WooCommerce Page Setup – Blog and Contact Pages

How to Setup WooCommerce Blog and Contact Pages

If you’ve been following this series on how to build a professional eCommerce site with WordPress, WooCommerce and the WooStore theme then you know that we’re building WorldCupTees.com from start to finish.  In the last couple tutorial videos we showed you how to setup the home page featured image slider as well as how to setup the WooCommerce widgets.  In this WooCommerce tutorial we’ll show you how to setup your Blog and Contact Us pages.How to Setup WooCommerce Pages

Setting up your Blog page with WooCommerce

An active blog is an essential component of a profitable eCommerce site.  A good blog will help to accomplish a number of important things such as…

  • A blog will keep your site updated with fresh content which is great for SEO and organic search traffic
  • It will allow you to interact with your customers and keep them up-to-date on your latest products
  • It will potentially open additional passive income streams via affiliate marketing and/or Adsense

WooCommerce makes it very easy to build a blog into your eCommerce site.  In fact, setting up a blog is as easy as creating a new Page in the WordPress admin.  Here’s how to setup your Blog page…

In the WordPress admin go to Pages > Add New > give the page a title such as “Blog” > on the right hand side of the page in the “Page Attributes” section select “Blog” from the Template drop-down box > click “Publish” > a “Blog” page will show up in the top navigation of the site and each new Post you create will automatically show up on the Blog page.

Creating your Contact page with WooCommerce

Another essential part of an eCommerce site is the “Contact Us” page.  The Contact page makes it easy for your site visitors, potential customers and active customers to reach you for whatever the reason may be.  Like the Blog page, WooCommerce makes it easy to setup your Contact page.  Here’s how to setup your Contact page…

In the WordPress admin go to Pages > Add New > enter “Contact” for the page title > on the right side of the screen under Page Attributes select “Contact Form” from the Template drop down box > click Publish > go to WooStore > Theme Options > Subscription Settings > in the “Contact Form E-Mail” field enter the email address that you want the contact form to send emails to > click “Save All Changes” > the Contact page has been created and configured.

Other Recommended Pages

In addition to creating a “Blog” and “Contact Us” page, it’s a good idea to also create a “FAQ” (frequently asked questions) and “About Us” page.  The FAQ page is commonly used with eCommerce sites and will help reduce the amount of time you spend answering simple customer service related questions.  The About Us page is a place to tell your story and give potential customers a background on who they are buying from and why they should buy from you.

Organize your eCommerce Pages with the pageMash Plugin

pageMash is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to control some important aspects of your site pages.  For example, pageMash makes it possible to hide any pages that you do not want to show up in the site navigation.  Also, it allows you to control the order in which pages display in the site navigation.  When you install and activate the “pageMash” plugin, the pageMash management page will automatically show up under the “Pages” section in the WordPress admin.  On the pageMash management page you’ll be able to control the page order via a simple drag-and-drop interface as well as hide any page from showing in the navigation.  We highly recommend using the pageMash plugin with all of your WordPress sites.

The Upload WP tutorial video below shows you how to setup your WooCommerce Blog and Contact pages…

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  1. Hi, I sent an email before I read the part about commenting. My question is with the shopping page. How do I get a drop down menu of product categories for a customer to choose from instead of just sending them to all the products available?

    • Hi Sylvia,

      Thanks for your question. I believe that changing the layout of the /Shop page would require custom CSS. There does not appear to be a simple way to change the layout of the /shop page via the Theme Options Settings. However, one thing you could do is to add the “WooCommerce Product Categories” widget to the sidebar. That would at least add the functionality of the product categories being shown in a drop down menu to that page.

      WooCommerce Product Categories

      WooStore Product Categories Widget

      Please let me know if this helps answer your question. Thanks,


  2. I need help with woostore theme, by accident I deleted all the pages like, Cart, my account, checkout, and all pages that carry out the shopping cart.

    How to fix this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Juan,

      The best way to fix that issue is to do the following… Deactivate the WooCommerce plugin > Delete the plugin > re-install and activate the WooCommerce plugin > when the plugin is activated click the button to Create the WooCommerce pages

      Let me know if that helps.



  3. I am getting this error on my home page, can you help me out?

    Fatal error: Call to a member function is_visible() on a non-object in /home/content/70/10788170/html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/content-product.php on line 25

  4. Hi There,

    I need some help with the contact form on the site, I followed the instructions above, but for some reason when I edit the contact page in admin, I do not have “Contact Form” under Page Attributes from the Template drop down box.

    can you pls advise

    • Hi Rahim,

      Thanks for your question. Page Templates are unique to the specific theme that you’re using. I this tutorial video we used the WooStore theme which has a “contact” page template. Your theme might not have that. An alternative would be to use the “Easy Contact” plugin. It’s free and will give you the same functionality. Let me know if this helps. Thanks,


  5. Hello Adam,

    I need help,

    This is the site i am working on : https://mazharkhan.com/ecom/

    I am using Woocommerce plugin. By default plugin creates a PRODUCT page, and i have 3 products in the product page from 3 different categories

    1. Clothes 2. Toys 3. Blankets

    I have added 3 sub pages under main product page.

    Now the QUESTION is how can i have my first 'cloth' product from "Product page" to sub-page "clothes" page?

    Thanks and Regards

  6. Hello and thank you for such helpful tutorials. I am trying to build my own online store from scratch and having a little trouble with linking the contacts page to an email address. I have woocommerce and am using the wordpress mystile theme. I have set up the page perfectly but ant link the email. Do I need Woostore?
    Thanks in advance
    Kind regards,

  7. Hello! This page almost helped. I'm using WooCommerce with the 2012 theme as it seems to be one the better themes for integration with the ecom software. I started the site using my Front Page as the comments until I could start putting items in the store.

    I'd like to keep all of the comments I've posted, but instead of having them on the "Home" page, I'd like to have the posts on their own page and have "My Shop" as the Front Page.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you, and great site!


  8. Thanks for giving me indulging content to read. Though i use TemplateToaster for making my themes, i liked your article, which made me aware about Woo Commerce page and making WC blog.

  9. l need help with the contact page. lm using estore theme from elegant themes.. lm taking it that the steps are a little different as estore doesnt have a Theme Options. l already have the contact page up with the template inserted. l simple need to know how to add my email to the contact form for ppl to contact me

  10. Hello i am based in England and looking for a quick option to setup my first website . I have already uploaded woostore and added products etc, but as i am a self taught user am finding the process very slow! Where can i find someone i can pay to set up the store professionally and quickly?

  11. I’m using Mystile them. Is there a way for only the main product categories to show on the front page – not subcategories also?

    It shows every product category, main and sub, which when I add a new subcategory I am having to go add a pic so its not a white box. Makes it too long to get to the footer.

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