WooStore Product Setup and WooCommerce Product Variations

Creating Your First WooCommerce Product

Welcome to the next Upload WP tutorial on how to build a professional eCommerce site using WordPress, WooCommerce, and the WooStore theme.  Before we begin with our product setup tutorial I want to take a moment to Thank You for following along with us thus far.  The feedback that we’ve received has been tremendous and my hope is that this series helps you create a profitable site using the power of WordPress and WooCommerce.  Also, if you find this series to be helpful I would encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel “UploadWordPress“.  We plan to create many more theme specific WordPress tutorial videos in the near future.WooCommerce Product Attributes and Variations

In the first few tutorials we showed you how to install the WooCommerce plugin and WooStore theme, we touched on some of the important WooCommerce settings, and we created the WooStore product categories.  Today we’re going to show you how to how to create your first WooCommerce variable product.   However, before we dive into the details of product setup it’s important to point out the different types of products that you can create with WooCommerce.

The types of products supported by WooCommerce are as follows

  • Physical products
  • Digital / downloadable products
  • Grouped / bundled products
  • Product variations / variable products
  • External / affiliate products

Creating products with WooCommerce is very similar to creating normal WordPress blog posts.  The “Add Product” page in the WordPress admin looks almost identical to the “Add New” post blog page.  The type of product that we create in this tutorial is classified as a “variable product”.  Variable products involve the setup of both product attributes and variations.

If you’re like most people then you’ll probably find the whole “product attribute and product variation” thing a bit confusing at first.  However, the good news is that once you grasp the concept and get past the setup of your first couple products, you’ll find that it’s easy to add additional products.  You’ll have a product template that you can simply “copy to a new draft” which will allow you to add additional products very fast.

WooCommerce Product Attributes and Product Variations Explained

WooCommerce makes it easy to create an unlimited number of product attributes and product variations which is essential functionality for most eCommerce sites.  Examples of product attributes would be things like Size, Color and Weight. Variations are a bit more difficult to explain.  Essentially, product variations use each attribute to create a slightly different option from the main product.  Technically, each variation is it’s own individual product.

For example, let’s say our base product is a white t-shirt.  As the merchant, we probably want to have 4 different sizes of that white shirt available for purchase.  Therefore, we’d have a “Size” attribute with a Small, Medium, Large and X-Large “attribute value”.  In addition to the Size attribute we’d have 4 variations that would show up as a drop-down box on the product details page of the website.  The 4 variations would essentially be four separate sub-products of the main product which is the white t-shirt.  Each of the variations could potentially have their own SKUs, prices and shipping methods if needed.

How to Create a WooCommerce Variable Product in the WordPress Admin

Step 1:  On the “Add Product” page of the WordPress admin scroll down to Product Type and in the drop down box select “Variable product”.

Step 2:  Next, scroll down to the “Product Data” section and click on the Attributes tab > click Add > enter the attribute Name (Size) > in the Values text box enter the available sizes (e.g. Small, Medium, Large, X-Large) and separate each value with the “Pipe” Symbol > check the “used for variations” box (make sure the “Visible on product page” box is not selected) > scroll to the top of the page and click on “Save Draft”.

How to create the “Pipe” symbol

The usage of the “Pipe” symbol is required to separate each attribute value.   To create the Pipe character hold the Shift key and the Backslash key.  The Pipe symbol looks like this…  |

Step 3:  Now that the Size attribute has been created and values have been added, it’s time to setup the variations.  Click on the Variations tab > click Add Variation > select “Small” from the drop down box >give the variation a Price, Sale Price (optional), Shipping Class (optional), Tax Class (optional), and Stock Quantity (optional) > click Add Variation and repeat this process for each additional attribute (e.g. Medium, Large, X-Large) > scroll to the top of the page and click “Save Draft”.

Important WooCommerce Product Setup Notes…

  • Product attributes must be created before product variations.
  • Each variation is treated as its own product and can be given a specific SKU, price and shipping class is so desired.
  • Recommended WooCommerce Featured Product image Size is 420×420
  • Try to keep your product images as uniformed as possible.  I recommend creating a template for your product images so they all look the same.  Uniform product images will help make your WooCommerce site look more professional.
  • The Featured Products check-box has been moved in version 1.4.2 of the WooStore theme.  The featured product check-box is now located on the right-hand-side of the product update page in the WordPress admin.  More specifically, the WooCommerce Featured Product check-box is located in the Publish widget > Catalog Visibility

Please use the new Upload WP Community Forums to post questions and comments on setting up variable products in WooCommerce.  Thanks

197 thoughts on “WooStore Product Setup and WooCommerce Product Variations

  1. Hey Adam,
    Thanks for just about the best tutorial videos we’ve ever seen!

    However, we are encountering a problem when it comes to product variations.
    After setting up and saving the attributes (sizes) when clicking on “variations” we get NO dropdown menu in which to add these selections.

    Is there something we are missing?

    Have deleted and uploaded Woocommerce several times as a fix, no avail.

    Anything would be helpful,

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Paul – thanks for the positive feedback on our videos – It’s very much appreciated!

      Regarding the issue you’re experiencing… after creating the “Size” attribute you have to click on “Save Draft” before the variations will show up. Also, you need to make sure the “Use for variations” check-box is checked when creating the Size attribute. The “Visible on product page” check-box should Not be checked when setting up up attribute. The key is to make sure to Save Draft after creating the Size attribute. You need to do that before you can setup the variations. I hope this helps. If you still have issues, please Contact Me via the Contact form on UploadWP.com and I’ll go into more detail. Thanks again for your support!


  2. Hi There,

    first up great video tuts they have helped me alot 😀

    but im having a problem with featured product. on your video there is a tick option box, but on my version there is no such option. my version of woostore is 1.4 can you help me to figure out how to add featured product on the page, thanks 🙂

    • Thanks for the positive feedback and I’m glad that the WooCommerce videos have helped. Regarding the “Featured Product” check-box not displaying when updating / creating a new product… Please check if you see the “Product Data” section which is located under the product description. If you do see the Product Data section, click on the “General” tab and the “Feature” check-box should be under the Visibility drop-down.

      If you don’t see the “Product Data” section please click on “Screen Options” located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Make sure that all of the check-boxes are Checked… Specifically, make sure the “Product Data” check-box is Checked.

      If this does not help solve the issue, please contact me via the Contact form and I’d be happy to log-in to your WP admin and take a look. Thanks again for your support.


        • Hi Jon – Here’s how feature a product… In the WordPress admin go to: Products > click on the product you want to feature > on the product edit page scroll down to the “Product Data” section > click on the “General” tab > check the “Featured” check-box (Enable this option to feature this product) > update the product and it will show up on the home page as a featured product. Please let me know if this helps. Thanks and good luck with your site.


          • I had the same problem – the checkbox for featured product is on a newer version of the theme not at the place which Teddy suggested. Now you can find it on the right site of the product edit page – in the first widget, which contains also the public-administrations. there you have something like catalog/searching options. if you open that you see the missing checkbox. (sorry for a little bit unspecific – but I’m using a germin version)! – hope this will helb

        • Hi Alex,

          I took a look at your site, thecomficottage.com, and have to say that you’ve done a very good job with it. Regarding your question on variations only picking up the cheapest price… Could you give me a more specific example? If you’re referring to the order of the variations you should be able to change that by dragging-and-dropping the variations on the product update page.


