in which a wide variety of products offered and a unique business which helps its members(us) to make money by just giving a feedback for each website they send and also other website owners or bloggers get also benefitted from this website by giving a test for the feedback of their site from testers (here members are called testers). Or in a simple way, the system works in this way, each client(

Or in a simple way, the system works in this way, each client(website owners) have to pay them to get genuine human feedbacks and what they do is they will take testers like us to give feedback and pays us and this company plays an intermediator role in-between. Ok, let’s find out how this Usertesting.com gonna help its clients such as  marketers, e-commerce managers, designers, game and mobile app developers, search engine experts etc. at an affordable price.

Is UserTesting A LEGIT Or A SCAM ? – Yes, Of Course, It’s Legit !!!

So far I don’t have any problems like getting rejected, not get paid, bad server problems. Yes initially after I done registration I got rejected for few times since I was new to this, therefore, I couldn’t manage to follow them up correctly. But the interesting part is that it provides tutorials for its new testers on how to follow the complete procedure as once you enter into the dashboard it will confusing where to start like I had before.


You know here members are called as testers in which after successful registration they will receive a website or an app to test and a tester’s job is to complete a set of tasks by speaking all their thoughts loudly which takes around 15 mins and if their feedback is accepted then they will get paid $10 within seven days.

Even they also have shorter tests which can be completed within 3 to 5 mins but you will get paid only $3 for per test but still a valuable offer according to me since it is totally free to join.

Note: You need a headphone with mic and a room with no other disturbing sounds in order to work with UserTesting.


what is usertesting

  • User testing helps its marketers to test their landing pages, ads, emails by doubling their conversion rates.
  • It helps game developers to make sure their game is fun, safe and playable.
  • It helps UX and usability professionals to test live sites, protocols and wireframes as well.
  • It helps entrepreneurs like new website owners and bloggers in such a way that to study and to get feedbacks.
  • E-commerce managers use User testing to solve their website and mobile app problems and then run other tests to track improvements.
  • Product managers used User testing for knowing their targeted customers’ actions such as what they doing and what’s inside their mind.

UserTesting Review:  PROS & CONS

There are many good things to say about it when comparing to its competitors and some bad things too. Let us bullet it out its pros first of all.


what is usertesting


  • User testing is a quickly growing company and a nice management which gives more priority to its employees as well as the outlook for the company.
  • The main part is that if you want to work as a tester then you don’t have to pay anything as a security fee or as an advance. It is totally free to work.
  • Testers can provide their feedbacks from mobile phones by using their MobileRecording software.
  • Spending 10 to 15 mins is much enough to earn as a tester.
  • Outstanding customer supports i.e, from Monday to Friday and best in class responding e-mail support.
  • Pays on time if your audio feedback is accepted.
  • You are allowed to work as a tester from anywhere from the world(should be a PayPal supporting country) and no other restrictions.


  • Sometimes you can feel an awkwardness since the company is growing rapidly.
  • You need a good vocabulary in English and your audio should be crystal clear or else your feedback will be rejected.
  • Tests what are they sending is totally public which means you should grab it as soon as possible or else someone may take.
  • Only PayPal is accepted worldwide as a payment gateway.

Note:  No other gateways are accepted therefore you should be in a country which supports PayPal.

Points To Remember The Time You Join

  • This is not a rich quick scheme or any kind of investing platforms.
  • You must be at least 18-year-old in order to work as a tester.
  • A high-speed internet connection is a must for taking each test.
  • All transactions are done through PayPal which will take at least one business week to come to your accounts.
  • If you want to give more feedbacks on a single day then you should make a payment and enjoy other benefits as well.

UserTesting’s Total Score & Rankings ?

Website Url: www.usertesting.com

Trust Score: 94/100

Alexa rank:  12879 ( Globally )

Domain Authority: 74 ( Excellent )

Conclusion: Should We Try It ?

According to me, it is one of the best complete solutions for those who want to make a decent pocket money monthly which can be used to evade their small expenses but I repeat at the same time your English language should be fluent and clear or else they will reject you and you should start from the beginning which may make you uncomfortable.

If you are confident in your language then just do the registration processes which includes your bio and other related profile details so that you can get better websites tests depending upon what client is targeting in the market.


Take decisions accordingly!!!

Congrats, you covered the review completely !!!

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24 thoughts on “What is Usertesting.com & Is It Legit Or Scam ? – Full Review

  1. I used to be a tester with UserTesting for a little while. I think I only ended up reviewing one website because it was either hard to be the first one to grab it or I wasn’t fit to be taking that review.
    It was a nice and easy experience though. I only wish that they had more options, more often.

    • Hi Gina,

      Yes, am agreeing with you. It is quite tough to get approved initially and it requires two to three testings to get used to it and you have to put the notification on so that whenever a test is available they will buzz you and you have to start speaking when a test starts and you should not stop in between. If you won’t take it within 10mins you will be timed out and the test will be carried out to the next person. Even I struggled little bit when I was a beginner but now am earning 50$-60$ monthly which is much enough for me to cover my bills.

      Just try once again!!


  2. Interesting, i’ve never heard of user testing before, but it seems like a good concept.
    Youre review is clear and concise aswell, nice small paragraphs and photos/diagrams, interesting to read
    I looked at a couple of your other articles aswell, and they all like interesting.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Arjun
    It is my first time to hear about Usertesting, your review spotted some advantages and benefits from using the site. The only thing that bothered me is that English is not my mother tong, so there is an accent in my speech, I do not know if that is will be a problem for me or not, I think I will give it a tray.
    Thank you very much for this review, and for helping other guys to find more opportunities to earn money through online.
    Good luck.

