WooCommerce Digital Download Products Tutorial

How to Setup Digital Download Products with WooCommerce

Selling digital products through your WordPress site is one of the best ways to make money online.  As you probably already know, there are many advantages that digital products have over physical products.  A couple huge advantages are that you don’t have to deal with the headaches of shipping and inventory management (not to mention the costs associated with both).  The bottom line is that selling digital products almost always results in higher profit margins and lower stress levels.

WooCommerce Digital Downloadable Products Tutorial The purpose of this tutorial however, is not to persuade you into believing that digital products are better than physical products because you already know that.  The purpose is to inform you that WooCommerce has made it easier than it’s ever been to sell digital products through your WordPress site.  More specifically, the purpose of this UploadWP.com tutorial is to show you how to setup digital downloadable products with WooCommerce and WordPress so let’s get started.

Steps for Setting up a WordPress Site that Sells Downloadable Products with WooCommerce

Step 1:  Install the WooCommerce Plugin and Configure the Settings for Digital Download Products

The first step in the process of setting up your downloadable products eCommerce site is to install the WooCommerce plugin and configure the settings.  Our “WooCommerce Tutorial Part 1 – Building an eCommerce Site with WordPress” will show you exactly how to install and activate the plugin.  After the plugin has been activated and the WooCommerce pages have been created you can configure the settings.

To configure the WooCommerce plugin settings for digital products do the following…

In your WordPress admin go to WooCommerce > Settings > watch the “Configure WooCommerce Settings for Digital Products” tutorial video below

If your site only sells digital download products then the main updates you need to make to the WooCommerce settings are as follows…

  • General settings tab – You’ll likely want to limit the purchasable quantity of downloadable items to 1.
  • Inventory settings tab – Disable stock management.
  • Shipping settings tab – Disable shipping
  • Payment Gateways settings tab – Disable the “Direct Bank Transfer” and “Cheque Payment” options.  Enable PayPal and enter your PayPal email address.
  • Emails settings tab – Configure your order notification settings and customize WooCommerce emails template.

Step 2:  Create your Product Categories

It’s always a good idea to setup product categories before adding products.  Therefore, the second step in the process of setting up your digital downloads site is to create your WooCommerce product categories.

Step 3:  Add your Digital Download Products

The method for adding digital products to your WooCommerce powered WordPress site is very similar to adding physical products.  You’ll go through almost the exact same steps.  The “Product Data” section is where we’ll define the product as being virtual and downloadable.

When adding any type of product with WooCommerce, make sure to complete the following fields…

  • Title
  • Long description
  • Short description
  • Select the product category
  • Set a featured image
  • Insert additional thumbnail images (if necessary)
  • Price

As previously mentioned, the difference in setting up digital products is in the Product Data section.  So to make the digital product downloadable scroll down to the Product Data section and do the following…

Product Data > select “Simple Product” from the drop-down > check the “Virtual” and “Downloadable” check-boxes > give it a Regular Price > File Path click Upload a File > copy the Link URL > Save Changes > in the “File Path” field paste the URL to the product that you just uploaded

You’ll have the ability to limit the number of times a digital product can be downloaded.  Also, you can set an expiration date for the download link.  The link to download the product will stop working when it expires.

WooCommerce Virtual Product Setup Important Note:  Another cool thing to take advantage of when adding products are the WooThemes and WooCommerce short codes.  I recommend using the “Social Buttons” short code every time you add a new product.  The WooThemes Social Buttons short code makes it easy to insert Twitter, Google +1, Like on Facebook, Pinterest Pin It Button and more so make sure to utilize it.

Step 4:  Eliminate the Sidebar on the Cart and Checkout Pages

You’ll most likely want to eliminate the sidebar on your Cart and Checkout pages.  To get rid of the sidebar on any of your WooCommerce pages simply make them full width.  Here’s how to make a page full width…

In the WordPress admin go to Pages > All Pages > click Edit > in the Page Attributes widget on the right-hand-side of your screen you’ll see a Template drop-down > select “Full Width” > Update the page and the side-bar will go away for that page

Step 5:  Test to make sure your Digital Products Download Properly

Here’s how the process of placing an order for a digital product should work…  When a customer competes their payment via PayPal, they will be directed to an “Order Received” page where they can download the digital product.  In addition, they’ll receive an order confirmation email that contains a link to download the digital product they purchased.

So the final and probably most important step in this process to to Test it out.  Go through the process of placing an order on the site.  Think from your customers’ perspective as you go through the Cart, Checkout, PayPal and Order Received pages.  If you can find ways to make improvements then go ahead and make them.  The main thing is to make sure that the links to download your products work.

Keep in mind that you have the ability to customize the automatic emails that WooCommerce sends after people purchase your digital products.  It is definitely a good idea to insert your site logo in the WooCommerce emails header.  Also, change the base color of the emails to match your site’s main color scheme.

To customize your WooCommerce order emails go to…

WooCommerce > Settings > click on the Emails tab

You’ll be able to manage all of your orders in the WordPress admin.  To manage orders go to…

WooCommerce > Orders

Information on the demo site used in this tutorial

Demo site:  DigitalDownloadsDemo.com

WordPress theme used on demo site:  Mystile theme

Hopefully this tutorial helps point you in the right direction.  If you have any additional questions related to setting up digital download products with WooCommerce please feel free to ask by posting a Comment below.

Please use the new Upload WP Community Forums to post questions and comments on configuring digital download products in WooCommerce.  Thanks

179 thoughts on “WooCommerce Digital Download Products Tutorial

  1. Awesome videos and tuts! Quick follow on question. I am wanting to sell a DVD but also make it available to be purchased as a download. Do I need 2 separate products for this or can it be done as one product and how?


  2. Hi Adam,
    I am working on a site to sell an ebook. I am looking at using Clickbank as a vendor to process all the payments.

    Is there any plugin (free or even paid) that will allow you to:
    1) have the ability to limit the number of times a digital product can be downloaded.
    2) set an expiration date for the download link. The link to download the product will stop working when it expires.

    I want to have something that Woocommerce can do for ebook but use Clickbank instead of paypal.

    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciate it!
    Thank you

    • Hi Laura,

      The functionality that you’re looking for in terms of limiting the number of times a digital product can be downloaded and setting an expiration date for the download link is actually built into the WooCommerce plugin. After installing and activating the WooCommerce plugin, here’s how to set that up…

      In the WordPress admin go to Products > Add New > Scroll down to the Product Data section > on the General tab you’ll see an option for “Download Limit” and “Download Expiry”. The Download Limit field will allow you to specify the number of times a digital product can be downloaded. The Download Expiry field will allow you to set an expiration date for the download link.