  3. Adam,

    Thank you so much for your videos. It has helped me a lot. I am having a challenge with the quality showing up when I am selling downloadable products. I have no idea why they would have quantities appear for a downloadable product. The store I am building has no physical products.
    I hope I can fix this without knowing code. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    • Hi Jack…

      Thanks for contacting me and thanks for the positive feedback regarding my videos… Please see my response below…

      In your WP admin go to Product > edit the downloadable product > in the Product Type section make sure the “Product Type” drop-down is set to Simple Product, check the “Virtual” check-box, check the “Downloadable” check box > in the product data section click on the “Inventory” tab and make sure that the Manage Stock box is NOT checked > then Update the product… >>>> go out to your site and do a Ctrl F5 to refresh the page > see if that fixes the issue.

      If not, I would be happy to take a closer look if you can send me the site URL. I hope this helps and thanks again for your support!


    • Hi Henry – Unfortunately, there is no easy way that I know of to convert the product variations drop-down to radio buttons. However, I’m pretty sure it could be done by tweaking some code. I recommend going to Fiverr.com > search for “WordPress” > you should find a bunch of WordPress experts that could most likely get this done for you for just $5. Fiverr is a great way to get almost any WP customizations done for very cheap. I hope this helps and best of luck with your site! Adam

  4. Hi Adam,
    Great Tutorial Videos, I’m very impressed and they help a ton! Probably a dumb question, but here it is: What is the best/easiest way to re-size product photos to the suggested 420 x 420 size? Many are smaller when down-loaded from a supplier site. Can this be done within wordpress or should it be done somehow as the photo is downloaded to my library?
    Thanks and keep up the great work,

    • Thanks Doug – I’m glad to hear the videos have been helpful. The best way to re-size images is via Photoshop or any other image editing software. You can re-size them by making a new image that is the exact dimensions that you’re looking for (420×420) and then putting the original image in the new image. If the images you get from the supplier are smaller than 420×420 then go with a smaller product image dimension such as 300×300 (or whaterver the largest size of the images you get from the supplier are). Simply use a base image size that works for the images you have. You can make images smaller but you never want to make them larger because they will not look as good. If you do not have Photoshop, then I recommend downloading “Gimp” which is a fee image editing program that will work just as well. I hope this helps and thanks again for the positive feedback.


    • Hi Dan – If you have variations setup for your products, then the “New Order” email generated by WooCommerce should automatically tell you which variation was chosen / ordered. For example, if you sell T-shirts and someone orders an XL shirt, then the “New Order” notification email to the site administrator should tell you that an XL shirt has been ordered. Have you found that this has not been the case for your site? If so, please provide more information / detail of the issue you are having with the New Order email notification and variations. I’ll do my best to find a solution. Thanks,


    • Hi Joshua – Thanks for the positive feedback on the WooCommerce tutorial video. In the WordPress admin go to Products > click on the product you want to edit > make sure the Product Type drop-down is set to “Variable Product” > In the Product Data section click on the Attributes tab > make sure that the check box “Used for Variations” is checked > click on the Variations tab and make sure the “Enabled” check box is check for each variation you have created > now go out to your site and do a Ctrl F5 to refresh the page

      Please let me know if this helps solve the issue. If you’re still having issues let me know and I’ll take a closer look. Thanks


  5. I have a few products on my page, but I have one product that is listed as the following…

    Size (S/M/L)
    Color (Blue/Pink/Red, etc)

    I have 2 questions.

    1) How do I add a second “size” (labeled as Fold Size) to my product listings?
    2) How can I make the Fold Size change with the “normal” size?

    Here’s an example:

    Product A
    Fold Size = 1x1x2

    Product B
    Fold Size = 2x2x3

    Hopefully that makes sense? If not let me know and I’ll try to explain better.

    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Jerarmey – Thanks for leaving a comment. I think I understand what you are asking so let me do my best to answer your question…

      To the best of my knowledge, there is no easy way to make 2 variations work together / in conjunction with each other which is what I think you’re looking for. For example, if I choose Small, then my Fold Size automatically changes to the Fold Size that is correlated to the size Small.

      My suggestion would be to simply modify the “Size” attribute to include “Fold Size”. If Fold Size is based on Size, then that’s how I would do it. Here’s an example of how to set this up in the WordPress admin…

      Go to the product you want to update and scroll down to the “Product Data” section > click on the Attributes tab > click on the “Size” attribute > change the attribute “Values” so that they include Fold Size > Update the product > go back to the Product Data section and click the Variations tab > setup each variation > update the product and you should be good to go.

      Here’s and example of how I recommend setting up the “Values” for your Product Attributes…

      Small – Fold Size: 1x1x2|Medium – Fold Size: 2x2x3|Large – Fold Size: 3x3x4|X-Large – Fold Size: 4x4x5

      Here are a few Screen captures of how I set this up in WooCommerce and what it looks like on WorldCupTees.com…

      WooCommerce Product Attributes Example

      WooCommerce Product Variations Example

      Example of Product Variations on WooCommerce Site

      Let me know if this helps and best of luck with your site!


      • Adam,

        Thanks for the suggestions! And thanks for getting back to me.

        Is there a way to format how a custom attribute looks? For instance I see that a quote (“) has code “"” around it, but things like don’t work.

        Is there a way that I can insert a new line easily?

      • Another issue is that now that I have experimented with my products trying to get this to work it seems to have broken something else.

        Before when I chose a Color and a size – the site would display the corresponding photo of that product choice.

        The site now only shows me the photo that was chosen as the featured photo.

  6. Adam, thanks for all this help. Honestly just bought the theme thanks to you and the large and specific tutorials I found.

    I still dont find the check box to feature my products, I starting to think that I bought an older or fake version?? What do you suggest I do?

    Best wishes.

    • Hi Ann – Thanks for contacting me and for the positive feedback. I’ve had a couple other people ask me the exact same question regarding the WooStore Featured Product check-box. They moved the featured product check-box to the right-hand-side of the product update / edit screen in the WordPress admin. The demo WooStore site in this tutorial video is running WooStore 1.3.32. Since you just purchased the WooStore theme, you are most likely running WooStore version 1.4.2

      So in your WordPress admin go to Products > click on the product you want to update > look at the 1st widget on the right side of the screen (“Publish” widget) > open the Catalog / Search options and you will see the Featured Product check-box there as illustrated in the screen capture below.

      WooStore Featured Products Check-box

      Please let me know if this helps solve the issue. Thanks again for your support!


  7. Hi – just thought I’d let people know that if you are developing on a local WIndows server (I use EasyPHP) – there is a bug where previously added product attributes and variations (for variable products) do not show on the back-end once you have published / updated. The front end website looks fine – but u just cannot go back and edit previously added variations as they are not listed. This drove me mad as I kept having to delete a product & re-add it whenever I wanted to e.g. change the price of the variation. Anyway have now had to change to developing straight on the hosted environment to avoid this bug. Dunno how many people prefer developing on local servers first – but just thought this may help someone!

  8. Hi Teddy Triton,
    This is very nice tutorial, I have a question that I want to show variable product price in my product category, By default it shows only simple product price in product category.Many themes are able to show variable product price in product category.
    Now what do you suggest I do?

    Once again Thanks for this tutorial.

    • Hi – I’m glad to hear that the tutorial was helpful. To the best of my knowledge, WooCommerce and the WooStore theme are not able to display the variation prices at the product category level. My suggestion would be to research the available product extensions for WooCommerce. My guess is that there’s an extension that would give you the ability to show the variation prices for your products on the product category pages. Thanks for your comment and for the complement on the WooCommerce tutorial.

      Best of luck with your Site!


  9. Hi Adam…

    These tutorials are awesome! I have learned so much watching these. Thank you! I do have a question though. If I am selling one-of-a-kind items, like handmade bracelets, necklaces, etc… How can I show the quantity as only one, and not have customers be able to select more than one?

