WordPress Plugins to create eCommerce website

These days a lot of emphases is given to WordPress and eCommerce and plugins. Now as it happens as WordPress are the powerhouses for eCommerce sites.

This is mainly because of the WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin runs the operation for more than 40 percent of the online eCommerce sites. WordPress is hence a popular choice for creating most of the eCommerce sites as it caters to the needs of every kind of market and products. We will be discussing some of the important plugins of WordPress that are helpful in setting eCommerce sites.


The very first plugin that we will be discussing is ‘WooCommerce’. This plugin has been ruling the market for quite some time for its ability to support about a million active installs and hence is the first choice of a quarter of eCommerce sites. The plugin comes loaded with rich features which provide product variation, various payment modes and shipment options to the shopping portal. In addition, the plugin is highly developer friendly and is compatible with almost any theme. Though everything with this plugin is perfectly right, the plugin comes with few cons a well. The security section of the plugin is quite complex as it has to be related to measures like SSL protocols or FTP servers. Moreover, though the basic version of the plugin comes free of cost higher versions one has to buy the plugins which make them a bit costlier. 

iThemes Exchange

Apart from the earlier plugin, an eCommerce site can be build up in WordPress with  iThemes Exchange as well. It is also one of the successful names under WordPress. One of the most important features of this iThemes is that it can help you start your eCommerce site without spending a penny of yours. Apart from being developer friendly, it can support two modes of payment including the strip payment that are highly charged by other solutions. However, similar to the earlier one, this plugin also, needs a little add-on payment for some of its premium features. 

Easy Digital Downloads

The next in the series is the Pippin’s plugins, which is well known for eCommerce sites selling digital products. Apart from being able to work faultlessly with WordPress, this plugin supports all the features that an eCommerce site should have. 

WP eCommerce

It is the very first plugin in the school of WordPress. Initiated in 2006, it once ruled the eCommerce market and is still compatible with more than forty thousand active installs. Along with supporting all the necessary features, it comes with built in marketing tools and themes for the eCommerce sites.

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