      Please let me know if this helps. Thanks,


      • Hi Adam
        Woocommerce has the functionality but I am using clickbank where they will direct the purchaser to the thank you Page to download the ebook.

        I don’t want to use the cart/checkout system in woocommerce.

        Unless woocommerce can be used without the PayPal payment gateway.


        • Hi Laura,

          WooCommerce does offer payment gateway options other than PayPal such as Mijireh Checkout. Mijireh Checkout allows you to accept credit card payments through your site and it supports a wide variety of payment gateways such as… Authorize.net, SagePay, Payleap and many more.

          If you install the WooCommerce plugin and go to WooCommerce > Settings > click on the Payment Gateways tab > click Mijireh checkout and you’ll see the payment gateways it supports.

          Please let me know if this helps. Thanks


  3. Hi there. I am using Bellissima from themeforest.net – woocommerce ready premium theme for my client. They are just kicking off the ecommerce component of their site, as their first hunting video, moose hunting, has been produced. The first step is selling the video as download. They are still working out some details with the “order online for dvd”.

    I have watched the Upload WP tutorial videos over and over. Paypal has been configured, woocommerce, category and product settings are good and when I run some practice purchases, money is deposited in client’s paypal account.

    The glitch is no immediate link to “download”. What I realized is in the “order” section, my orders sit in “pending” mode until I manually click “complete”. Then email with download link is received. Manual will not do. How can I have the order continue until complete and customer is redirected to or receives download option??? Please help 🙂

    Thanks so much.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Great job on MandmHuntingAdventures.com – the site looks fantastic! Regarding the issue with the download link to the video not immediately being available… Check the Downloadable Products settings to make sure that “File Download Method” is set to Force Downloads. Also, make sure “Access Restriction” is set to “Grant access to downloadable products after payment” as shown in the screen capture below…

      Digital Product Download Link WooCommerce

      You’ll find these settings by going to WooCommerce > Settings

      That setup should result in the download link being available immediately after the video has been purchased. Please let me know if this helps solve the issue. If not, let me know as well and I’d be happy to take a closer look.



      • Hi Adam. Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, I have all your recommendations in place, but same issue.

        Do you have a private email that I can send login details if you are willing to take a closer look?

        Really appreciate your help!!


      • Thanks for this tutorial. I've been debating migrating from Shopify to WooCommerce, but don't have time to completely test and learn Woocommerce, so your information helps me to look under the hood.

        Two of my big questions: Is a download link available immediately? It sounds like it is. Could you publish a screen grab to show how it looks?

        Also, can a product have several downloads? I sell texture collections, which can be several hundred mb. I've found it's much easier for some clients to download several smaller files than one big one which might get cut off during download.

        Thanks for your help. Enormous appreciation!

        • Hi Leslie,

          I'm glad to hear that our tutorials have been helpful and that you're considering moving from Shopify to WooCommerce. The digital product download link(s) is/are available to the customer immediately after they pay for the item as you'll see in the screen capture below…


          To answer you're second question, yes, you can have several downloads. If you take a look at the screen shot above you'll see that the WooCommerce Child themes download was actually 2 links.

          Let me know if this helps answer you're questions or if more come up.



    • Hey Sarah,

      Thanks for sending the login info. I was able to get into the WP admin and take a look around and from what I can see, everything is setup the right way. I compared it to my test site for WooCommerce digital download products (digitaldownloadsdemo.com) and everything looks the same. The WooCommerce settings are correct and your product setup is correct in terms of setting it up as a Simple Product and checking the “Digital” and “Downloadable” check-boxes.

      I noticed that the digital download video is not yet live on the site. How are you testing it to see if the download link automatically appears? When I tried to view the product I got a “404 Page Not Found” error. Another thing I noticed is that you don’t have a “Shop” page and the URL to view the product goes to /shop page. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the issue but I do know that one of the default WooCommerce pages is the /Shop page.

      Plugins are another thing that could potentially cause that type of issue. One thing you should try is disabling all of you plugins and then test it again. If that solves the issue then turn them back on 1 by 1 until you identify the plugin that caused the issue.

      Let me know in terms of how you’re testing it so I can try to recreate the issue on my end.



  4. Hi Adam.

    I think I got it fixed. When you mentioned no “shop” page, I went back in and looked. I had changed the name of the “shop” page to “shop now” or something different. I am thinking this interfered with the pre-set pathways. I returned it to “shop” and a little later I received an confirmation email with download link 🙂 !!!

    I tried once more to be safe, and immediately received confirmation email with download link!!!

    Now if you have done something and this is the reason it is working, please let me know. Either way, I am crediting YOU with the fix!!!

    If what I say is true, you may want to mention in your videos NOT TO RENAME woocommerce pages, as they are coded to “look” for each other … or whatever they do lol.

    Next step, adding an “order hard copy dvd”… you may not be rid of me yet 😉

    Thanks again for your time and assistance.


    • Hey Sarah – I’m so glad to hear that the issue is solved. Thanks for letting me know and for your positive feedback – it’s very much appreciated! Best of luck going forward and please let me know if anything else comes up.


  5. Thanks for the great articles and videos. I have a few digital download products that I have been selling and my customers have been downloading them successfully for a few months. I have selected “force download” to keep the url from showing. this week I have installed an SSL certificate and checked the “force secure checkout” the download links do not work any longer. I get a 404 notice. If I go back to my settings and uncheck “force secure” the downloads work just fine again. OR I can use the “force secure” if I choose another download method but I don’t want to reveal the url for the download… so it would seem that the digital download products are not working with the secure url – https when set at “force downloads”. any thoughts? Nancy

    • Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for the positive feedback on our WordPress tutorials! I’ve not yet had a chance to test WooCommerce digital download products when a SSL Certificate is installed.

      I’m going to go ahead and publish this comment so that other people who might have a solution / feedback can chime in. I’ll do some research on this possible issue with WooCommerce digital download products not working with an SSL cert and update this post if I find a viable solution.

      If anyone out there has experienced the same or similar issue and knows of a solution please share it with us.

      Thanks again for your support,


    • Nancy, you’re beautiful, inside and out. 🙂

      Your comment totally rescued me. Thanks for taking the time. I was stumped by the 404’s when the files ‘are right there’ for the taking…

      Using PayPal, I don’t need to force SSL checkout, they’ll do that anyways. My customer’s site is still SSL as well, so, in my mind, ‘forcing SSL’ in my scenario was redundant.