    • Hi Chuck – I’m glad to hear that the tutorials have been helpful. To the best of my knowledge, I do not believe that it’s possible to limit the quantity of physical items to just 1 per order. It is possible to limit the quantity of downloadable / virtual products in but not physical products in WooCommerce. My suggestion would be to add a note at the product detail level and to the Side-bar of the Shopping Cart page (via Widgets) to let your customers know to only order 1 item. Another suggestion would be to research some of the WooCommerce product Extensions to see if there is an extension that would give you the ability to limit the quantity of physical items to 1. Thanks again for the positive feedback and let me know if you have any additional questions.


      • Hi Adam – I took your advice and researched the WooCommerce Extensions, and sure enough, they do have one called Min/Max Quantities. It allows you to set a min/max quantity on the General tab of the Product Data screen. It also allows you to set Min/Max for the entire order. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for your help!

          • Adam

            Do you know if it is still possible to limit the quantity of downloadable / virtual products to 1 in Woocommerce 2.0?


          • Hi Veronica,

            Yes, it still is possible to limit the downloadable quantity to one with WooCommerce 2.0. When you create a new digital download product in the WP admin… check the “Virtual” and “Downloadable” check boxes and you’ll see a “Download Limit” field appear. That’s where you can set the download limit to one. Thanks for your question and let me know if this helps.


  10. Hi Adam,

    Thanks so much for your tutorial, it has helped me a lot!!
    I have one question if you can help. I have the wootheme (shelflife) and it
    has a dedicated area for Popular products. I can’t figure out how to get products to show up. I’m not sure how Woocommerce determines what products are popular? Im testing the site now and doing mock purchases and still nothing showing up as popular. Thanks so much for your time. -R

  11. Hello Adam,
    Thank you for returning my mail.
    1. I am having a problem with WooThemes Plugin Updater. It will not accept my password.

    2. We cannot seem to get on any search engines. Our host claims that we have more pages than show up on our site. We have 3 login-pages that say “https://work-rack.com/wp-login.php?action=lost password”. And also “https://work-rack.com/wp-login.php?action=lost password&”. Go Daddy tells us that we have over 70 pages with the same messages.

    Thank you for any assistance,

  12. Please help!

    I’m working on a new webshop for printing products using Woocommerce.
    It works all fine for my first product. i’ve set the attributes, i’ve set the variations and price for each variation. At the front end it works just fine, i can make the selections and the site will give me the right price based on the selection.

    For the second product i’ve also set the attributes and i’ve set the variations and the price for each variation but at the front end it will not give me the right price based on the selections. It will only gives my the price of the cheapest variation

    How can i fix this??

    • Hi Patrick – Thanks for your question. I tested this out on my demo site (WorldCupTees.com) and was unfortunately not able to recreate the issue. It sounds like you were able to get the first product you setup to work properly where the price changes according to the variation that is selected. However, the prices did not change properly based on the variation selected for the second product that you setup. Have you looked closely at the setup of both products / done a side-by-side comparison to see if any settings are different? One thing that I did notice while trying to recreate this issue is that when you’re on the Variations tab there is an option to “Bulk Edit” things such as Prices, Sale Prices, Weight, Stock and so on… If you select Prices in the Bulk Edit drop down > click the Edit button > click Cancel > it will still automatically reset all of your prices which probably does not solve your issue but it is interesting behavior to point out. Another thing to double check is that you Updated the second product after making changes to the price of each variation. If you can send us specific examples of the issue that will also help us to trouble shoot the issue. Thanks again for your question and best of luck with your site.


  13. so everything is working great! The only issue I’m having now is that i’m not getting an email notification when someone places an order.

    Is there anything that you can help me with with this?

  14. Hi Adam! Your tutorial is great and I’ve learned a lot with it, thank you very much.

    I have one doubt: when you have created different variations of the same product, is there a way to add a short description to each variation? (to explain why one is different to the other) I can only edit the general one so it’s the same for all variations…
    Ty again!


    • Hi Daniel – Thanks for your support and I’m glad to hear that the tutorials have been helpful. From what I can tell, it’s not possible to add a special note / short description for each variation (when a variation is selected a different short description shows) with the basic version of WooCommerce. It very well could be possible if you used one of the WooCommerce product extensions but it does not look like it’s possible with the out of the box / default version of WooCommerce. You might want to consider adding a chart and/or additional information in the product Short Description that highlights the differences between each variation of your products. I know that’s not the ideal solution but I think it might get the job done while you look into the different product extensions for WooCommerce.

      Thanks again for the positive feedback and for your comment. Best of luck with your site going forward and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.


  15. Thanks for the videos. After adding all the products and others, how can i add and customize the checkout template. If my users click checkout, it suppose to give them a new page which would instruct them to fill some certain details. Where in Woocommerce can i activate that? Thanks again for all the videos.

    • Hi Abdur,

      Thanks for your question. If you created the WooCommerce pages after installing the WooCommerce plugin then the Cart and Checkout pages should have automatically been created. For example, when a site user adds an item to their Cart they are taken to the “Cart” page. When they click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button on the Cart page they are taken to the “Checkout” page as illustrated in the screen captures below…

      WooCommerce Cart page…

      WooCommerce Proceed to Checkout Button

      Next page is the WooCommerce Checkout page…

      WooCommerce Checkout Page

      Is that what currently happens with your WooCommerce site? Are you asking how to customize the mywoocommercesite.com/cart/checkout page? Please provide more details as to exactly what issues you are having trouble with and we’ll do our best to help. Thanks,


      • I cannot get the shopping cart working…..only one item would be possible to get to the cart>>>then when clicked on “view the cart”>>>the car goes EMPTY>>>I ‘ve created a video of the “misbehaving” CART functions in my woostore theme???!!!
        Should I delete the theme….loosing site set up?>>>I have tried to contact website host to see, if certain set ups on their server might limit me in using my site with a shopping cart.>BUT>> no reply yet…..said..they will get back to me later??!!
        LINK to video:

        • Hi James,

          I watched your video, understand your frustration and see what the issue is. Instead of deleting the theme, I recommend first deactivating and then re-activating the WooCommerce plugin. If that does not work, then I would try uninstalling and re-installing the WooCommerce plugin. It could also be a Permalinks issue with the WooCommerce Pages. Deleting the WooCommerce pages and then recreating them might work. Also, testing out different Permalink structures is something you can try. Below is a screen capture of the Permalink structure used on our demo WooStore, WorldCupTees.com…


          Please let me know if this helps.


  16. Hi! Great tutorials! I´m doing a shop with Woocommerce and your tutorials are helping me a lot! But I wonder if it´s possible to put a “Notify me when back in stock” notification product. I saw Woocommerce has a “Waitlist” extension, but it´s a little expensive for me. So how can I put this on my shop? Thank you!

  17. Great videos, but I have a question …. given Woo produce great themes and plug-ins, but their support is nil, well ok, crappy!

    Anyway, my question .. I am using the wootheme “listing” I have my site almost set-up and it does most of what I require. I now want to add my “listings” so that customers can purchase them via woocommerce. Is this possible? I am using the content builder and custom fields/taxononies that come with the listings theme and would like have created a new POST type. I guess my question is can posts be auto added to shop?

    Appreciate a response as I am going nuts waiting for woothemes to come back to me.

    Cheers and keep up the great work!

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your question and for the positive feedback. I’ve unfortunately not yet had a chance to work with WooThemes “Listings” theme yet so I honestly am not sure if it’s possible to automatically add posts to a WooCommerce store. I’m going to go ahead and publish this comment so other people that have worked with the “listings” theme and WooCommerce can weigh in on your question. Thanks again for your support and best of luck with your site.


  18. Hello

    First, thanks a lot for your videos. Very interesting. 🙂
    Sorry from my english, i am not very good…

    I have a question , and i don’t find any answser.
    For a product, i want one picture “used as picture” and manu picture only in thumbnails, just under the big picture.
    But i can’t do this, they all appear in descripton. (like in your video).