  4. Great review of USERTESTING.. I thought of testing it out, but I am a bit insecure if it is actually possible to make a decent living by it alone. What is your experience in that regard? Or do you have other site you would rather recommend for making bucks?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Chris

      Thanks for showing an interest in reading my review about what is UserTesting. I don’t recommend to depend only on it since maximum I made from this site was just $50. But there are others who made more than what I earned. But still that can use only for covering your bills. Of course, there are other ways as well, however, I didn’t get paid like Usertesting.com pays. I did a review about is traffic monsoon a scam and after I used it for 30 days I just received only $2 as a free member from it where I made $30 in UserTesting within a month. Or else if you are good at freelancing then just try it. Here a review of mine about Is UpWork A Scam. I joined as a freelancer into it before two years but what am only receiving a very low income from it because of huge other competitive freelancers. That is why I recommend UserTesting, if you good at English communication skills then it is the best and moreover it is free to join.

      Hope it helps.


  5. Interesting site, enjoyed reading about user testing. Have heard about it before but know very little about it. Think that it would be a great way to earn some pocket money. Especially if you could play games to test them out that would be quite fun, for my kids. They are mad on games pity you have to be 18 years old to join. Wish they could make a game testing site for kids so they could earn a little pocket money.
    What would be even better is making education testing software, they could learn at the same time.

    • Hi Jenny

      Thanks for showing an interest for reading my article. That is a good suggestion Jenny , I appreciated that. Let us hope they will trigger it out some other day.

      Best Regards


  6. I have not come across the usertesting site before but I have tried something similar in the past. This seems like the perfect way for both website or product owners to get feedback and also for people to make money. However in my previous experience with this kind of thing I found that the jobs on offer were few and far between. There just wasn’t enough jobs to make any decent money. It sounds like this site is pretty much the same. I am interested never the less, so thanks for sharing this.

  7. My first time hearing of this service. I think is a great service for marketers. If there’s one thing a savvy marketer needs to know, it is what the customers think.

    What a great way to find out exactly what your customers think to place your product or service right in front of them.

    I have a question, does it having any upsells or like premium version ?

    Thanks for sharing this review.

    • Hi

      Thanks for showing an interest in my review of Usertesting. There are no upsells or hidden fees. If you want to work as a tester then it is completely free to join but if you want to get some human feedbacks for your blog or website then you have to pay which is quite affordable. Hope it helps

      Best Regards


  8. First thought to my mind? Yes, what is user testing? It actually sounds very interesting and kind of fun. So you have been doing this and making extra money at it? I would love to use it to get reviews to my website. Sounds like that is possible, right? You did a great review of this and I am going to look into it further. It sounds like an easy way to make an additional income and could also benefit me with my blogs. Have you used this service for a blog or for solely making additional income? Thanks!

    • Hi Matt

      Am just using for an additional income. Yes, it does have human feedback system as I mentioned in the review but if have to pay for that service and I suspect Wealthy Affiliate feedback system is better than User testing. However, still you can make a decent amount from it.

      Hope it helps


  9. I’ve been thinking about giving UserTesting a try – i like the fact that there’s no initial start up costs.

    Its really useful to read your review and the comments to see what other’s experience has been. I might still give it a go and see how it goes.

    What is the work verses reward ratio like? Do i have to work hours for $5 or something? Do you think it’s worth it?

    • Hi Simon

      Thanks for your reading my article bout UpWork. No, you don’t have to spend hours in front it. It will take just 5 to 10 mins maximum to complete $5 task and $10 for a 20 mins feedback. Only the thing you will find difficult is while speaking. Your voice should be crystal clear and no other disturbances should interact your headphone mic.

      Hope I answered your question.


  10. I always wondered how I could make money online, and after a while I came across similar sites like usertesting, and well, I wasn`t really interested because I don`t have time for that. But people who like to check out things on the internet and who like to get an extra money from doing so will see this as a big opportunity.

    • Hi Nahim

      Actually I didn’t feel like I has to spend so much of time using Usertesting. It will take just 10 mins. That’s it. This is best in class for those who wants a pocket money without any risk and can earn within a short of time. No other legit sites offer this. Try it and see.

      Best regards


  11. Hey Arjun,

    I was wondering if I can see the testers profile before giving away my product to test.
    actually the app I wanted to test is for a very specific audience, from India. this app is for agricultural use and information. so I need someone Indian. is it possible in user testing app that I can choose the testers.

    Is their any other platform where I can get feedback from different Indian users or testers.

    • Hi Akhil

      Sorry to say, no you can’t choose a tester by your own since it’s the User Testing who assign the testers automatically. You can join in digital marketing forums and ask for a feedback for your newly built app or you can hear suggestions from other experts in such forum sites. There are many options.
      Hope it helped you.
      Thank you

  12. Hey Arjun, thanks for the review! Like you said, it’s one of the most complete and one of the best solution for someone looking to earn pocket-money from home. I myself made a couple of bucks each month for the past year with this.

    But, I know some people having a hard time getting paid on the platform. If you fall on bad-companies that leave bad reviews for whatever reason, that will affect your quality score and you might not receive as many jobs as before.

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