      Thanks again, Nancy.

  6. Hello,

    We are trying to sell digital products such as HD Videos and audios, but we wanted to know how to go about offering downloads for various platforms, such as Cell phones, Ipad’s, Pc’s, etc. Considering these different formats would be different in sizes i want to know if Woo-commerce is smart enough to distinguish automatically where the purchase is being originated from, say like from a phone or from a pc, in order to provide a download like according to the platform where the purchase is originated from?

  7. Hi Teddy,

    Great tutorial!

    Is there a way to protect the file from being downloaded by people who don’t purchase the product? Right now I’ve just uploaded the file via the WordPress interface and posted the link into WooCommerce. I’d hoped that WooCommerce would edit the htaccess file, but it still seems like that anyone with the URL can download it.

    I feel like I’m missing something. Any advice would be appreciated!


  8. Hmm… Actually, I think I just figured out what my problem was. I was using a media file that I’d already uploaded, rather than uploading a new one from within WooCommerce. It looks like WooCommerce uploads to a special folder that is protected.

    Another issue is the 2MB upload limit. I guess I’ll just FTP it to the right folder, but it would be nice to upload through the interface.

    Thanks again!

  9. I’m wondering how to make my multiple file product appear in a specific order. For example, I copied and pasted 10 file paths into the file path field in the order that I want them to appear. However, when I test it, they switch around the order to make no sense. The files need to appear in correct order. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    • Hi Megan,

      Would it be possible to put all of them in a zip file? That should allow you to control the order of the files. If not, try putting the file paths in reverse order of how you want them to appear. Let me know is this helps.

  10. Thanks for this! I’m wondering, if I have products that can be ordered as EITHER physical or downloadable media, e.g. An audiobook that comes as a CD or an MP3, is there a way to make that option available, rather than creating 2 entirely separate products for each book?

  11. Hi Teddy!

    Thanks for all your helpful videos! it really helped me get started in building my site for my own Digital Comics publishing house out of Brooklyn called Let’s Eat Comics. The site is lecomix.com, and I have the product looking great, the thumbnails and the 9 page preview gallery looking sweet, but I still can’t get this payment configuration right with paypal.

    Yesterday I tested it doing everything in your video… I set the comic to .25 for my partner to test it, she ordered it, the order went through, and I got the order, although it was pending and I had to manually change it to processing, and then completed(which WooCommerce sends a seperate email for each, but that’s another issue).

    She was able to actually download the comic beautifully with the email in the link, but for some reason I never got her .25 payment in paypal, nor did it take it out of her account! This basically means she downloaded it for free, which is not really good for business…lol Can you please help? The comic gained some fans this weekend at our art opening, but no one can download it and I don’t want to lose them due to a technical delay… Any info on this would be hugely appreciated!

    thank you!


    • Hi Matt,

      I’m glad to hear that the videos have been helpful in getting your digital comics site launched. Regarding the issue with PayPal… A couple things come to mind that you want to check on in terms of settings.

      Make sure the PayPal Sandbox is not enabled. In the WordPress admin go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways > PayPal > scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a check box to Enable PayPal sandbox > make sure that’s not checked. Also, double check to make sure PayPal email has been entered.

      If you have PayPal standard enabled and have entered your PayPal email you should be good to go. I would do a couple more test orders using different amounts ($1 and $5) and see if that works. If this issue persists I’d be happy to take a closer look. Just use the Contact form (link in footer of UploadWP.com) and contact me that way. That will go to my email and we can go from there.

      Thanks again for the positive feedback on our WooCommerce tutorials!


  12. Hi Adam,

    I have a question concerning the path for the download link of the virtual product. Background: We want to offer video downloads which are pretty big in file size. So I was wondering if the downloadable video file needs to be on the same server or is it also possible to have it stored e.g. on an online storage and use then that very path to paste into the corresponding field in Woocommerce?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Micha,

      That's a great question. I just tested it by uploading a video to my DropBox account. I then used the DropBox URL (url of the video) in the "File paths" text box in the WordPress admin. It seemed like it all worked but when I did a test purchase of the product I wasn't able to play the video.

      So my suggestion would be to test it on your site to see if you can get it to work. Create a Dropbox account > upload your video there > go back to your site and create a test product > use the dropbox url for "File Path" when creating the test item > give the test item a price of zero dollars to make it free > then go through the checkout and see if the download link works.

      I'm curious to know if you can get it to work. If you can, please let us know because I'm sure there are many people out there that would love to host large files like video on dropbox or other file sharing services.



  13. Hi Adam,
    Thanks for the great articles and videos. I just want to find out is it possible to have 2 different buy buttons, say one for Paypal and theother for 2checkout. How we go about if it is possible. Thanks

  14. Hello Adam,

    is it possible to sell 1 file in different Versions: sample.jpg, sample.psd, sample.png, sample.gif for example? All the same name and price but different files?

    Thank you!

    • Hey Antonio – yes, that is completely possible. Just create a zip file that contains all of those formats and then upload that zip file. Take the URL of that upload and paste it into the "File Paths" text box on the product update page.

  15. Hi Adam,

    Apparently, you have overlook to answer my query that was raised on July 10. My question is, is it possible to have 2 different buy buttons for one product, say one for Paypal and the other for 2checkout. With different buy buttons, customers have a choice to make which payment gateway to use. You see, not everybody has Paypal account. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

    • Hi Steve,

      It is possible to offer more than one payment gateway option on the WooCommerce Checkout page. So instead of having 2 separate buy buttons on the product detail page, they will have the options on the Checkout page which I think makes more sense. You can turn on multiple payment options in the WordPress admin by going to…

      WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways > there you can turn on the gateways you want to offer.

      An important side note is that your customers do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase products through PayPal. By default, WooCommerce will display a message under the PayPal button on the checkout page that let's people know they don't have to have a PayPal account to buy.

      Let me know if that helps answer your question.