    Can you explain to me how you succeed ?

    Thanks a lot for you help please.


    • Hi Francois,

      Thanks for your question and for your support. I think I understand what you’re asking… I think you want to know how to show thumbnail images on the product detail page that are different from the main / featured image. For example, on our WooCommerce demo site, worldcuptees.com, we show thumbnails of the front and back-side of the t-shirts under the main image on the product detail page. Here’s how to do that…

      In your WordPress admin go to Products > click on the product you want to add thumbnails images to update the product > on the product update page of the WordPress admin click in the product description (at the very end of your content) and then click the “Upload/Insert/Add Media” icon to upload your thumbnail image just like you would if you were inserting an image into a normal blog post > once the thumbnail image has been inserted/uploaded click “Update” > after the product has been updated click on the image (in the WordPress admin) and DELETE it so that it no longer appears in the body of your product description > click “Update” again to update the product > now go out to your site and the thumbnail image should appear under the main image on the product detail page > you can repeat this process to add as many thumbnail image as you’d like. Please see the screen captures below and let me know if this helps answer your question. Thanks, Adam

      WooCommerce Thumbnail Images

      WooCommerce Product Thumbnail Images

      WooStore Product Thumbnail Images

      • This ONLY works if the green t-shirt image is from your local hard diver, in other word, it’s NOT in your Media Library. It will not work if you select one from Media Library, which means you can’t reuse the images you have already uploaded. Is there way to work around? I have some products using the same image, and I don’t want to upload them for each product.
        BTW, I have asked your in the end of this thread, just saw this so I thought I may comment on it.

  19. Is there a way to add variations to all products?

    I mean i have one set of sizes for all products with same price, i just want to set them as a default or is it a matter of adding them all manually ? as takes litte bit of time?


    • Hi Steve – That’s a great question. There should be a global variations option if all of your products are the same in terms of attributes and variations. There is a global Attributes options but I’ve not spent much time testing it yet. If you go to Product > Attributes in the WordPress admin you can test it out and see if it gets the job done.

      The other option I can think of would be to bulk import your products using one of the WooCommerce Product Import extensions. Specifically, the extension that I would recommend looking into further would be the “Product CSV Import Suite”.

      Again, great question and one that I will continue to search for a good answer for. If anyone else out there knows of a good solution for this question on “WooCommerce Global Variations” please feel free to share it with us here. I have no doubt that there are many people out there with this exact same question.



  20. Hi,
    I am having a problem with getting woocommerce shopping cart working right.
    I have set up a variable product but it is not showing a shopping cart with the product.
    In the settings I have a message:
    Session save path /var/lib/php/session does not exist – contact your host to resolve the problem.
    I checked with the server host and the settings are actually right on the server.
    Do you have a clue? I have a campaign going on by Dec 1st and I need to get it solved,
    Hope you can help?!

    • Hi Erik,

      Thanks for your question. My suggestion would be to try deactivating the WooCommerce plugin and then reactivate it. If that doesn’t work, uninstall the WooCommerce plugin and then reinstall it. For some reason that usually seems to solve the issue. Let me know if this helps.


    • Hi Travis,

      One thing you want to check is the number number of entries that should appear in the Homepage Featured Products area. In your WordPress admin go to WooStore > Theme Options > scroll down to the “Homepage Featured Products Entries” drop-down and make sure that is set to the same number of products that you selected as featured products.

      Let me know if that solves the issue or not. If it doesn’t, I’ll take a closer look but I think that is what’s causing the issue.


  21. Hi, I’ve watched your tutorials which have been very helpful. However, I’m stuck on the same problem which is driving me insane, and I just cant figure it out. I have used several different woothemes and I’m now using wootique. I am installing the theme, installing woocommerce, following all your guides, everything looks like it is working well. When I add a product to the cart the product cost shows up in the cart , I visit any other page I have installed and the price still shows, but when I click on the homepage the cart shows up as empty. What is going wrong? Advice much appreciated, Thanks Steve

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your question and I’m glad to hear that the tutorials have been helpful. Please try deactivating the WooCommerce plugin and then re-activating it. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling the WooCommerce plugin and then re-installing it. That will re-create the WooCommerce pages and for whatever reason, most of the time that fixes issues like this. Let me know if this helps. If the issue persists, please let me know and I’ll take a closer look. Thanks,


  22. Your videos are great but I’m having some challenges.
    1st a questions
    Would color and size be an attribute or a variation? (I have it in both)

    my photos are not showing
    sliders aren’t working
    categories aren’t clickable
    color and size are showing but the down menu is not….

    I’m a normal person not a web designer and I’m obviously in over my head but this said it was easy (i guess it would be if you knew what you were doing)

    I appreciate your assistance

    • Hi Kris,

      Thanks for the complements on our tutorial videos. Color and Size would be attributes with values for each. The values of the attributes would then become variations as shown in the screen capture below…

      WooCommerce Attributes

      product variations

      If you copy the setup shown in the screen captures it should work out well for your site.

      I took a quick look at your site and it looks like your product photos are displaying. Are you still having and issue with product images not showing?

      To make the image slider work you need to make sure that the “Auto-start” check box is checked. Go to WooStore > Theme Options > Slider Settings > check the Auto Start box > Save All Changes

      WooStore Image Slider Auto-Start Check Box

      Please let me know if this helps answer some of your questions.



  23. Great videos, Teddy.

    I have a problem I can’t figure out regarding variations.

    I sell hearing aids, and for a particular hearing aid the left and right ear are different.

    I want to have one option which would be ‘Both Ears’ and would allow them to purchase one of each. That option wouldn’t require any additional choices.

    I’d like another option for ‘Left or Right’ in which they could choose either the left or right ear.

    Can this be done?

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the complements on our WooCommerce tutorial videos! The short answer is Yes, this can be done. Here’s how I would recommend setting it up…

      In the Product Data section in the WordPress admin (on product update page) select Variable Product > click on the Attributes tab and create an attribute called “Select Option” > give the attribute the following Values

      Both Ears|Right Ear Only|Left Ear Only

      Make sure to check both the “Visible on the product page” and “Used for variations” check-boxes > Publish the product

      After the product has been published click on the Variations tab > Add Variation > for the first variation select “Both Ears” > for the second variation select “Right Ear Only” > for the third variation select “Left Ear Only” > give each variation a Price > Update the Product and you should be all set. The screen captures below illustrate how I set it up on our WooCommerce demo site WorldCupTees.com

      How to Setup WooCommerce Product Attributes

      WooCommerce Product Variations Example

      woocommerce variable product example

      You can view the live demo of the variable product I setup for this example by going to WorldCupTees.com.

      Please let me know if this helps answer your question. Thanks


      • Hi Adam,
        For my website I provided a link to the 'test product' I am having trouble with. I have read every forum and watched every video and can't get the 'add to cart' button to appear with variations. I am using a Woo Theme that I downloaded directly from Woo and all the .js files seem to be intact. Can you help me get this resolved?
        Thank you!

  24. Hi Adam,

    These tutorials are awesome! I’ve been asked to build an ecommerce site for one of my dad’s businesses and this has been a massive help!

    The one issue i’m having is that when i select an item for example 500 biz cards wheni get to the cart the value is showing as £0 – is this because the cart isn’t configured, or have i missed something out along the way?!

    Thanks in advance,
    Clair Trebes

    • Hi Clair – Thanks for the positive feedback and I’m glad to hear that the tutorials have been helpful! Regarding the issue with the cart value showing as 0… Try deactivating and re-activating the WooCommerce plugin. If that doesn’t work, uninstall and then re-install the WooCommerce plugin. After re-installing it, recreate the WooCommerce pages and that should solve the issue.

      Thanks again for your support and let us know if you have any additional questions going forward.


  25. Hi Adam, thanks for the great tutorials. Has been very helpful. I am using Woostore 1.6 and encountering a rather annoying issue with featured products. When adding 1 product, all seems well. When second featured product is added, is is displayed using the same price as the first. Weird, because when selecting the wrong priced product, shopping card is using correct price. Not sure how to fix this. Tried to deleted and redefine the products, but no success.Would appreciate help on this.

  26. 1) using woocommerce product variation – add to cart button does not appear.

    2) my themes animation works in jquery-1.4.2.min.js

    3) by replacing and adding above with jquery 1.7, add to cart button appear perfectly but theme animation does not work.

    Please HELP!!!

  27. Is their a way to display product image variations below a product. For example, I want to sell yarn. So, there are a variety of colors. People like to view these before making their selection. How would I be able to display these below the product?

    Thank you for your assistance

    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your question. It is possible to display the images of each product variation with WooCommerce. However, you’ll need to use the “Variation Swatches and Photos” WooCommerce extension to achieve that functionality. If Google “Variation Swatches and Photos WooCommerce extension” you should find it. Please let me know if this helps. Also, if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask.



  28. Hi Adam,

    I am looking to load several hundred products, close to 400, into Woo. What is the best way to load that many products? Is there a bulk or mass loader? Does this or can this be done at the DB level?


    • Hi David,

      The best way to bulk load 400 or more products into WooCommerce is via the use of the “Product CSV Import Suite” extension. If you do a Google search for “Product CSV Import Suite” you’ll find it. I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any additional WooCommerce or WordPress questions. Thanks –


  29. Hi Adam,

    Your videos are really helpful. thank so much.

    However i am facing an issue with sidebars. this is only what i see in woostore options.
    1. Theme options
    2. Framework settings
    3. Update Framework
    4. Backup Setting

    In this case how do i do custom sidebars?

  30. Hi
    I have a problem with the products variations ..i did everything in the video ..followed the instruction one by one , but the variation batten is not creating the variations box for the info on each product variation …

    your help will be appreciated

    • Hi Moses,

      Please give me a specific example of a variable product on your site so I can take a closer look. Also, please let me know what type of variation you’re setting up (e.g. Size, Weight) along with the values (e.g. Small, Medium, Large).

      Make sure that you have selected / checked both the “Visible on the product page” and “Used for variations” check boxes when you create your variations as shown in the screen capture below…

      WooCommerce Used for Variations

  31. Hi,
    Love the videos, very helpful. I am having an issue with my “view cart” option on pages. It looks like the image isn’t rendering correctly. If you go to the site you will see. Any help would be great. Thanks!

    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the complements on our tutorial videos – it’s much appreciated. Are you still having the issue with the “View Cart” image? I went to your site but it looks like you currently have a splash page up.


  32. I’m trying to set up a variable product with custom attributes. So instead of color or size, the variation is a design. In this case they are postcards with a similar theme, so I would prefer not to make separate products for each one, but let people choose design 1, design 2, design 3, or a mixed set of the 3 designs. I have no idea how to do this. When I tried setting up this attribute, there’s no way to just name the attribute “design” and put the variations (design names) in with just a comma separating it. This doesn’t result in a drop-down menu with these variations. Then I tried making each design into an attribute, but then that looks weird with a drop down for each one, and the variable in the drop down doesn’t actually do anything…particularly because the “add to cart” link disappears when I do it this way!

    I’ve already added another product with color variations, so I thought this was clear enough but this other product is not working for me. Is this something that I need a paid extension to do? I really hope not.

    • Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for your question – there should be no need to purchase a WooCommerce extension to achieve the product attribute / variation setup that you’re looking for. Here’s how I would setup this up…

      In your WordPress admin go to Product > Add New > scroll down to the Product Data section > select Variable Product > click on the Attributes tab > name the attribute “Choose Your Design” > check the “Visible on the product page” and “Used for variations” check-boxes > in the values text box enter…

      Design 1|Design 2|Design 3|Mix Set

      Publish the product… after the product has been published go back to the product in WordPress admin and Edit the product > scroll back down to the Product Data section click on the Variations tab > click Add Variation > select Design 1 from drop-down > give it a Price > click Add Variation > select design 2 > give it a price (repeat process for each product) > when your done Update the product and you should be good to go… Please see screen captures below of this example…

      WooCommerce Product Attribute Setup

      woocommerce variations setup

      woocommerce variable product example

      Please let me know if this helps. Thanks,


      • This is perfect, thank you! I had previously tried separating the attributes with a comma and it didn’t do anything, so I wasn’t sure what was used here.

        This isn’t exactly related to product variations but I hope you can help with this as well. I am in Thailand and at first the prices were marked THB (Thai Baht). Then I upgraded to the most current version of Woocommerce and now they all use the Baht symbol. I worry that this is not as obvious as THB (that people might think ฿550 is $550 on first glance, and shy away from our site thinking we have high prices. Is there nothing I can do about this? Meaning, does the new version only use symbols instead of abbreviations? I can’t find the option for this, if there is one?

        Alternately, is there a way to put a currency converter right into the product content area to help clear up confusion? Not a widget in the sidebar, because I already have a sidebar containing general info about the business and popping a calculator in wouldn’t make sense on the non-shop pages, plus it’s not as obvious as a converter that is located right next to the prices. Or is THAT an extension I’d have to pay for?

        Thanks, Adam!

  33. Hi,
    Thanks for making this video, really help me a lot. One questions. When adding thumbnail images under featured image, seem like I can only add them for the first time. If the images are already used by other post, I can’t add them again by following your instruction. I googled around and seems like it’s WP3.5 limitation. Can you confirm this? What I am trying to do is to add images which are already in my Media Library as Thumbnail images under the featured image.
    Thanks again, great video. I watched all of them for woocommerce from youtube.

  34. Question I’ve got products with multiple variations but am confused on which way to go namely bc of images. I’ve got the variation configured here remotestylist.com/shop/coffee-table/triangle-coffee-table/ but as you’ll see there are multiple colours – do i just add all imagery under this one variation or do i create separate products first then do a variation and it pulls up each product with the right coloured images?

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thanks for your question on configuring WooCommerce product variations. When you have a product with multiple color options there are a couple different ways you could set this up. You could simply add thumbnail images of each color under the main image. The downside of this method is that the color of the main image will not change when a color is selected from the drop-down. With the standard version of WooCommerce that’s really the only way I can think of to do it.

      Or, probably the best / most professional way to do it would be to use the “Variation Swatches and Photos” extension for WooCommerce. The extension will allow you to replace drop-down fields with images of each color variation which is the functionality that I believe you’re looking for… If you Google “WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos Extension” you can learn more about it.

      WooCommerce Variation Swatches Extension

      I hope this helps – please let me know if you have more questions.



  35. Thank you very much Adam for your tutorials the are very clear and well structured. Helped me a lot to build my first website.
    A question on recent products. Would like to remove this widget from the home page. When I go to Appearance – widgets, they are not in the Primary widget section so I can’t remove them. Do I need to do something in function.php?
    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Amelie,

      Thanks for the positive feedback and I’m glad to hear the WooCommerce tutorials have been helpful. In regards to your question on removing Recent Products from home page… what theme are you using? If you can send me the URL to your site I’d be happy to take a closer look. Thanks,


  36. Hey Adam,

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful video, it helps a lot. But I have 2 question:
    1. How to link the same attributes to all the products in the same categories? There are many products in the same categories, I don’t want to add the attributes one by one, is there any way to do this?
    2. Would you please recommend any plugin which is very easy to import the products quickly?