  16. HI Adam,
    Great article. I'm a bit stuck on something to do with how PayPal integrates with WooCommerce. On my site I'm selling ebooks (or will be, when we launch soon) and when I add products to the cart and pay through paypal, I think see the "thank you" screen from paypal. There are no links to download books on that page. To download the books you actually need to click the small link that appears on the paypal page under the order received statement that says "Return to Modern Love Long Distance". THAT link takes you back to the modern love website order received page where the download links are. I'm worried people will navigate away from the paypal page or simply not click the "return" link and will therefore have paid for their products without seeing how to download them easily. Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance. Lisa

  17. Hello, Teddy!
    I do this steps:

    1. Selected "Grant access to downloadable products after payment" – https://prntscr.com/1idviz
    2. Selected "Virtual" and "Downloadable", pointed a link for downloading the product in the options of product – https://prntscr.com/1idvqq

    But there is no links to download product on Order Received page – https://prntscr.com/1idvyc
    Also download does not start automatically after payment.

    How can I solve this problem?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Oleg,

      Thanks for your question and for providing detailed screen shots displaying the issue. It looks like the reason the download link for the digital product is not displaying is because you have chosen to pay via "Check Payment". Technically, you'd want to wait to receive the check and make sure it clears before you would send the customer the link. If you try paying via Credit Card / Debit card the link to download your digital product will automatically appear. In the WordPress admin, go to… WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways > make PayPal and/or Credit Card payment options available and the issue should be solved. You can test this process by creating a "test product" and setting the price to zero dollars (free). Go through the checkout process and you should see it work properly.

      Let me know if this helps.


  18. Hi,

    Thank you so much for all your above help.

    Why is it asking for shipping details when I only setup as a digital products. As for digital products, I don't need customars address details.

    Can you please tell me how to disable that feture? Thanks you so much. You can see the problem on



  19. Hi Teddy,

    Thanks for the tutorial, it's been such a great help! My site is all set and everything seems to be working properly. However, the only problem that I've been experiencing is that, after successfully checking out & paying for the downloadable product there is is no immediate link to "download" available to the customer. The link is successfully emailed to the customer's email though. Is there any way for me to correct this glitch so that my customers may have immediate access to the product as soon as the payment goes through?

    In the Downloadable Products settings “File Download Method” is set to Force Downloads, and “Access Restriction” is set to “Grant access to downloadable products after payment”. And in the "Order" section the orders automatically change to complete. I can't seem to figure out what the problem is?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Sandi,

      It sounds like your settings are correct for digital download products. The link to download the ebooks should be immediately available after purchase and from what you're describing, it should do that. Would it be possible to setup a "test" product and set the price to zero dollars so that I can go through the order process and test it out? Also, if you want to create a WP admin user account for me I'd be happy to log in and take a closer look.



  20. Ty for the info, it was a big help.

    I'm currently stuck. I'm selling prepaid visa cards. I need to be able to have 1 listing for each denomination. When someone buys say a $10 card it gives them either a download with the card details or display it on the page. Each card number can only be used once and I need to be able to update a list with these card numbers.

    Right now I have to set quantity of the item to 1 but that's not efficient as I have to make multiple of them and then I have multiple of each denomination of card. I still haven't updated my site with this as its a bit ridiculous to have multiples of each card listed.

    Any idea of how to make this work?

    • Hi Eric,

      Hmmmm – that is a tough one because each card number is unique. So for each denomination you need infinity unique numbers. In other words, the $10 prepaid card can't just be setup up as a Simple Downloadable product because every $10 card (and all other denominations) has a unique number…

      You're best bet is probably to do a Google search for "WooCommerce Extensions" and look through the available digital download extensions. There's a good chance that one currently exists that would give you the functionality you need.

      In the meantime, I'm going to ask for help from the Upload WP community on this one. If anyone knows of a good solution please share it with us here. Thanks

  21. Hi Adam, thanks for this write-up.

    I'm trying something a bit unique for my downloadable url. Instead of a link to a product, I'm using the virtual/downloadable option with expiration as a membership product that grants access to certain pages (courses) on my site. To do this, I put a url path in the downloadable file path (i.e. https://www.site.com/courses/lesson1) and it works really great in this regard to provide a unique link to access the blocked content, and it also shows up on "downloadable links" (which I changed to "accessible courses") on My Account page for WooCommerce.

    My question to you is… do you have any suggestions on a way for me to hide the actual landing page link to my course (i.e. https://www.site.com/courses/lesson1) because the unique download link provided by woocommerce redirects the the actual landing page, and this bypasses the expiration date of the link. So in essence, the customer can access the landing page directly, if they catch it in the URL, even after the expiration date.

    Is there a way to NOT have a redirect but just use the unique url that woocommerce generates to access the page? (sorry, if confusing!) Any insight would be great…

    • Hi Eddie,

      Thanks for the positive feedback and for you're detailed question. You're definitely using the WooCommerce digital download functionality in a unique way which is awesome! I had not thought about using it to add membership functionality to a site. It sounds like it's working well except for the fact that members can potentially gain unlimited access to premium content if they catch on and grab the URL to the landing page.

      It sounds like the question is… <strong>Is there a way to eliminate the redirect and instead simply use the unique URL that WooCommerce generates to access the members area landing page? </strong>

      That's a great question and one that I'm not sure of off the top of my head. However, if I can find the answer / solution it would make for an excellent tutorial so I'm going to spend some time working on it this afternoon.

      If anyone in the UploadWP.com community knows of a good solution to this please share it with us here.

  22. Hi Adam!

    I'm trying to add a PDF ebook as a downloadable product, and the file is just waaaay to large for the woocommerce interface (80MB when my limit is supposedly 8MB). How can I add the product without compromising on the size? It's just that if I reduce it in size the quality of the images is compromised.

    Thanks! Emily

  23. Hi Teddy,
    I’ve uploaded some videos through my server (some of my videos are 1.42G) and am selling them through woocommerce.
    The payment and email confirmation is working fine but the download seems to stop after a few minutes.
    Do you know what could be the problem?

      • Hi Teddy,
        Thanks for the fast reply.
        I've just checked with my Hosting Provider (GoDaddy) and it seems like they don't have any limitation with the size of their downloads.
        They have in fact sent me by email the direct path to 1 of the videos and it worked fine.
        That makes me think that the issue is directly through the WooCommerce Product Download or Word Press but I still don't know what to do from here…
        Any help would be much appreciated…

        • Hi Claude,

          In you're first comment / question you said… "I’ve uploaded some videos through my server (some of my videos are 1.42G) and am selling them through woocommerce."

          Did you upload the videos via the WordPress admin by going to Media > Add New ?