    • Hi Rocky,

      1. You should be able to use WooCommerce “global attributes”. You set up global attributes once and can use them over and over. You can setup global attributes by going to Product > Attributes in the WordPress admin.

      WooCommerce Global Attributes for Products

      You can learn more about WooCommerce global attributes here… https://docs.woothemes.com/document/managing-product-taxonomies/

      2. In terms of a good product import plugin… The “Product CSV Import Suite” extension for WooCommerce is probably the best. The downside is that it’s not a free plugin. If you do a Google search for “WooCommerce Extensions” and then select the Import and Export check-box and search, you’ll find their full list of WooCommerce specific product import/export extensions.

      Let me know if this helps answer your questions or if it raises more please feel free to ask. Thanks for your support!


  37. I am trying to setup a new woocommerce store. I am sure this is an easy question, but I have spent hours trying to fix this issue. On one product, the featured image shows up at the top of the screen instead of the picture that I chose for all pages. It doesn’t do this for other products. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your question. I took a look at your site and I believe the product that you’re referring to is “JOHNSON’S ISLAND FEDERAL PRISON – Civil War Prison for Confederate Officers in Lake Erie, Ohio”. The other product on your site seems to be working perfect. If you compare the setup of both products in the WordPress admin are there any differences? I would start by looking at that.

      Also take a look at Appearance > Header > for “Default Images” make sure to select one of the images or upload your own image > make sure the “Random” radio button is not select.

      Another thing to try would be to delete the featured image for the product that’s causing the issue > update the product after deleting the featured image > the re-upload the image > update the product and see if that makes a difference.

      If you’re still having trouble with it let me know and I’ll take a closer look. Thanks,


  38. We have a membership sailing club. For example, we have a Daysailer Membership with three variations; seven day, five day, upgrade. I created a product page successfully with attributes, variations… I also have a page describing the membership. At the bottom I have a link – Sign Up Here. Now I want to link the product page. When I do, it says page not found.

  39. How to add multiple variations with different prices in Woocommerce?

    So here’s my scenario: I am listing a clothing product in Woocommerce with the option of having up to two accessories along with it. I have added all my size variations with their respective pricing using attributes and a variable product template. That’s great. Each size correctly leads to the right price.
    Where I have trouble is adding the accessory variables, each with their own price on top of the normal price.
    Example: A size 4 dress is $50, add the hair bows for an additional $10 for a total of $60 and skip on the third accessory for no additional cost.
    When I add the accessories as separate variables, their pricing completely overrides the original price determined by the size. (referring to the example, the size 4 dress with the bows shows up as $10, ignoring the $50 for the dress)
    Please note: These accessories are not individual products and as such cannot simply be listed as individual products to add to the cart.
    Any suggestions would be helpful as these items need to be made available for the public asap.

  40. WooCommerce global attributes are useful if you have a large catalog and many of the products have the same variations.

    This tutorial addresses questions such as…

    Is there an easy way to add the same variations to all products with WooCommerce?

    I don’t want to add the attributes and variations one by one. Is there a way around this?

    Here’s a WooCommerce Global attributes tutorial that hopefully helps you save time adding products to your eCommerce site…

  41. Hi Adam,

    I continue to enjoy the videos. Lot of detail and makes it easy to learn.
    Question…Is there a plugin or a way to have a “Select Option” button there for one to choose instead of a Choose Option Drop down to see the different options?
    Myself, as a musician, I have a “Sampler” that would be available for both as an MP3 and CD.
    If one was at that product, they could click on “Select Option” button. Then that would display the MP3 and CD to select. When I choose MP3, I get the Add to Cart button to press. And it goes into my cart.
    Was not sure if there is a way to configure this in the Value box in the attributes or not.
    Keep up the Great Work for Us!

  42. Thank you so much for your great tutorials!
    I’m working on this woocommerce wordpress site for selling kids clothing.
    Hoping you could have some suggestions for my concerns.
    1. If the costumer buy one or two of the product, they will get a retail price. If they buy more than 3 pieces of any of our product, they will get a different wholesale price. If they are sellers and buy in a pack of six, they will get another seller price. How do you make this different options possible?
    2. I also wonder how do you add the sizing chart to the selection option page?
    3. When I click on the product image, it said “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.” How do I solve this problem?

    I would greatly appreciate if you could please get back as soon as possible.

    Thank you so much,

  43. Hello there,

    I’m having issues with my product variations. I’ve entered them correctly and get a drop down box on the front end product page but there’s no option to add to cart. I read your suggestion to reinstall WooCommerce but I’m worried that I’ll lose all of the work I’ve done! Any help would be much appreciated.


  44. Hi,

    I have looked through your youtube video and I must say your tutorials are top notch on the woocommerce. Well structured and easy to understand. Many thanks

    I have some other questions though. Hope you can help

    1) Is there a way where my customer can leave a comment on the specific product itself where others can also see? And also where i can reply?

    2) Is there a way as an admin to delete offensive comments?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Tan,

      Thanks for your questions and for your positive feedback on our WooCommerce tutorials. Regarding your questions…

      I know that with the WooStore theme anyone has the ability to leave comments on specific products by posting a Product Review. On the product detail page there is a Reviews link. When someone clicks the reviews link a comments box pops up and they can leave their review of the product.

      WooCommerce Product Reviews

      You as the site admin then have the ability to screen the review before publishing it. They work very similar to how Comments on blog posts work in WordPress. To manage your product reviews in the WordPress admin go to…

      Comments > you’ll see all of the product reviews in Comments

      Publish Product Review WooCommerce

      Please let me know if this helps answer your questions and thanks again for your support!


  45. Hello. Firstly, thank you so, so much. Your tutorials have been amazing in helping a complete novice make some sense of wordpress. I have been uploading my images for my products and have saved them at 420 x 420 as recommended. However, when looking at the products when you first land on a product page, the images are not that great quality, it is only when you click on them and the pop up opens that they are shown at a good quality. Do you have any advice on how I can fix this?

    Thanks ever so much for your help

    Lauren 🙂

  46. Hi Adam, I hope you can help me…

    1. I'm having a problem with the Popular Products images not showing up on my home page. I'm using the Shelflife theme. I was able to get the popular products to show on the homepage by giving them a rating but the product images are not showing.

    2. The more products image thumbnails are looking pixelated. The featured product, mini feature and promotions are looking good. Can you help me fix them? I cant find any fix on google.

    I appreciate it big time!

    • Hi DJ,

      I'd be happy to take a closer look at the issue with the Shelflife Popular Product images not showing on the homepage. Please create a WP admin user account for me and use the "Contact" form (link to contact page is in footer of UploadWP.com) to send the user/pass to me. When I get it, I'll log into the WordPress admin and see if I can get the Popular Products images to display.



  47. Hi Teddy

    I want to use woocommerce for selling digital download products. In some products I use variable pricing. In each product page customer can scroll between product's options and add one option to cart so customer can not add more than one option to cart at moment.

    I want your friends if it's possible to write hooks in order so it shows check box instead of scroll option for variable priced products. So customer could tick check boxes and add to cart.

    I suppose I have to modify woocommerce/templates/single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php

    I would be thankful you can help on this.

  48. Hello, is there a plugin that will allow csv import of products that have 2 versions of each, each version will have different colors that can be ordered and each version will be a different price.. I have tried wpallimport and that doesnt seem to work..

    • Hi Chris – The "Product CSV Import Suite" extension for WooCommerce should work well for what you are trying to do. Just do a Google search for "WooCommerce Extensions" and then sort by "Import and Export" and you'll see the Product CSV Import Suite extension.

  49. Hey great tutorials! Have learnt a lot here.

    Is it possible to replace the drop down box to select the product variations with a tabbed menu instead? Just like how we have the "Description", "Additional Information" and "Reviews" tab on the product page?

    Further, how to access the variation variables? For eg., if the variables are size, colour and price, how to access these variables to display them along with the product.

    This is how it should look like:


    Really really appreciate your help here! Thanks so much 🙂

    • Hi Vikram,

      Thanks for your question and I'm glad to hear that our WooCommerce tutorials have helped in building your site. Changing the display of product variations on the product detail page from a drop-down to tabbed for the Mystile theme is most likely an involved process. I'm not even sure if it's possible. However, an alternative solution might be going with the Grouped Product setup. Doing that would give you more of the display that you're looking for. Please take a few minutes to watch our tutorial on setting up WooCommerce Grouped products and let me know if that's closer to what you're trying to do on the product detail page. Here's the link to our video…


  50. Hi Adam,

    Thank you SO much for putting this information out there. I have a scenario that i have not found anywhere on the internet and given your expertise i was hoping you might have some insight. I figured this would be somewhat common but i literally have spent hours trying to find a solution.

    I am setting up a shop for client who has various logos that he wants to sell on various types of apparel. Each type of apparel has a different cost and is available in specific sizes. ie. per logo:

    $17.95 T-Shirts: S-5XL
    $25.99 Crewneck Sweatshirts: S-4XL
    $27.99 Pullover Hooded Sweatshirts: S-4XL
    $29.99 Zip up Hooded Sweatshirts: S-3XL

    I am trying to use variations and stock quantities to make the unavailable sizes per apparel not available for purchase. I would do some custom coding so that instead of saying Out of Stock, if would say, "Not available in this size."

    Even this is not working. I have tried every different combination of stock settings and either I get everything is out of stock. If i set the Stock Qty globally on the product, it shows that the not available sizes are in stock, but if i leave that empty, it displays as nothing at all in stock.

    Ideally, I would find a better way to do this than using Inventory and the unavailable sizes would not show at all. Any ideas?

    thank you for any insight at all !


    • Hi Kate,

      First of all, thank you very much for the support and positive feedback. Have you looked into using WooCommerce Grouped Products setup for this? It sounds like the various logos are the main product and then it's just a matter of selecting the shirt type and size. I guess the problem with doing the grouped product setup is that there are up to 9 different sizes for each type of apparel.

      Let me test it out tonight on my demo site and see if I can find a good solution. Also, I encourage anyone that might have a good solution to share it with us.



  51. Hi at all.
    I know isn't possible to associate products with variations to a grouped product., nut I need to create an ecommerce to sell swimwear for women.

    A typical customer could have the need to buy different size between the top part and the bottom part of the swinwear. How could realize this with woocommerce?
    Thank you


  52. I have variable products with a very odd inventory problem. Inventory doesn't work unless someone pays with a check/money order. It will not decrement inventory when people pay with credit card. It has completely screwed me on tracking inventory, and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. The logistical problems this has caused with my fulfillment warehouse is going to put me out of business.

    • Hi Dustin,

      I'll try to recreate the issue on one of my demo sites and hopefully figure out the solution. In the meantime, if anyone out there has experience this same or similar WooCommerce inventory issue please chime in and let us know what you did to fix it. Thanks!

  53. Thanks for the videos. I have started adding products and noticed my response time on the site was slowing down.

    I am running woocommerce 2.0.19 in wordpress 3.7.1. My host company, DreamHost, suggested I add the WP Super Cache plugin because of poor response time. I added the plug in and it shows in my plugin list.

    At the top of the plugin page is the message “WP Super Cache is disabled. Please go to the plugin admin page to enable caching.” When I select the “plugin admin page” I get “Permlink Structure Error A custom url or permalink structure is required for this plugin to work correctly. Please go to the Permalinks Options Page to configure your permalinks.”

    How do I do this?

    • Hi Charlie,

      It sounds like you need to change / choose a different permalink structure to get the WP Super Cache plugin to work properly. Here's how to do that…

      In the WordPress admin go to Settings > Permalinks > select the "Custom Structure" radio button > in the text box enter… /%postname%/ > Save Changes

      See if that works… If not, then try the "Post Name" option

  54. Hi! Thanks for the informative article, In particular, I would like to ask if it is possible to change the image settings from the recommended 420×420 to something proportional (eg. 420×420). I have tried changing the Image Settings under the Catalog tab and regenerating it multiple times but nothing has changed. I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks!

  55. I need some help…

    I am on Woocommerce Version 2.0.20 on WP 3.7.1

    With SOME items I am getting a phantom link on check out to what I think is the parent item from which I spawned the new item(s)

    Here is a link to a screen capture that shows this:


    Note that the link's item is not being added to the total order…but it is causing havoc with my order fulfillment dept and with the customers as it LOOKS like they are getting more than they are ordering.

    What am I doing wrong? I have "fixed" this on one item by simply deleting the product and adding it anew from scratch (not copying it from a previous "working" product. But I have dozens of these that were spawned from working products!

    Note that when I export my products to a spreadsheet, those effected with this problem say Variation #XYZ of bla bla bla in the PRODUCT NAME field.

    THANK YOU!!! If you can get me an answer on this I will send you a dozen Titleist Refurbished golf balls…no problem!


    • Hi Dean,

      Great work on your site! I love golf try to as much golf as possible so I'll definitely be a customer in the near future. It's difficult to say exactly what's causing the phantom links issue. It sounds like it's related to spawning / duplicating products. To get the issue fixed fast and the right way, I'm going to refer you to my colleague at Thundering Media. Jason is a WooCommerce expert and I'm sure he'll be able to resolve the phantom links issue quickly. Just tell him that Adam from UploadWP.com sent you and he'll take care of you. Here's the link…


      Again, great job on your site and I'll be ordering golf balls soon.

    • Hi – You can display the SKU for variable products the following way.

      Step 1: In the WP admin go to WooCommerce > Settings > click the Catalog tab and make sure display SKU is enabled.

      Step 2: When creating your variable products, scroll down to Product Data > General > and you'll see SKU field. You can also give each variation it's own unique SKU as well.

  56. I watched the video on global variations. Thanks it helped me with getting the sizes in easily.
    Is there an easy was to set the prices? One size always has one price and the other size always has another price. I've got hundreds of products to enter, so everything that helps to reduce typing is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for what you do.

    • Hi Vincent,

      Nice work on your site, oldmobilereprints.com! I found an extension that looks like it will help you save time in regards to setting prices for a large number of variable products in WooCommerce. It's called, "Bulk Variations Manager" and the link is… storeapps.org/product/bulk-variations-manager

      The downside is that it's not free but it's much, much cheaper than woothemes bulk product variations extension so it might be worth a shot.

  57. Hi Adam,

    I am a subscriber on Youtube as well. Thank you for doing amazing tuts.

    I have a slight woocommerce issue. I have set up a store for 8 food products here, https://www.maisonmojo.co.uk and everything is great but I am struggling a bit with setting up a sort of "related product/products" to show extra upsells like soft drinks and little snacks like packets of crisps. I am using the jupiter theme and woocommerce came bundled with it. Can I use the related product hook and rename it to say "Extras"? Like they have done here. https://www.birleys.com

    Mega thanks, Adam!