          I'm asking because the video has to be uploaded through the Media Library in order for it to work with WooCommerce. If you could share the download URL with me that will help me trouble shoot it further and hopefully find the solution. Thanks

  24. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the response & the offer to take a closer look. I would definitely appreciate you logging in and taking a closer look at my problem. I now seem to have even more problems than my original problem of not getting the immediate link to "download" the product! All of a sudden I'm getting an endless loading/spinner on all the add to cart buttons, the checkout page & the PayPal button! I've tried deactivating all my plugins just in case a plugin is what is causing this problem but that didn't help so I re-activated all my plugins. I'm experiencing this problem on all the browsers IE, Chrome & Firefox.

    I added a free eBook in the Free eBook category so you can go through the order process and test it out. I also created a WP admin user account for you so you can take a closer look.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to address my problem, I appreciate that!


  25. Hi Teddy,
    thanks for the tutorial, it's been such a great help!

    I have a problem because I have to sell video content. I need the user, after buying the video, should be able to either download the video and view it on the product page. Is it possible?
    For each product purchased, he should be able to see the video on the product page. Do you know a solution to this?


    • Hi Stefano,

      Thanks for letting me know that our WooCommerce tutorials have helped in building your site. Your best bet is to find an extension for woocommerce that adds that specific functionality. If you do a google search for "woocommerce extensions" you'll find the full list.

  26. Great! Site and videos. If only college was this easy back in the day. Quick questions. After purchasing of clip art zip file, clients should: " be directed to an “Order Received” page where they can download the digital product. In addition, they’ll receive an order confirmation email that contains a link to download the digital product they purchased."

    When I do they get an email but it contains no link to the downloadable file, nothing like your "WooCommerce Digital Downloads Tutorial 3" video shows. I have gone step by step like your videos show. Also, after purchase with paypal, nothing happens. It gives the following info: Thanks for your order

    Michaeln, you just completed your payment.

    Your transaction ID for this payment is: 1DW55911P7698153J.
    We'll send a confirmation email to myemail@gmail.com.

    Return to paymentemail@gmail.com
    Go to PayPal account overview
    Add funds from your bank

    If I click, "Return to paymentemail@gmail.com" then it takes me to my Order Received page whereby I can now download the clip art? Any suggestions on how to get the link sent in email and is that how the paypal process should work? BTW– I have the exact setting you have in your videos. Thanks in advance!

  27. I'm really happy I found your site today; the tutorials and information are great. I have a question for you. I built a membership site using WooCommerce and the Groups, and Subscriptions extensions. Each month, all premium subscribers can download a PDF.

    I'm wondering if there is a way to track how many times this PDF has been downloaded?


    • Hi Heather,

      Thanks for letting us know that our WordPress WooCommerce tutorials have been helpful. Great question on tracking the number of times a digital product has been downloaded in WooCommerce. I've spend a few minutes looking for a free plugin for woocomm that adds the ability to track number of digital product downloads but I've not yet found one. I'll continue to search and update this comment when/if I find it.

      If anyone in the UploadWP.com community knows of a way to track digital products download stats with woocommerce please share it with us. Thanks

      • Hi Teddy,

        I believe I have your answer. Anything to try and help a fellow woocomm’er in need!

        I’m using woocomm ver 2.0.19. Go into the WP Dashboard to woocomm to Reports. A new screen will open. At the top there are four tabs: Sales, Coupons, Customers, Stock. Click the Sales tab. Immediately below that there is another “menu” which reads: “Overview, Sales by Day, Sales by Month, Product Sales, Top Sellers, Top Earners, Sales by Category. For this particular issue, you can then choose either Product Sales or Sales by Category. I used Sales by Category but it would depend on what, exactly, you are trying to track and how it was set up which then dictates where to look. There is then a drop down box with a list of your products or categories and where you can choose the specific product you would like to track. This includes the option of the time period you want to track! This is such a cool feature of this plugin! The reporting in woocomm is something I LOVE! It really helps keep track of you sales, what’s selling best or better, when sales are better, etc. This feature sure does free up my report prep time, leaving much more time to do other things a business requires!

        Hope this helps and is what this other person was looking for!

        And again, I must say a HUGE THANK YOU for all you are doing for us! Your tutorials are TERRIFIC! Keep up the good work!!!

  28. Hi Teddy, thanks for the tutorial – it's been a great help. I wanted to ask with the "limit download" number – if the limit is set to 1 and the download is interrupted and cancelled for some reason, the user will not be able to go in and "resume" or re-download that item. Is there a way to get around having the limit set as 1 but still allowing the person to re-attempt the download if the file is not successfully downloaded in the first instance?


      • Yeah, download link could be the way to go – maybe setup a temporary folder via FTP to put the file in so that the link can be provided, but then the directory deleted or password changed so that the link can't be distributed to others for free download. Thanks.

  29. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! My Woocommerce setting does not have the option to limit the purchasable quantity of downloadable items to 1. Might you know why and how I can add this option?

    Thank you!

  30. Adam hi

    Let's say I upload an MP3 for sale. I've uploaded into the uploads folder and now it has a link etc, can that link be protected (after a person has purchased) to stop people from sharing and downloading the MP3 it again and again illegally?

    • Hey Mawande,

      Thanks for your question and Yes, you can prevent the link from being shared and downloaded over and over. Woocommerce gives you the ability to set download limits as well as and expiration date for the link. So you can set the download limit at one so that nobody else can re-download it.

  31. Adam,

    It is a great tutorial.
    I would like to sell some software products as virtual downloadable products.
    How can I solve that users, who bought a software, can download updates of this software later for free?


    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the complements on our WooCommerce Digital Downloads tutorial. When someone makes a purchase on your site you'll have the email and contact info. There is a MailChimp extension for WooCommerce that allows your customers to subscribe to your list / newsletter in the Checkout. So you could say something like, "want to receive free updates of this software? If so, check the box here to subscribe to our newsletter". Simply send out a notification email to your list when a new version of the software is available. Here's the link to learn more about WooCommerce and Mailchimp integration… https://connect.mailchimp.com/integrations/woocommerce-newsletter-subscription

      • Hi Adam,

        Thanks for the replay. It is a very good idea to use MailChimp to send notification emails about new versions.

        I don’t understand how to publish new versions of the same software product. A new update of my software is a complete, fully functional program version. A new customer should buy this new version, but an old customer who has bought an earlier version, can download the new version for free (when received the notification mail).
        Should I handling all versions of a software as only one WooCommerce digital product? Or every new version should be added as different products?
        If one software means one product, versions can be different File Parts of the product. In this case publishing a version means uploading it as a new File Part of the existing product. Then customers can visit “My Account” page, and can see the link of new uploaded versions (new file parts).
        Do you know better solution, or is this the right way?