  58. Hi Adam-
    Thanks for your videos! A huge help. 2 questions-
    1) My variations are displaying in ABC order (L,M,S) instead of S, M, L etc. What am I doing wrong?
    2.) Is there away I could set up prices for Members and different prices for Non-Members?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  59. Hi,

    I have a pretty basic question; I would like to know if the Woocommerce plugin could do what I want:

    I own a t-shirt company, and I sell them through my website. I already use an e-commerce solution (opencart so far), but I would need a functionality I didn't find so far:

    The customer needs to FIRST choose a design, and THEN what color and size will be the t-shirt it's gonna be printed on.
    So I would like a shop where the products are the designs, but where I could set the t-shirt itself as an option, whose stock I could manage independently… (I would like many designs to "share" the same t-shirt as an option, and if a t-shirt in a given size and color is bought buy a customer, its stock is adapted accordingly for all the products that allow this color and size as an option)

    Is it possible with Woocommerce?

    I don't know if I was clear in my explanations, but I hope you'll be able to answer me. ; )


  60. dear sir
    i am making an ecommerce website using woocommerce. My first home page is shop. Now I want to show select size attribute like S|M|L|XL ON MOUSE HOVER OF A PRODUCT. I am also using YITH Woocommerce Compare and wishlist plugin. Add to cart and compare button is showing but add to wishlist is not showing. Also suggest me how to show size attribute on product hover like this website:https://www.bewakoof.com/
    Thanks in advance. If any plugin available then reply me.

  61. Hi, I understand variation but the problem I am facing right now is I am trying to create a printing website where people can customize the size, quantity, colors and other different attributes and the prices change accordingly. There are more that 5 attributes in each product and there are more than 3 or 5 items in each attributes. If I link all the variations, there will be more than 100 variations created for a single product and my admin panel will hang.
    How can I achieve similar to this https://www.uprinting.com/brochure-printing.html
    I've seen a theme https://printingshop.djrthemes.com/ achieve similar functionality with just woocommerce and no extra extension I think.
    Please help me understand how they did this?

    Thanks and regards

  62. I am having a problem with default variations showing up on the front end when I have 3 or more attributes. For example, Colour , Size, Strength and then variations to each . I want to select a default variation on each rather than the 'select' text
    Has anyone a solution to this

  63. Just wondering is there a way to make checkboxes for product add-ons?

    I have a business that offers many different custom options as well as regular options. All of the options are available on most of my products. However other than using several attributes Id like to have checkboxes but I have no idea how to create them.

    I have Wootique & WooCommerce.

  64. When creating product attributes, can you have two attributes with the same name but a different slug? When changing attributes and then pressing "update" to that particular attribute, why doesn't it update ALL the products automatically using that attribute? Instead, it's just messing everything up that I'm working on and it's incredibly frustrating. Am I doing something wrong?

  65. HI there, brilliant tutorials!

    I'm trying to group 3 subcategories all together generating 19 products, where basically the client could choose variation/ quantity of any sort of combination.

    I would use grouped products but it just attend to one new ''generated'' product; i tried chained products plugin, bundle, bulk, dynamic pricing.gravity forms….. you name it, but non of them would count my stock as grouped would.

    My question is – any idea that let me use the ''group products'' for more than one ''father'' product that im generating?

    super thanks, pip

    • Hi Pip – Thanks for the complements on our tutorials!

      I'm honestly not sure if it is possible to use the WooCommerce Grouped Products for more than one "father" product. However, chances are excellent that one of our Upload WP Forum members does know and can point you in the right direction. Please go to our forums here… https://uploadwp.com/community/index.php

      It's free and easy to join. Hope to see you there.


  66. Hi Adam,
    its great to see you are helping so much people and reply to every issue.
    Now its my try 🙂

    I having the problem that i want to show the variations (swatch) image of the selected attribute in the shopping cart.
    Maybe there is a solution in the list of threads, but i couldn`t find the it.

    Is there a way to add the chosen variation image to the shopping cart?
    Now we always see the default product image.

    Thanks for any help,

    • Hi Didi,

      Thanks for the kind words. I've spent some time looking for an extensions for WooCommerce that shows the variation swatch image in the Cart instead of the main product image but I've not found anything yet. So… My recommendation is to join the Upload WP Forums and start a new thread. It's free to join and we have many active WordPress WooCommerce experts that will help you find the right solution. Hope to see you there… https://uploadwp.com/community/index.php

  67. Hi – great forum, thanks in advance. I’m new to Woocommerce but simply want to see a tutorial or answer to how I can ship by weight. I have two products, a 1 lb hardcover book and a 6 oz softcover book I will ship via FedEx and USPS. US only to start. I’d like the customer to see her shipping charges based on total weight of the envelope – e.g. 2 HC plus 1 SC = 2.3 LBS = $XYZ shipping charge for the order – per flat rate zones or FedEx zones via zip code. Thanks!

  68. I’m having problems with pricing a variable product. 1 is in stock, the other sizes can be bought in repeat order (we are a sewery). But then the variable price of bigger sizes only shows in cart and not when you select one in the dropdown menu. The only way it shows it, is when an other size is in stock. How can I get woocommerce to show the right price with the right product, without having it in stock (which is a lie, we have to make the thing before having it in stock)

  69. Hi there

    Awesome video, very easy to follow and a huge help to me, thanks!

    Just have 1 question right now – Say I want to buy 2 or more of the same product. Is there a way to have the cart price update and give a reduction? e.g. 1 product is £7.. If want to buy 2 it would be £13, and 3 would be £18 etc..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  70. Hi Ted

    Really appreciate your tutorial. Very easy to understand.
    I have 2 questions related to the WooStore Theme.
    1. When I click on the Shop, it shows only one product -_- dont know how to make it show more. I saw your above answer related to the Codex code but not sure how I can use it.
    2. For the Categories, I did it in the Product tag of WooCommerce already. How can i use it as my Widget? Because when I try to add a Categories list in the Sidebar, it didnot show
    Thank in advance Ted

  71. Thank you for all the step by step Attribute/Variable info! I’m very new to the WordPress way of doing things so it is a bit of a learning curve right now. I take custom orders for customers who would like a name embroidered on an item. What I’m looking for is a way for customers to be able to write the name they need embroidered in a text box style field. I’ve tried the product>values> text method that WooCommerce emplies, however it only give me a drop down field with the word “text”. I’ve seen this same question on several other chatrooms, however no one has replied with an answer. There has to be a way add a workable/writeable “text box” somehow. Do you know of a way to add one? TIA for any info!

  72. Thank you for so clearly defining the process. I have a question about variables. I’m setting up T-shirts in both Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve. My Attributes are for Size, Color, and Sleeve Length. All sizes come in all colors except for: Youth Large only comes in White in Long Sleeve; and 3XL is not available in Long Sleeve. Other sizes come in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green in both short and long sleeves. I have set up my variations for the 3 attribute categories. For the 3XL I have only set up Short Sleeve and colors. For Youth Large in Long Sleeve I have set up only White. Three different things have happened: 1) Product Page works as I expected. Shoppers get drop down options for only the selections appropriate to the size and sleeve selection. If I were to select Long Sleeve first, 3XL does not show up as a size option. That’s good. 2) All sizes and sleeve lengths can be selected in every every single color and be put in the cart. Not good at all. 3) All drop downs display every option (available or not) and the shopper can select any one of the options (available or not). When they try to add the product with an invalid option selected to the cart, they get an error message directing them to select options, which is confusing because it looks like they have selected options — though they have selected options which are not available. Nothing helps them figure out what’s wrong. Not so good, but at least they cannot put something in the cart that is not available.
    How do I get it to work like 1) every time? I do not know what’s making it work 3 different ways.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you,

  73. Just wondering if there a way to make checkboxes for product add-ons?

    I have a business that offers many different custom options as well as regular options. All of the options are available on most of my products. However other than using several attributes Id like to have checkboxes but I have no idea how to create them also,
    I’m having the problem that I want to show the variations (swatch) image of the selected attribute in the shopping cart.
    Maybe there is a solution in the list of threads, but I couldn`t find it.

    I have WooCommerce.

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