        My last question: I can’t give a unique name for file parts. On “My Account” page “available downloads” links looks like “Digital Product — File 1”, “Digital Product — File 2”… Is there a way to rename these links?


        • Hi Peter,

          In terms of renaming the links… I'm honestly not sure buy your best bet is to checkout our tutorial on Overriding WooCommerce page Templates because most likely that's how you would do it. Here's the link to that tutorial… https://uploadwp.com/overriding-woocommerce-template-files/

          In terms of notifying your customers of updated versions of your software I would not recommend creating a whole new product. I would simply email them (via mailchimp) and provide a link in that email where they can download the latest version of your digital product. Let me know if that makes sense.

          • Hi Adam,

            I will try to solve renaming the links, and let you know the solution.

            It seems to be the good solution that you wrote about notifying users. I will try it out.

            Thanks for your help.

          • Hello, Teddy!
            Please can you give some instruction how exactly to create automatic sending of new versions of downloadable product to buyers?
            May be there is some extension exist?

  32. I've recently discovered Woocommerce and I must say yo tutorial is very helpful. I'm creating a music download website and one of the issues that constantly bugs me is the fact that in my country people cannot use the usual payment gateways. i was thinking of letting them pay through their airtime in their cellphone account. I dont have a clue on how to go about that. any help u can offer will be greatly appreciated

  33. Hi Adams,
    I am trying to sell downloadable video files on my site. My files are stored on Amazon s3.I have enabled file permission to everyone. My file download method in woocommerce is force downloads, and I have also granted access to downloadable products after payment. I have unchecked enable paypal sandbox and enabled paypal standard. My product data is simple product and I have enabled virtual and downloadable. I have copied the file link from amazon s3 in the file path. My problem is that after my clients pay on paypal and they are redirected to my website to click and download, they get an error message. Please help me. I am frustrated. Thanks.

    • Hi Nii,

      The issue is that the downloadable video files need to be hosted on your servers. It sounds like your using the links from Amazon s3 and that won't work. You have to upload the files to your WordPress Media Library and use those for the download links. Does that make sense? Let me know if that helps solve the issue. If more issues come up, please use our new Upload WP Community Forums…


      • Hello Teddy

        So one cannot use S3 as storage/server for virtual-downloadable file purchases? I even bought the Amazon S3 plugin, and it's not working with shortcodes or with direct S3 link, as some have said is possible. I get the same message that I think Nii is getting.

        Mine are audio files, not video. If I store them in the WordPress Media Library, will they be protected from link sharing and someone finding the directory?

        Thank you for your time.

        • Hi Russell,

          Last I tested it, you do have to upload your digital files to the WordPress Media Library in order for them to work properly with WooCommerce. I've now used the Amazon S3 plugin so I can't speak to that. However, I would encourage you to join the Upload WP Community Forums here… https://uploadwp.com/community/index.php

          Joining our forums is the best way to get quick and accurate help with WordPress and WooCommerce issues. Best of all, its free and easy to join. Thanks and I hope to see you in the forums.

  34. Do you know why my orders would be stuck on "pending"? The IPN seems to be working correctly according the log and system settings report. The product is a PDF and its set to virtual and downloadable. I'm using PayPal standard. I can't process an order unless I do so manually and I can't seem to find help anywhere on it :-S

  35. Hi Teddy,
    Thanks for the tutorial, it's been such a great help!

    I have a website that people can buy a coupons from me and then use it for example in a retail store .
    So I need some functionality that Woocommerce will send a unique files/URL from my website after paying which the buyer can print at home.
    And to make sure I don't send the same file over and over again.

    I was wondering if I can do so?

    Thank You!

  36. Thank you! Great tutorial!
    You just made everything so much more simpler
    I think woocommerce should be done something like that by themselves….
    I am still struggling with the PayPal settings – and no actual help from them neither….
    I will try to dig into the forum to see what I can find

    Thank you!

  37. Hello. We offer free downloads of ebooks by listing the product as External/Affiliate product. Hitting the button downloads the epub or mobi file for free. As there is no order or customer set up process we have no record of what is being downloaded.
    Is there a procedure or a plugin that will notify us each time a free product is downloaded

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your question. I did a Google search for a plugin that tracks downloads but have not found anything yet. Instead of setting them up as external/affiliate products, you could set them up as digital downloads and set the price to $0. That would give you the tracking you're looking for and allow you to build a database of customers.

      Please feel free to use the Upload WP Community forums here… https://uploadwp.com/community/index.php

      Most likely one of our users will know of a plugin if you choose to keep the products as external/affiliate.

  38. Hi Teddy.

    I have recently created a webstore for my mother's business and I had a specific question about some appearance tweaking.

    I am using WooCommerce with the Mystile theme (thanks for your massive blog helpfulness on getting that going by the way). We are selling virtual, digital downloads.

    My question is about styling and appearance really. When the customer orders a product and pays for it they get redirected back form paypal (sandbox for now) to the checkout page with a download link saying "Download File:". My problem is that the look of that particular link is very bland and very hard to notice – same color as the rest of the text, no highlights etc.

    How would I go about changing at least the color of that download link (a few pixels up in size wouldn't hurt either). I assume it has to do with the Mystile theme style.css, but i can't find anything in there directly relating to that particular link.

    Thank you for your immense help.

    P.S. I did set up a mystile-child theme but did nothing with it yet, and functions.php is empty for now.

    • Hi Alex,

      Our tutorial on Overriding WooCommerce Page Templates should show you how to change the "Download File" link so that it stands out more. Here's the link to the tutorial… https://uploadwp.com/overriding-woocommerce-template-files/

      Specifically, the files you need to update and override I believe is… checkout/thankyou.php

      If you need help doing this, please join the Upload WP Community Forums and start a new thread here… https://uploadwp.com/community/index.php?threads/digital-product.62/

      I'd be happy to spend more time on it and show you exactly how to do it if you need more help. Thanks

      • Thanks for your reply!

        I've looked into the thankyou.php and found nothing in there pertaining to the "Download FIle" link.

        However I went digging around in:
        The range between lines 46 – 73 seems to have to do with that particular item. Specifically I keep getting drawn to line 66. It seems that some <a href= modifications there could product a color change, but beyond simple speculation I'm not well versed enough in that.

        I have produced a woocommerce/simple-products folder structure in my mystile-child theme so far, but i guess some further 'childing' would be necessary to get to that file.

        Do you think I'm on to something there Teddy?
        I'd take this to the forums but I don't yet have any posting privileges there.

        Thanks again Mr. WP Guru.

        • Hi Alex,

          It sounds like you're close to finding the correct file to edit. I went ahead and manually approved your Upload WP Community Forums account so you should now have permissions to start a new thread / post. Please go ahead and post there and I'll help find the right file and show you what to update. Thanks

  39. Hi

    How can a user download links in emails ? like that:
    ur file('s):
    Link 1
    now i just received a normal email that show details of payment &… but it's did'nt show the download link

  40. I've followed all of the suggestions here for download links not showing up on thank you page or e-mails and it's still not working out. This despite double-checking version incompatibilities, database errors, server configurations, etc. It's worked before but I'm not sure what's changed. But I at least know it's possible. Is there any chance you could take a peek? My issue is kind of time-sensitive and the developer's I tried talking to are presently unavailable.

  41. Hello! I have an online store in niche like in your example – I’m selling .docs, .pdfs and etc.
    My problem is that I want to send my .docs, .pdfs and etc. (generated link for download) only to PayPal emails, but not to make them downloadable right after purchase and sending them to the email on which account was created.
    Please, advice how to track and send generated link\email with attachment only to PayPal email from which the order was made (or which was indicated during the purchase with credit\debit card), not which one was indicated during the purchase on my website.

  42. Hi, i made a digital download product which is ebook website. Want to deactive the " quantity" option in add to cart, bcz why buyer pay more twice or thrice for same link .
    can u get my point? The "quantity option " is useless in ebook site. pls answer me .

  43. When I set up a digital product for downloading, why doesn't the link show in the order confirmation? I have followed the guide above but without any luck! The product is by the way free so the buyer isn't going through the PayPal process.

    • Hi Nat – thanks for your question on digital download products in woocomm. I believe the issue of the download link not showing on the order confirm page was brought up in the Upload WP Forums… https://uploadwp.com/community/index.php

      If you don't find the answer you're looking for, please feel free to join and start a new thread. The Upload WP Forums is the best place to get WooCommerce help fast.



  44. Hi Teddy,

    Since I updated WC to v.2.1.7, the download links no longer appear on the order received page after placing an order.

    Any idea on what I could be missing? What do I have to populate my order-received page with? (a shortcode probably handled this stuff before)

    Thank you in advance,


  45. Hello,

    Thanks for this tutorial.

    I added downloadable PDF to my eshop, and those PDF are password protected. I wondered if there is a way to associate the password to the product page, and send it automatically by email when an order is completed.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  46. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this tutorial. But one thing that i am searching all over the internet is how to sell digital products with Version variables? I mean i have a design in 3 formats MS Word, Coral and Adobe with three prices $5,10 and 15. How can i sell these type of products?

    In easy words how to sell photos with Woo commerce. As you may visit image selling sites, The price vary on size you select in product page.

  47. Thanks for the great tutorial. I'm wondering if you can recommend the best place to store my digital files for post-purchase download. It seems that a few people recommend Dropbox. I've also heard others using Amazon S3. Would love your thoughts. Thanks again!

  48. Hi, nice work. I've been working for quite some time on a website and everything is in place (except free shipping category but i'm working on that with another plugin) but when testing the customer never gets the download link to the file in the order confirmation which is frustrating. And the order is in progress instead of finished and when I change it manually to finished an email gets send to the customer but still no download link in it… is it possible for you to take a look. I'm about to uninstall the whole woocommerce and do a reinstall but I've put already quite some time in it..


  49. I’m setting up a WordPress site with WooCommerce for a client who sells audio books. When I type a track name into the URL (i.e. https://mysite.com/introduction/) the word press site displays a page with a player for audio file 01-Introduction.mp3. The same is true for all track names (purchase only items). All audio files are unattached to pages; however, they do exist in the media library.

    As these audio tracks are for purchase only, how do I prevent WordPress from finding the audio tracks in the media library (the purchase items)?

  50. Hi

    I’m trying to help my brother with his web site and he is using woocommerce.

    He is about to start selling music scores and arrangements in pdf format. I’ve made a test purchase and everything works perfectly well. The only problem is that the purchased pdf file contains no data. It seems that the pdf file loses its data somewhere. We have asked about this in different forums but haven’t got any answers that helped.

    Do you have any idea of what might be wrong?


  51. Hi Tedd,
    My question is simple: can this plugin be used for online courses not just simply for a single digital product? How difficult to integrate it with Sensei let’s say? Thanks!

  52. Hi Tedd
    Im startup business in Africa. Would like to establish a simple project of selling stock photos. Am planning to use woocommerce and nextGen gallery plugin to sell my photos which i want them to be like a mini stock photo site like for example fotolia.com. i want to have categories, each category having photos displayed in grid format with each photo linked to a page that a buyer can select size variations. how can i set this up? im struggling hwo to begin.

  53. My main concern is hosting the files securely on my server. WooCommerce does great job by encrypting the download link etc but what gets to me is that fact that those file are just sitting some where on my server. No matter how difficult I make the path, I bet those hackers with their crawlers will find them in under 10min.
    Any pointers for that?

  54. Good evening, I’m Giacomo.
    I would to ask if is possible to download file video (video course) and file Zip (for ebook PDF, Epub, Mobi, video course, software, audio, podcast, etc).

  55. HI,
    I am a speech therapist, who is trying to upload powerpoints to be purchased thru my website. At first, I was hoping to get my products sold on TPT store, but I see I’m competing with so many other teachers.
    I watched your tutorial to upload a downloadable product (my power point on rhyming). I don’t think it’s uploading correctly?? How can I check to verify before making it public for someone to purchase?
    I have been learning all about word press and teachers pay teachers for over a year now, and want to sell my reading products, but am stuck.

    Thank you for your great and informative tutorials,

  56. I have woo commerce and I have a new multi media product I will be selling soon. My question is, where do the videos and audio live, since I don’t want to put them on my website and slow everything down? Thanks in advance for your help – KM

  57. Hi Teddy, Thank you for this wonderful tutorial.

    I am going to sell a large software package from my web site (100MB). I did some research and find out that I should use Amazon S3 service to host the file to reduce the burden of the web host and increase the download speed. Several people in this post have similar issues as mine. In my research I saw quit a few people have succeed in doing that. The following post said that beginning from version 2.0 the S3 extension is no longer needed to serve downloadable product from Amazon S3 bucket. That function has become native to WooCommerce plugin.

    The problem is that there is very few detail information on how to set that up. I know you have not worked on S3 related issue yet. But I think it should be very easy for you to study it and create a new tutorial for us. For selling digital downloads successfully, relay on web host to handle download is not a good solution, even for small size downloads.

    Thank you very much for your help!

  58. I need something that will allow customers to transfer their downloaded items to someone else without the purchaser getting a download as well. I will explain. I sell cross stitch charts. Customers like to buy RAKs (Random Act of Kindness) for others. A RAK is a download chart gifted to someone else. It is a legal way of buying a download for someone else without actually sharing it because they can choose to send it to someone else instead of downloading it themselves. I hope that makes sense. Anything anyone know of that I can use to have that option when they return to their account pages to download the product?

  59. hello… i work with the woocommerce in my website. suddenly when i am trying to download a file, the download begins but the file i receive is 0kb. please help me…

  60. I have a bookstore. I want every book to have two options, ebook and paperpack. When a user purchase book, he will be able to choose ebook or paperpack whatever he wants to get. So every product should be downloadable and physically delivered at the same time. How can i do this? Any help will greatly be appreciated.

  61. Hi.
    Thanks for the tutorial!
    I want to sell solution to physics problem in the university but I don’t want the situation where a single person will buy the file and will put it in the class sharing folder for example.
    Is there a solution to this? Maybe to only allowed to see the pdf file on screen or something like that..

  62. Hi, thanks for this!
    I’m currently working on publishing my thesis online. Both the digital and the printed version are working correctly in my woocommerce shop. However I was wondering whether it was possible to include a download link to the digital version for those who order the book in print. (Just like the bands that give you the download link when you buy their record on vinyl, for example).
    Do you have any tips on how to achieve that? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


  63. Hi, On my website when a customer purchases an mp3 and pays via paypal it isn’t emailing them a download link or directing them to a page to download them. if an item on the page is set for free however and does not need to go through paypal it redirects them to a download link fine. Please can you help me with this.


  64. Excellent tutorial!!
    My main issue is that I want to sell a large file (515mb) which I am hosting on Vimeo (so buyers can either watch online or download the video) but adding the vimeo URL in woocommerce doesn’t seem to work… (the buyer just receives a 32kb link that goes nowhere)..
    Is there a way around this? Thank you!

  65. Hello Teddy,
    Can you possibly advise me.I want to sell cake decorating video tutorials on my wordpress site.
    Is it possible that they are not downloadable as I want to prevent them from being shared?
    Craftsy US has a huge platform but you need to log in to their site to view each video purchase, thank you.Jackie.

  66. Hi Teddy,

    Thanks a lot for this great tutorial.
    I want to sell images/videos via my website.
    How can I add low resolution video clip (with water mark) as the featured image thumbnail. I want it to be play, when user mouse over the thumbnail. When I upload video to media library it gives an error (HTTP error).
    Please assist me on this
    Thanks a lot in advance

  67. Hi Teddy, one of my clients wants to sell downloadable video about 45 minute long.
    – is there a way to protect the file so purchaser can’t make copies or share with others? thanks

  68. Hi Teddy,

    Thank you for the great tutorial. Would it be possible to add subscriptions?

    What I mean is:
    The user can pay a small monthly subscription ($3 per month) to see certain posts. Besides that he can also download certain material (PDF, JPG for $20) that he cannot see even though he is a subscriber.

    My question is: Is it possible to combine (join and use on one side) those two functionalities of WooCommerce?

  69. great tutorial, it helped indeed. Thanks a lot. i have little question. the file size of my digital products is quite big. so instead of uploading it to the site ( media library & insert url), can i put a Dropbox link to the file path url in woo commerce? will that work? will my customers be able to access that Dropbox link after making payment? Looking forward to your co-operation.

  70. Please, how to have variable pricing per digital good.
    If i create 4 variables pricing, woocommerce ask to insert – 4 links – of the same digital goods !
    I want sell 1 digital good with 4 variable pricing, but how to do that in woocommerce ? thank you

  71. Hi Teedy,
    Thanks for great tutorials .
    I am developing a wordpress website to sell digital downloadable products and I want to set up downloadable products for 2 memberships levels
    first for free sign up members and second for paid members.
    Free sign up members can only download limited products but see all products and
    paid members can see and download all products .
    And paid members are the members whom paid and subscribe for yearly .
    How can I set this functionality from woo commerce or any other plugin .
    I am new to word press please help me .
    Thanks in advance

  72. Can I associate to a downloadable product a different file for each order?
    I wold like sell for the same downloadable product a different file for each order and customer, is it possible and how?

  73. Hi Adam,

    Searching the web i landed in this post about the digital woocommerce products handling. I’m aware that this post is a something old but i have a problem with the digital downloadable files (pdf attachments) in a web site that i’m building at this moment and i think you can give me some support on that.

    The problem is about the absolute/relative URL of the pdf attachment.

    When i build the catalog in localhost i placed the attached pdf from my hard drive and that (obviously) placed the absolute path in the url box. The problem is that after do the migration of the web to the virtual server the url of the pdf’s has not changed and still focus to localhost (the absolute rute path), it causes that when I try to make a purchase online the attachment pdf does’nt work because the URL is pointing to localhost.

    How can i fix this problem so i can change the url’s to the correct ones pointing to the url of the virtual server rather than the ones of localhost?

    I’ve tried to change it in the database through phpmyadmin changing localhost links to the new url of the server in the table wp_posts, but it does’nt work. Can you give me any advice in how to solve the problem?

    Thanks and best regards.


  74. Hi thanks for your post.
    How is possible to avoid user to download a product without buying it? I mean if someone who has already bought the product share the download link everybody can download the file.

    Any suggestion?
    Many thanks

  75. Hello,

    thanks for the nice article. Do You have any idea, how to implement a store, which sells access to a pages, and the most important thing is that access expires when customer view the page for example 10 times.


  76. Hello,
    can someone please tell me how I can do the following:
    I want to sell a pdf downloadable file and mp3’s together.
    However, I add the pdf and mp3’s at two different times.
    First the pdf file and a week later I add the mp3’s to the virtual downloadable product page.
    The customer gets the pdf file but when they cannot log back in and download the mp3’s after I add them.
    They can only see them if they make a new purchase. I want the files to show up in their account automatically after I add them.

  77. Thank you for this. However, my product does not appear on the confirmation page. It works when I ceck out with PayPal Express but not when I click “proceed to check out” and check out through PayPal that way. I have tried everything. Please help.

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